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DVD Shrink v3.1.5 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Feb 2004 12:35 User comments (1)

Despite announcing earlier that the development of DVD Shrink (excellent freeware DVD-to-DVDR tool) will cease, new versions seem to pop up to public constantly. The latest beta, DVD Shrink v3.1.5 beta 5, is now available at our site.
Here's the full changelog for the latest version:

  • Added warning in case of re-authoring menus: reminder that they will be converted into video clips, not menus.
  • Fixed closed captions: no longer stripped from output files.
  • Fixed navigation command for "no subpicture" in re-author. Also now use separate commands for default audio and subpicture as easier for IFOedit users.
  • Changed default streams GUI in re-author mode.
  • Fixed various problems in still-picture encoder:
    • PTS/DTS set correctly
    • timestamp of sequence end code recorded in NV_PCK
    • 3:2 pulldown disabled
  • Fixed checking of DVD files when opened in "open files" mode.
  • Fixed ISO-639 code for Hebrew to "iw".
  • Automatically stop video preview when doing quick analysis in re-author mode.
  • Improved support for mousewheel in DVD browser view.
  • Backup proceeds without warning if total compilation size is within 128KB of the target size. This helps prevent warnings if automatic compression is slightly inaccurate (due to floating point rounding error).
  • Added menu option to turn on/off "combined shared titles" in full-disc mode.
  • Changes to application startup code, attempt to fix crash on some windows 2000 systems.
  • Added Carlitus/Mandraker toolbar buttons.
  • Changed compiler switches to optimize for Pentium systems.
  • Changed all spellings of "disk" to "disc" (except in the case of "hard disk").
  • Fixed small bug in main window where selected menus could fail to deselect.

As usual, you can download the latest version directly from our site, using this URL:

Update: The final v3.1.5 has been released. The only change to the beta version is an added installer. You can download the final version from the link above.

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113.2.2004 11:07

I have read the guide,but as soon as I start to back up and the display video screen starts I get a kernall32.dll error and complete lock up of system?? Help as I am new to this!

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