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Macrovision hacker university at E3

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 26 Mar 2004 21:09 User comments (13)

Macrovision hacker university at E3 Macrovision Corporation announced that it will hold a first-of-its-kind “Hacker University” at this year’s E3 Conference in Los Angeles – a workshop that will allow games developers to learn the tools and techniques hackers use to create “free” games and how Macrovision’s SafeDisc® Security API technology can be implemented to minimize this threat.
SafeDisc Security API promises to revolutionize game protection by making it much more difficult to create game hacks or cracks that remove security. Macrovision’s solution leapfrogs existing copy protection schemes through an advanced multi-layer approach. This significantly increases the complexity of breaking the security locks. SafeDisc Security API, which is implemented during the coding stage, easily integrates robust security functions throughout a game’s code without affecting the game’s performance. Leading games publishers have seen the benefits and are implementing the advanced security in their top game titles.

Macrovision is accepting a limited number of registrations for Hacker University for qualified attendees for the program. Registrations may be made online at

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13 user comments

127.3.2004 6:02

ha! the funny thing about this is they prolly spent a few million for a system that will be broken down in weeks. make layered security and people will make layered hacks. all i have to say is all you super tech guys out there make news like this not really matter. and i apprciate that alot

229.3.2004 6:06

what a joke, do these guys at Macrovision think that there are no other people in the world with their knowledge!!! grow up!

330.3.2004 9:28

Well perhaps when you kids grow up and stop to realize that rent, food and utilities don't come free from mom and pop for everyone and somebody has to pay the bill, the system might make a little sense. You both seem like bright lads, try sending off your resumes to some hotshot compnies and see if they give a shit.

431.3.2004 16:47

lol..well the system seems to make some kind of sense, but as always someone is likely find a way to bypass it.

51.4.2004 11:12

in response to praetor... that was a ballsy assumption that "us kids" will someday realize what we have to pay for... im not going to get into it but maybe someday you old farts will realize there's a better way to create and distribute goods that can and will be copied...or maybe you won't and i'll move to

61.4.2004 11:14

p.s. about the resume thing...i'm 20 years old and i'm currently a regional sales manager for cingular wireless, what did you do when you were 20?

71.4.2004 13:08

i'm still in high 10th grade hopefully going on to the 11th next year.

82.4.2004 11:54

If only hackers would put their skills to something useful....

92.4.2004 14:32

foneman, if you post like you're 16 don't get your nose out of joint when someone questions your maturity level. Regional sales manager, that is good at 20, i was in charge of fixing and maintaining every ATM (automatic teller machine) in town, plus all the photocopiers on the mine sites aswell as regional areas, plus network, fax and pc repairs. I was 20. Was doing 3rd party work for NCR and DIEBOLD, didn't enjoy it very much, somethings you have to be older, or at least more mature to handle the stress. Yeah, banks get pretty stressed when they're atm's arent giving out money, lol. Anyway, i agree 100% wit Praetor, people are trying to make a living off this shit, and people simply put them in the "faceless corporation" status. No company is faceless, it's people like you and i going to work, doing more hours than most of us, making things we enjoy, and we don't even pay for it. I've rambled on too long, sorry.

103.4.2004 18:32

1. Full time Software Engineering student, University of Waterloo, maintaining 96% -- you think you have what it takes to even get in? (not that you'd want to ... its bloody crazy) 2. I am 20 -- just because I have a sense of worth and maturity doesnt make me an old fart -- even though I am decrepit as it is. 3. Network Administrator, Digital Photography Assistant, Part-time coder, Tutoring, considering getting my own company... oh and Moderator. 4. If you are "all that", mister bigshot regional sales manager with so much responsibility you might realize that the piracy which you talk about affects the sales which you specialize so much in. It helps to be able to think a step or two ahead of what's coming out of your mouth -- or in this case, your keyboard I would presume. Daskins: a word of advice heehee, spend as much time as you can in highschool: learn, have fun, grow -- i heard the same msg but never listened :P Kinda regretting it now heehee. pbailey: NCR eh? :) The point of what I'm saying is that YES, I'm sure piracy will continue and there isnt much that can be done to fight the mentality of today's youth -- that's my generation included but you cant really blame these people for trying at least. They are only trying to protect their source of income.

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113.4.2004 19:12

praetor yeah i am having fun in high and plan to keep doing so. and true you really can't blame anyone for trying to protect their investments. these people are the ones bringing you what you want and love (games, music whatever). like a person starting a store, people will steal from it if they know you have no security measures. they'll steal and steal until you eventually run out of business or something unless you put some sort of protection to protect your merchandise. people will always steal from the store but by far fewer less. thats my two cents if any one cares lol

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124.5.2004 15:02

Macrovision Hacker University might be a good place to attend to assist oneself to learn how to hack Macrovision SafeDisc. On another note, since Macrovision doesn't prevent copying DVDs as it was meant to, doesn't it logically follow that the companies which use Macrovision on DVDs should sue Macrovision for the loss of revenue due to copying of Macrovision 'protected' DVDs?????? As well, I thought that a product had to be 'fit for the purpose' otherwise the company must refund/compensate for the 'unfit for the purpose' product.

134.5.2004 16:14

At 18 to 23 years I played in a moderately successful rock band making pretty good money but no home life. Regional sales manager sounds great but it’s a high pressure job with low pay and also with little or no life, you work long hours and you get to celebrate holidays on Christmas and Easter. . I know because I’ve been there done that too, its all title and no benefits and those who fill those positions are generally those who have no college aspirations and must therefore work by their wits to survive. Fortunately I quit and went back to college and earned two degrees and found work that is rewarding, with good benefits, short hours, get every holiday off with pay, hell I get the whole damned summer off. Trust me this old guy, yes I really am getting there, wouldn’t trade my job for yours even if they doubled the pay. Trust me in 3 to 5 years when you feel yourself burning-out you’ll realize that its not all your making it out to be.

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