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MPC v6.4.7.9 released - support for SVCD subtitles

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Mar 2004 13:02

New version of Media Player Classic has been released. The latest version, Media Player Classic v6.4.7.9 includes a new internal MPEG splitter and that combined with the new MPEG-2 decoder add support for SVCD and CVD subtitles.
The full changelog for the latest version is here:
  • New internal mpeg splitter: It can read program/transport/elementary streams, demuxes mpeg1/mpeg2 video, ac3/dts/mpeg/lpcm audio, cvd/scvd/dvd subtitles. You can switch streams through the filter menu (play/filters/...) similar to the original ogm splitter. The subtitle stream is set to a default dummy entry (to prevent emails asking how to turn it off :), so it has to be changed to a real stream before you will see anything. Possible problems/bugs/annoyancies: seeking doesn't work very well with small files, and it may not be that resistant to stream errors always (time will tell I guess :)
  • The mpeg2 decoder was updated to accept and display cvd/svcd subtitles of course. Before you ask, there is no other known decoder for dshow doing this. None of the effects of svcd subs are supported at the moment, I don't have the specs on them and have no test files either.
  • Updated libdts to 0.0.2 (decodes high frequency extensions)
  • More mime types recognized and follows http redirections.
  • The .ra file extension (usually used by the audio-only format and what the rm splitter still cannot handle) is now a directshow type, however mpc will switch to realmedia mode when it detects it to be the audio-only format. The same fallback is done when detecting quicktime or shockwavefile header opened over http.
  • Improved buffering in all internal splitters. The lower limit is 100 samples or 100k per stream, the upper limit is 10000/1MB for all streams together, but when the lower limit is not met for one stream the others are allowed to read more than the upper limit to unblock. You can check the actual status in mpc's status window, it's going to be in the last row, and the number between [..] will mean the pin number.
  • Added the jpeg output format for "Save image...". Also, removed the shell call preventing mpc to start up on win9x without IE4 (but it will still check the registry for this folder :p)

Download the latest version from here:

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