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DVD-Rebuilder v0.50 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 24 May 2004 14:46

There's a new version released of an excellent freeware tool, DVD-Rebuilder, that allows users to backup a DVD-9 movie into a single DVDR disc using CCE SP, CCE Basic, ReJig or QuEnc encoders, thus providing a far better results than the more common DVD transcoders.
The new version fixes couple of bugs found in the previous versions and also adds a possibility to use one-pass technique when using the CCE SP as an encoder. The full changelog is here:
  • Corrected an error in which the maximum bitrate could peak higher than that set in the max_bitrate setting when working with interlaced sources. This is highly likely to have been the source of infrequent frame stutters at high demand points in encoding. The problem is the result of DVD-RB's inherent method of feeding frames to CCE and QuEnc. Please note that if you browse the .ECL files for interlaced sources, they will now show a vbr_brate_max= value that os 80% of the default setting -- do not change it. It is right, and the resulting stream (after processing) will still match the max value. Excellent observation by Trahald.
  • Added a One Pass VBR mode for those who are using CCE SP. It performs sampling pass(es) during PREPARE phase that predicts an appropriate Q rating based upon the space available. That Q is then used for a one pass encode. Total time for an encode is reduced dramatically while quality is maintained at a known level. This is the first iteration of this set of routines and its still being tested, so some level of sizing error is expected. Please provide feedback in the DOOM9 rebuilder forum. Note added: It seems to be oversizing consistently. I will do some mods and post a fix soon.
  • Fixed an error in which answering "No." to "Continue" in the PREPARE phase would result in the encode and rebuild buttons remaining disabled (regardless of their previous state). Thanks to wgw for finding this one.
  • Added more timestamps to the Status messages to make it easier to determine the lengths and times of different activities.
  • Fixed an error in which having "Shutdown at One-Click Completion" selected while using batch mode would terminate Rebuilder after the first batch job. Added a "Batch Shutdown" option to the "File" menu that now the system can be set to shutdown following a batch run. The setting is NOT saved to INI and will not be persistent across program runs (purposefully).

Download the latest version of DVD-Rebuilder from here:

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