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Clone DVD v2 preview version now available!

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 19 Feb 2004 11:40 User comments (16)

Clone DVD v2 preview version now available! Recently Elaborate Bytes announced that a CloneDVD 2 preview version will be available for download soon, as a time limited 30 day demo version. We have just received the information that the new version is online now.
The "Sneak Preview" will run for 30 days and is not available for purchase. It does not claim to be final and without bugs. As soon as the final version of CloneDVD becomes available (probably before Cebit 2004), just install it on your computer. The final version will replace the Sneak Preview.
CloneDVD 2 redefines the notion of picture quality. On the one hand the revamped transcoding technology delivers far better results, on the other hand the user has more control over the size of the video data. With the new version you can define the degree of data reduction through specific title and audio selection, chapter cutting and free adjustment of the target size. A second quality bar shows the influence of the language selection on the compression rate. You now have complete control over the actual quality of your movie copies.

During transcoding, picture snapshots show you which parts of the movie are transcoded at that instant, graphical bitrate and frame statistics inform you in realtime about the properties of the video input and output data.

Along with the new version of CloneDVD, we offer you our software Virtual CloneDrive: Image files created by CloneDVD can be "inserted" into Virtual CloneDrive and used as if they were normal DVDs.

Check it out! Try the free Sneak Preview of CloneDVD 2 for 30 days and also Virtual CloneDrive!
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16 user comments

119.2.2004 14:35


219.2.2004 14:35

hummm... odd theres another program that i recall does exactly the same thing, and guess what... ITS FREE- its called DVD Shrink.

319.2.2004 15:01

just had a short go,cool nice and easy to worked right away with my sony dvd rw,copyed a small part of cheech and chongs up in smoke which was aready copyed with my x copy express plat,from the {org}worked well.very happy with what i see so far.just need to see what other people think once you all have ago.i wonder how much it will cost?Hopefully not a the great big price i payed for x copy.........

419.2.2004 15:04

does DVD Shrink let you watch parts of the movie as you record,with just 3 click of the button.

519.2.2004 15:06

it plays the whole movie in fast motion as it encodes with all the bitrate and time data on the side.

619.2.2004 15:39

Shrink is the man.

719.2.2004 15:45

My question is, does it invalidate any previous version of CloneDVD or does it setup as a separate program? I am looking forward to trying it but, don't want to "lose" what I already have.

819.2.2004 18:52

It's interesting so far. I'm a DVDShrink guy but I gave it a shot for the heck of it. Using DVD Decrypter I ripped "Donnie Darko" (6.5 GB) to my hd then used Clone2 to compress and burn which took a total of 26 minutes - 10 to process and 15 to burn. Copy plays great and looks good.

920.2.2004 5:06

the cost of the new cloneDVD2 will be about the same as the first this agood price to pay or bad?when there is like ive been told so much free software that does the same?or does it!if so why would elby wish to charge so mush.surly less money makes more sells ending in more money or is that just my dumb look on things.

1020.2.2004 13:30

Not a dumb look at all, carl123. I'm sure Elby's put a lot of thought into just how much they can charge and still sell a lot. I like it quite a bit and will keep tinkering with it until the trial runs out but personally I'll stick with Shrink because there isn't $40 worth of difference to me. If a person really likes Clone2 and wants to pay for it I don't see anything wrong with it but for $40 I think AnyDVD should be included.

1120.2.2004 13:35

plus shrink doesnt have to rip before it encodes- it rips as it encodes so you dont need a total of 12 GB free HD space- just 4.4

1221.2.2004 13:04

been trying clone dvd2 now since i have downloaded it.pleased at first thought it could have gone good worth paying for.........I was wrong its pants cheesey smelly pants.unless everybody starts saying it the bollocks which i doubt.

1323.2.2004 9:25

I still use the old Elby CloneDVD to burn my DVD's after using DVD Shrink. It's fast. I would use Elby CloneDVD to do everything, but, it gives me an error message every time I try and copy a copy-protected DVD. That's why DVD Shrink is the bomb! Elby CloneDVD works good for subtitled movies.

1427.7.2004 13:15

Thats why u have to use DVD decryptor, that program will get rid of the CSS. Also with this profram u can make a perfect copy of the dvd's that have been burned with DVD x Platinum. But u have to use dvd decryptor first. It was to my understanding that DVD x copy platinum did not allow u to make perfect copies of the copy but if u use this program along with decryptor then ur probs. are solved!!!

1529.7.2004 9:12

This is a excellent proramme and easy to use i will be looking to see if it has improved any in the new edition.To be honest i can not see this getting much better than the first virsion as that is one top programme. John179

1623.2.2006 13:48

bad news about the new version it overwrites ur form version even if u had a non trial version. now i have to figure out how to get it back with out paying for it again

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