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DVD X Copy's ripping functionality to be removed

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 26 Feb 2004 5:53 User comments (15)

DVD X Copy's ripping functionality to be removed On 20th of February, a federal court judge ruled that 321 Studios have to remove the CSS decrypting functionality from their DVD X Copy products by the 27th of February, 2004.
321 Studios have applied for a temporary injunction, but as it seems highly unlikely that their bid for this will succeed, they have announced that effective tomorrow, all DVD X Copy products will be delivered without a CSS decrypting functionality.

So if you haven't got your copy yet, but plan to purchase it, you're in quite a hurry. You can purchase DVD X Copy and other 321 Studios' products directly from their website.

321 Studios also encourages that all existing users should upgrade their products to the latest version, because after midnight tonight (Central time) all upgrades will also lack the ripping functionality. Upgrades are also available at

To use ripper-free versions of DVD X Copy for backing up copy-protected movies, users need to use a separate program. Luckily such a piece of software is already available -- a freeware program called DVD43, which is available for download at:

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15 user comments

126.2.2004 10:52

DVDX Copy's software never really worked properly for me. It was a waste of $100. Who needs them ? There is freeware that is better that their software and no one will ever be able to stop us from making our DVD Backup Copies.. I just won't happen.

226.2.2004 12:54

Sue true pcron, it never worked properly for me to.

326.2.2004 14:33

Whether you like 321's software or not you're missing the big picture. Let me ask you two a couple of questions. Do you think mpaa will stop with 321? What about Recode, and AnyDVD? What about sites that offer DVDShrink and DVDDecrypter? One must either support the whole ripping scene, 321 included, or support none of it. This is bad news for us all, not just 321.

426.2.2004 19:48

ofcorse not, the mpaa is not going to stop with 321 studios , i think they going to attack thoes companys u mentioned aswell, and every other dvd copy programs. Dont get me wrong i support the right to back up our owned software, its just that program in particular, did not work with me properly thats all. Cheers

527.2.2004 2:35

I am thankful that i found this site but i wish i had found it sooner also. i spent the 50$ for dvd copy and although it worked very well it was a large investment for something i could have found for free. but in hindsite i am glad my 50$ is being spen fighting the mpaa thank you all for all the posts on a wide range of topics they have helped me much.

629.2.2004 4:59

I agree that DVD X-Copy has it's flaws,but it did allow any of us to easily copy DVD's. I rarely use it now that I have DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink,but I still support 321 in it's fight. The only weapon I have to fight the MPAA is my personal economic boycott. I will not pay to see movies in a theater,I will instead wait to rent the movie and make my copy. If this constitutes stealing, at least it is stealing from thieves. Ed

729.2.2004 16:36

I had thought of upgrading from DVD Copy Plus, to DVD X Copy Platinum Saturday, but when I asked questions about it from 321 Customer Service, they said that the version they would ship would not have the ripper but the stores were not affected. I did purchase a copy of the Platinum from CompUSA on Saturday, Feb 28, 04, but Customer Service could not tell me if these copies had already been replaced by the new non-ripper version, so how can I tell if the version I did purchase Saturday has the ripper, BEFORE I open it, so that I can return it for a refund if necessary? They DID say that the version that they are shipping has an 'RF" in the version number. My copy of DVD Copy Plus didn't ever make a CDRom copy of a couple of movies that I tried to copy, but I heard from a friend that they purchased the DVD X Copy Platinum and it made great copies... Where can I get answers to these questions since 321 Cust. Serv. says they "cannot" tell us anything because of the injunction. Thanks for your help. Mike

81.3.2004 17:02

Thanks for the help

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91.3.2004 18:10

I use DVDX Copy Platinum a lot. :) Easy, best program of it's kind for me. Thanks for the help

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102.3.2004 0:03

I like using DVD Decrypter it worked realy well and with using DVD Shrink and Nero i felt it was the best software if you need any help with this send me a pm and i will walk you through it. its good to see that its not just us young people using this stuff.

113.3.2004 7:06

I have a SONY VAIO!THE DVDxCOPY works perfectly!!;-> If you're having problems with It maybe it's time to upgrade! I made a copy of my DVD & gave to my friend free of charge!!! did I brack the law by helping out a friend for no charge becuz he was having problems getting his old PC to use DVDxCOPY? he was like everyone else, who is having problems on this board! DVDxCOPY has been the best ALLinONE dvd coping & burning program arond!!! I have Pennicle ver 8.0, Ulead DVD factory 2.0, Sonic 4.0 & All of them have there own individual characteristics. DVDxCOPY is the best!!! I wonder if they are going to do to 321 the same thing as NAPSTER?? Sue them out of business,take over & make you & I pay them for the same BS!!! Now I wonder if someone is going to come & remove my PC because of the 321 program or am I grandfather claused in? This stuff makes me want to start priating just so I can fight the system!!! I'm tired of corpations who are scared of the way the internet has changed our world & only care about there profits! NOTHING DMCA has done anything for one artist in this world!! The real pirating is going on in China & other over sea countries . Not individuals like you&I. if you need help stop on by

1216.9.2004 18:25

1316.9.2004 18:28

Has anyone tried buying the Platinum ripper version here? They are overseas and seem to still be selling it. They say they will fully support it and get it working for you. If they cant they will give you a full refund. Buzz55

1417.9.2004 5:17

Thanks for the help

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1521.6.2005 18:11

I am trying to reinstall DVD X COPY PLATINUM and need a password. I am asking if anyone can remember their password and will let me use it to see if it will work on my program. I know 321 studios is out of business and I have searched the Internet over trying to find a password. If you just happen to remember yours, can I use it to try on my software?

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