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Updated CloneDVD v1.9.2.4 preview version available

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 Mar 2004 13:45 User comments (2)

Updated  CloneDVD v1.9.2.4 preview version available Elaborate Bytes has released an updated "sneak preview" version of the CloneDVD v2 DVD-to-DVDR transcoder. The sneak preview edition, CloneDVD v1.9.2.4, can't be purchased now, but is fully functional and will run freely for 30 days.
Quote from Elby's website:
CloneDVD 2 redefines the notion of picture quality. On the one hand the revamped transcoding technology delivers far better results, on the other hand the user has more control over the size of the video data. With the new version you can define the degree of data reduction through specific title and audio selection, chapter cutting and free adjustment of the target size. A second quality bar shows the influence of the language selection on the compression rate. You now have complete control over the actual quality of your movie copies.

You can download the sneak preview from here.

Source: Elaborate Bytes

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2 user comments

16.3.2004 5:24

I'll admit that I don't know much about this program but just from the description it sounds a lot like DVD Shrink to me. Why bother paying for something when you can get it for free? Unless the RIAA or MPAA are reading this then paying is OK! I love to pay exuberantly for everything!

26.3.2004 11:56

Not all best things in life are free..just most. I payed for Pinnacle instantcopy because its better (in my opinion) than DVDshrink. Others would say that CloneDVD is better than's pay your money (or not) and take your choice.

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