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DVD Shrink v3.1.7 released

Written by Jari Ketola @ 14 Mar 2004 0:44 User comments (2)

After five beta versions the final 3.1.7 version of DVD Shrink has been released.
Here's the changelog for this release:
  • Added function to read and write ISO files, also backup option to burn an ISO file with DVD Decrypter.
  • Fixed bug of remapping the last subpicture streams in re-author mode, or full-disc mode if "logical remapping" enabled.
  • Changed "About" dialog with new graphics from Guy Incognito.
  • Small enhancements to "Backup Target" dialog.
  • Fixed file opening code to work with only a partial DVD when browsing in re-author mode. This means you can still re-author parts of a DVD, even if missing some files.
  • Fixed UDF reading code to open files stored in the VIDEO_TS folder of a CD-ROM disc.
  • Added preference option to disable RPC2 drive region checking which solves problems with some hacked firmware.
  • Backup volume label is initialized with that of the source DVD, rather than "DVD_SHRINK". Also root tree item in the main view now displays volume label, rather than "DVD".
  • Added function to preview MPEG audio streams.
  • Changed "Invalid data in VOB file" error to report filename.

You can download the latest version here:

The full changelog is available at:

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2 user comments

114.3.2004 8:42

i love DVD Shrink- but why do they have a new version every week?

214.3.2004 13:20

mostly bug fixes for specific setups.

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