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DVD Shrink v3.1.6 beta 1 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Feb 2004 2:27 User comments (7)

Yet another small update for DVD Shrink has been released. The latest version, DVD Shrink v3.1.6 beta 1 doesn't include any dramatic changes, but rather attempts to fix a problem related to Pioneer 120s drive.
The latest version can be downloaded from here:

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7 user comments

115.2.2004 4:37

my cd copy does not erase the latest movie i have ripped and when i shrink anotjer movie it copies the last movie. so i have to go to windows explorer and delete the latest movie i ripped or it will copy the old movie

215.2.2004 7:27

I created several folders in my C drive (S#1 S#2 etc) after burning my movie I just go to C drive click S#1 select all files and delete.

315.2.2004 17:29

I have the latest DVD Shrink copy install in my computer I was trying to copy a movie called Bram's Stroker's Shadowbuilder, I notice that in the previous screen while shrinking the movie show a lot of green dots where you couldn't see the movie, I believe that there is a new copy protector on the new DVDs, after copying the movie on a blank DVD all you get is the movie copy warning then a black screen after it, by the way the original movie will not play on a PC but it will play on a home DVD player. I would like to know if there are any suggestions for this problem and then email me back.

417.2.2004 18:15

kma367, I had a movie at onetime that would only play in standalone player's and nothing else. I ended up playing it from my standalone into my ATI capture card saving it as a mpeg and then using Pinnacle to make a usuable DVD. This process takes hours to do and if the movie is not worth it, then I would move onto some other project. Good luck!

524.2.2006 5:14

Is there any way to copy a movie that is 145 mi nutes long? I am trying to copy Ghostbusters.. It's 145 minutes long, but all the Dvd's I have are 120 minutes. Any Suggestions??? Rob

624.2.2006 5:56

Perhaps not opening a dead, two year old thread, for one....then do a little reading in the forums....

724.2.2006 6:33

perhaps not leaving an ignorant, Lame comment, and leaving a helpful answer!!!

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