AfterDawn: Glossary

Bluetooth 3.0

The Bluetooth 3.0 specification was released in April 2009. One of the biggest changes from the Bluetooth 2.0 specification was technology borrowed from Wireless (WiFi) networking technology to provide much higher-speed data transfers than before. Bluetooth 3.0 devices will be designed to use a low speed connection, like that used by v2.0 devices, except when added speed can be utilized. At that point the connection will switch to use 802.11 (wireless ethernet) until its no longer needed.

The additional speed could be used for streaming media or file transfers. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which is responsible for developing the standard, would like to see the technology's role expand beyond mobile phone/headset or mobile phone/headphone connections to be more of a standard computer/peripheral connection - sort of like a wireless USB.

Enhanced Power Control will also reduce the number of disconnects that Bluetooth suffers from. Bluetooth technology is facing tough competition in a growing market for wireless data transfer solutions, such as Sony's TransferJet technology.


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