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CDR-Info review: Pioneer DVD±RW DVR-107D

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 11 Feb 2004 9:41 User comments (2)

CDR-Info review: Pioneer DVD±RW DVR-107D CDR-Info has released their exclusive review of the 8x generation Pioneer recorder. As usual, they go through a wide variety of different tests, and the reasults suggest that Pioneer has once again produced a fine DVD-R unit.
Pioneer enters the 8x DVD recording market with the new DVR-107D. Being the first 8x DVD burner offering this speed for DVD±R and 4x for DVD±RW, the drive brings the anticipated "balance" in the recording speeds of the +R/RW and the -R/RW formats. With NEC (ND-2500A) and LiteOn (SOHW-812S) as its main competitors in the retail market, the benchmark results of Pioneer DVR-107D would be interesting to most of you.
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2 user comments

111.2.2004 22:57

An article in Jan stated Pioneer were testing burning to dual layered on an AO6 with just a fimware upgrade. With Sony announcing a dual layered play for second quarter this year if Pioneer want to stay ahead of the game now would be a good time to release it. Although it would'nt surprise me if we say a release of a new drive (AO8) to force us to buy a new drive.

212.2.2004 7:17 They were doing a demo at CES burning dual layer discs with the A06. Seems like that would be really bad PR to publicly demonstrate that the A06 can do it and then not release the firmware. Stranger things have happened... I'd buy an A06 (or 1O7) now if I knew for sure they were going to provide a dual layer update for it.

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