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REAPER v4.78

Win2k / Win7 / Win98 / WinME / WinXP
REAPER is a powerful Windows application for multitrack recording and editing of audio. REAPER provides a flexible but easy to use interface that is suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.


REAPER v2.205 REAPER v2.205 REAPER v2.205 REAPER v2.205

reaper multitrack audio record edit

License type Shareware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 09 May 2015
Downloads 67048
File size 7.82 MB (1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Win2k / Win7 / Win98 / WinME / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

09 May 2015REAPER v4.78(Latest stable version)
08 Feb 2015REAPER v4.77
16 Dec 2014REAPER v4.76
08 Nov 2014REAPER v4.75
27 Sep 2014REAPER v4.731
18 Sep 2014REAPER v4.73
20 Aug 2014REAPER v4.721
14 Aug 2014REAPER v4.72
16 Jul 2014REAPER v4.71
13 Jul 2014REAPER v4.7
13 May 2014REAPER v4.62
14 Apr 2014REAPER v4.611
20 Mar 2014REAPER v4.61
03 Mar 2014REAPER v4.602
01 Mar 2014REAPER v4.60
18 Jan 2014REAPER v4.591
14 Jan 2014REAPER v4.59
18 Dec 2013REAPER v4.581
17 Dec 2013REAPER v4.58
17 Nov 2013REAPER v4.57
09 Nov 2013REAPER v4.56
28 Oct 2013REAPER v4.55
07 Oct 2013REAPER v4.54
04 Oct 2013REAPER v4.53
06 Sep 2013REAPER v4.52
31 Aug 2013REAPER v4.51
30 Aug 2013REAPER v4.5
03 May 2013REAPER v4.402
18 Apr 2013REAPER v4.33
16 Jan 2013REAPER v4.32
24 Nov 2012REAPER v4.31
14 Nov 2012REAPER v4.30
23 Aug 2012REAPER v4.261
19 Aug 2012REAPER v4.26
13 Jul 2012REAPER v4.25
07 Apr 2012REAPER v4.22
26 Mar 2012REAPER v4.21
21 Mar 2012REAPER v4.20
26 Jan 2012REAPER v4.151
15 Jan 2012REAPER v4.15
19 Dec 2011REAPER v4.14
22 Nov 2011REAPER v4.13
20 Nov 2011REAPER v4.12
13 Nov 2011REAPER v4.11
03 Oct 2011REAPER v4.10
26 Aug 2011REAPER v4.02
07 Aug 2011REAPER v4.01
24 Jul 2011REAPER v3.77
26 Apr 2011REAPER v3.76
27 Jan 2011REAPER v3.75
25 Dec 2010REAPER v3.74
18 Nov 2010REAPER v3.73
20 Oct 2010REAPER v3.72
29 Sep 2010REAPER v3.71
28 Sep 2010REAPER v3.7
21 Sep 2010REAPER v3.69
12 Sep 2010REAPER v3.68
31 Aug 2010REAPER v3.672
30 Aug 2010REAPER v3.671
26 Aug 2010REAPER v3.661
11 Aug 2010REAPER v3.66
16 Jul 2010REAPER v3.651
21 Jun 2010REAPER v3.63
19 Jun 2010REAPER v3.61
10 Jun 2010REAPER v3.60
20 May 2010REAPER v3.52
03 May 2010REAPER v3.51
02 May 2010REAPER v3.5
26 Apr 2010REAPER v3.451
26 Mar 2010REAPER v3.4
04 Mar 2010REAPER v3.35
20 Feb 2010REAPER v3.31
13 Feb 2010REAPER v3.301
10 Feb 2010REAPER v3.3
31 Jan 2010REAPER v3.22
27 Jan 2010REAPER v3.21
13 Jan 2010REAPER v3.2
25 Dec 2009REAPER v3.161
23 Dec 2009REAPER v3.16
13 Dec 2009REAPER v3.15
05 Dec 2009REAPER v3.14159
30 Nov 2009REAPER v3.1415
17 Nov 2009REAPER v3.141
07 Nov 2009REAPER v3.1.4
21 Oct 2009REAPER v3.13
04 Oct 2009REAPER v3.12
21 Sep 2009REAPER v3.11
30 Aug 2009REAPER v3.104
28 Aug 2009REAPER v3.103
16 Aug 2009REAPER v3.102
15 Aug 2009REAPER v3.101
14 Aug 2009REAPER v3.1
21 Jul 2009REAPER v3.06
02 Jul 2009REAPER v3.05
20 Jun 2009REAPER v3.04
16 Jun 2009REAPER v3.03
08 Jun 2009REAPER v3.02
03 Jun 2009REAPER v3.01
24 May 2009REAPER v3.0
17 Mar 2009REAPER v2.58
12 Mar 2009REAPER v2.57
03 Mar 2009REAPER v2.56
21 Jan 2009REAPER v2.55
25 Dec 2008REAPER v2.54
18 Oct 2008REAPER v2.53
13 Oct 2008REAPER v2.52
27 Sep 2008REAPER v2.51
20 Sep 2008REAPER v2.5
31 Aug 2008REAPER v2.46
01 Aug 2008REAPER v2.44
27 Jul 2008REAPER v2.42
24 Jul 2008REAPER v2.41
09 Jul 2008REAPER v2.4
05 Jun 2008REAPER v2.301
04 Jun 2008REAPER v2.3
09 May 2008REAPER v2.206
07 May 2008REAPER v2.205
27 Apr 2008REAPER v2.203
22 Apr 2008REAPER v2.202
09 Apr 2008REAPER v2.201
07 Apr 2008REAPER v2.2
31 Mar 2008REAPER v2.148
30 Mar 2008REAPER v2.147
25 Mar 2008REAPER v2.146
15 Mar 2008REAPER v2.14159
10 Mar 2008REAPER v2.108
06 Mar 2008REAPER v2.107
02 Mar 2008REAPER v2.106
27 Feb 2008REAPER v2.105
10 Feb 2008REAPER v2.104
07 Feb 2008REAPER v2.103
05 Feb 2008REAPER v2.102
01 Feb 2008REAPER v2.101
31 Jan 2008REAPER v2.100
25 Jan 2008REAPER v2.032
12 Jan 2008REAPER v2.031
09 Jan 2008REAPER v2.030
08 Jan 2008REAPER v2.029
05 Jan 2008REAPER v2.028
03 Jan 2008REAPER v2.027
29 Dec 2007REAPER v2.026
26 Dec 2007REAPER v2.025
22 Dec 2007REAPER v2.020
18 Dec 2007REAPER v2.019
15 Dec 2007REAPER v2.018
12 Dec 2007REAPER v2.017
10 Dec 2007REAPER v2.016
07 Dec 2007REAPER v2.015
29 Nov 2007REAPER v2.014
28 Nov 2007REAPER v2.013
24 Nov 2007REAPER v2.012
13 Nov 2007REAPER v2.011
04 Nov 2007REAPER v2.010
29 Oct 2007REAPER v2.009
27 Oct 2007REAPER v2.008
24 Oct 2007REAPER v2.007
22 Oct 2007REAPER v2.006
21 Oct 2007REAPER v2.005
19 Oct 2007REAPER v2.004
15 Oct 2007REAPER v2.003
14 Oct 2007REAPER v2.002
10 Oct 2007REAPER v2.0
10 Oct 2007REAPER v2.0 RC 5
08 Oct 2007REAPER v2.0 RC 4
20 Aug 2007REAPER v1.888
20 Aug 2007REAPER v1.887
17 Aug 2007REAPER v1.886
15 Aug 2007REAPER v1.885
04 Aug 2007REAPER v1.884
01 Aug 2007REAPER v1.883
31 Jul 2007REAPER v1.882
26 Jul 2007REAPER v1.881
23 Jul 2007REAPER v1.880
21 Jul 2007REAPER v1.879
20 Jul 2007REAPER v1.877
12 Jul 2007REAPER v1.876
08 Jul 2007REAPER v1.874
05 Jul 2007REAPER v1.873
04 Jul 2007REAPER v1.872
29 Jun 2007REAPER v1.870
27 Jun 2007REAPER v1.869
20 Jun 2007REAPER v1.868
18 Jun 2007REAPER v1.867
15 Jun 2007REAPER v1.866
07 Jun 2007REAPER v1.865
06 Jun 2007REAPER v1.864
04 Jun 2007REAPER v1.863
01 Jun 2007REAPER v1.862
29 May 2007REAPER v1.861
26 May 2007REAPER v1.860
24 May 2007REAPER v1.859
21 May 2007REAPER v1.858
15 May 2007REAPER v1.857
13 May 2007REAPER v1.856
12 May 2007REAPER v1.855
10 May 2007REAPER v1.854
08 May 2007REAPER v1.853
08 May 2007REAPER v1.852
05 May 2007REAPER v1.851
04 May 2007REAPER v1.850
03 May 2007REAPER v1.849
27 Apr 2007REAPER v1.848
25 Apr 2007REAPER v1.847
25 Apr 2007REAPER v1.846
23 Apr 2007REAPER v1.845
19 Apr 2007REAPER v1.843
17 Apr 2007REAPER v1.842
09 Apr 2007REAPER v1.841
09 Apr 2007REAPER v1.840
08 Apr 2007REAPER v1.838
06 Apr 2007REAPER v1.837
05 Apr 2007REAPER v1.836
01 Apr 2007REAPER v1.835
01 Apr 2007REAPER v1.834
31 Mar 2007REAPER v1.833
28 Mar 2007REAPER v1.832
25 Mar 2007REAPER v1.831
18 Mar 2007REAPER v1.828
16 Mar 2007REAPER v1.827
15 Mar 2007REAPER v1.826
12 Mar 2007REAPER v1.825
10 Mar 2007REAPER v1.824
09 Mar 2007REAPER v1.823
08 Mar 2007REAPER v1.822
08 Mar 2007REAPER v1.821
06 Mar 2007REAPER v1.820
06 Mar 2007REAPER v1.819
05 Mar 2007REAPER v1.818
03 Mar 2007REAPER v1.817
03 Mar 2007REAPER v1.816
01 Mar 2007REAPER v1.815
28 Feb 2007REAPER v1.813
26 Feb 2007REAPER v1.812
25 Feb 2007REAPER v1.811
24 Feb 2007REAPER v1.810
24 Feb 2007REAPER v1.809
21 Feb 2007REAPER v1.808
21 Feb 2007REAPER v1.807
20 Feb 2007REAPER v1.806
16 Feb 2007REAPER v1.805
15 Feb 2007REAPER v1.804
14 Feb 2007REAPER v1.803
13 Feb 2007REAPER v1.802
13 Feb 2007REAPER v1.801
11 Feb 2007REAPER v1.800
07 Feb 2007REAPER v1.79
06 Feb 2007REAPER v1.78
04 Feb 2007REAPER v1.77
04 Feb 2007REAPER v1.76
03 Feb 2007REAPER v1.75
02 Feb 2007REAPER v1.74
01 Feb 2007REAPER v1.73
29 Jan 2007REAPER v1.72
24 Jan 2007REAPER v1.71
23 Jan 2007REAPER v1.70
20 Jan 2007REAPER v1.69
18 Jan 2007REAPER v1.68
17 Jan 2007REAPER v1.67
15 Jan 2007REAPER v1.666
13 Jan 2007REAPER v1.66
12 Jan 2007REAPER v1.64
10 Jan 2007REAPER v1.63
05 Jan 2007REAPER v1.61
05 Jan 2007REAPER v1.60
30 Dec 2006REAPER v1.59
28 Dec 2006REAPER v1.57
27 Dec 2006REAPER v1.561
26 Dec 2006REAPER v1.56
24 Dec 2006REAPER v1.55
24 Dec 2006REAPER v1.541
22 Dec 2006REAPER v1.54
19 Dec 2006REAPER v1.53
18 Dec 2006REAPER v1.52
16 Dec 2006REAPER v1.51
14 Dec 2006REAPER v1.50
11 Dec 2006REAPER v1.49
06 Dec 2006REAPER v1.48
03 Dec 2006REAPER v1.47
01 Dec 2006REAPER v1.46
29 Nov 2006REAPER v1.45
24 Nov 2006REAPER v1.43
22 Nov 2006REAPER v1.42
21 Nov 2006REAPER v1.41
16 Nov 2006REAPER v1.39
12 Nov 2006REAPER v1.38
11 Nov 2006REAPER v1.37
09 Nov 2006REAPER v1.36
07 Nov 2006REAPER v1.35
29 Oct 2006REAPER v1.34
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Unverified new user
REAPER v4.78

very good, i like it

16 Sep 2015
Unverified new user
REAPER v3.63

Sonar user for 7 years! Needed something fast and light to run on my netbook with V-Studio 20. Reaper is amazing! Fast, light, and gives very professional results! Very easy to use!

07 Jul 2010
REAPER v3.301

I've been using Reaper DAW software since v2.0 and find it comprehensive, well featured and great support including a very well written users manual. I'm a musician songwriter, have been for over 40 years and have worked in the audio recording field using analog tape to digital software (Cakewalk, PowerTracks, ProTools, etc.) This is an excellent professional software that gives quality results.

REAPER v3.1.4

i have had many people tell they LOVE Reaper and i will get it myself as soon as i can connect my pc to my Roland recorder

REAPER v3.1.4

i have had many people tell me they love Reaper and i will get it myself as soon as i connect my pc to my roland vs recorder

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