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SlySoft releases AnyDVD 6, offers discount

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 08 Jun 2006 1:28 User comments (71)

SlySoft releases AnyDVD 6, offers discount SlySoft announced the release of AnyDVD v6 today, which provides major changes to the user interface of the popular anti-DRM tool. To accompany the release of the new version, SlySoft decided to offer discount for our users that covers all their products (CloneDVD, AnyDVD, CloneDVD Mobile and CloneCD).
Here's the full changelog for AnyDVD v6.0.0.4:
  • New User Interface, easier to navigate through various settings
  • Information window is now integrated into the settings dialog
  • Option to set DVD Navigation and drive speed, if a Video DVD is inserted
  • Option to set copy protection removal and drive speed, if an Audio CD is inserted
  • Many minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

The discount for AfterDawn users can be obtained by entering code "afterdawn" (without quotes) to the promotion code field in the check-out page. The discount will expire on 22nd of June, 2006. Discount applies to all SlySoft products, at these rates:
  • single license (normal price: 39$) - discount: 5.00 US$
  • 2 license bundle (59$) - discount: 10.00 US$
  • 3 license bundle (78$) - discount: 15.00 US$
  • 4 license bundle (95$) - discount: 20.00 US$
So, by purchasing all four SlySoft's products (CloneDVD, AnyDVD, CloneDVD mobile and CloneCD), you save $20.

More information: SlySoft

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71 user comments

18.6.2006 2:56

Man I love this program gott it its great and worth every penny :)

28.6.2006 4:10

Yeah this program is ok , but there is free programs out there that do the same thing.

38.6.2006 4:14

program is better than ok, sometimes it cost a little $$ to get a better product. AnyDVD & CloneDVD together are the easiest programs out there...well worth the money, even better with the discount.

48.6.2006 4:18

This program does a lot more than the free programs out there. SlySoft has a great thing going here with AnyDVD. I use this program everday & would not replace it with anything else that is currently out there at this time. I have never, never had a problem with any disc of any kind using this AWESOME program! Keep up the good work guys!

58.6.2006 5:19

I love the new interface. Keep up the excellent work guys!

68.6.2006 5:50

As long as Fab's out there doing a great job i'm not buying,,,,i'm cheap :o)

78.6.2006 6:24

Nothing compares to the best, the moneys worth it.

88.6.2006 8:00

actually i kinda dont like the new user interface, i find it kind of odd! and hard to get used to. anyways its great program though i purchased all four programs so i would need nothing else; besides DVD Shrink kinda sucks compared to clonedvd2 from slysoft

98.6.2006 9:04

good interface this program is good

108.6.2006 9:29

clonedvd2 from slysoft
I wish people would say CloneDVD2 from Elaborate Bytes!

118.6.2006 9:51

I updated my AnyDVD last night and was impressed with the new interface. I have also experienced improve functionality with the two previous AnyDVD updates & AnyDVD now really does find and removes the encryptions found in the programs status field unlike before where I would have to use SHRINK 3.2 or VOB Blanker in addition to AnyDVD and judging by the comments I read here at the forums related to newer DVD titles like "Underworld Evo" & "Glory Road" I had a far easier time with the latest updates backing up new movies than my fellow forum members who used primarily "Freeware" to accomplish the same feat.:P "Purchasing has it's privileges".

128.6.2006 10:07

gogochar (Junior Member) 8. June 2006 @ 13:29 Quote:clonedvd2 from slysoft I wish people would say CloneDVD2 from Elaborate Bytes!
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions spacer Is Slysoft a new company from Elby? No. We're a software company on the beautiful island Antigua. We have our own management and software development team. We purchased software from Elaborate Bytes and continue the development. Our relationship to Elby is purely business-based. I WISH PEOPLE WOULD READ UP ON THE INFO! THAT I HAD PULLED RIGHT OFF THE WWW.SLYSOFT.COM WEBSITE; SO THAT WOULD MAKE IT SLYSOFTS! Sorry for caps just wanted to get that off my chest.
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138.6.2006 10:13

Absolutely love this program. Unbelievable, this is so amazing that this program.

148.6.2006 11:48

Yeap.......... AnyDvD best program out there right now.... best $29.00 i have spent yet.......... AnyDvD, DvDShrink,DvDDecypter what a great combo................ good day

158.6.2006 12:41

Rock on. I am going to update as soon as I get home tonight. Never bought the other 3 apps. Maybe I will...

168.6.2006 12:46

Sure there are programs out there that are FREE,but some people forget,we get free upgrades for life.These free ones might not stand the test of time and be forced to stop upgrading,and slysoft could never be stopped due to the reason that they are located overseas where it is totally legal!!!! Next up will be Blu Ray for these guys.. *peace*

178.6.2006 15:41

Anydvd is by far the best program that i have used. I bought it back in december and have been enjoying the

188.6.2006 15:41

Anydvd is by far the best program that i have used. I bought it back in december and have been enjoying the

199.6.2006 12:01

New update! Version These guys are awesome!

209.6.2006 19:11

Your link aint working, what do you mean update all ready man cant they just get it right the first time? You guys that are saying this is the best program, I think you should try some other programs before you say that, cause your crazy

219.6.2006 21:40

name a better one then????

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2210.6.2006 0:25

Great program-bought it December last year. At least 16 updates since then!

2310.6.2006 2:04

Do you need more than just AnyDVD to make back-up copies? I have DVD Express, is it compatabile to AnyDVD or should I get another program. Thank you for helping :)

2410.6.2006 2:31

I am not sure what else is available out there, because I found this and WOULDN'T bother to try anything else. I have recommended this others and they find the same wonderful results. This with DVD Shrink, I can rip EVERYTHING!

2510.6.2006 3:25

Now, with AnyDVD, all I have to worry about is scratches and bad presses .

2610.6.2006 5:11

to lllevis You need more then just AnyDVD to copy a dvd, I havnt tried DVD Express but it should work, I have found that AnyDVD works best with CloneDVD (made by the same people) but you may not want to fork out the extra cash....

2710.6.2006 5:48

As what freedom2 says "AnyDvD, DvDShrink,DvDDecypter what a great combo................" DVDD is a burner and free, so is DVDshrink. AnyDVD is great.

2810.6.2006 6:04

The link is He accidentally put the extra "." in it.

2910.6.2006 7:43

Great software but the company operates from a remote island outside the jurisdiction of western law enforcement agencies. Are you really happy to send them your credit card details?

3010.6.2006 8:04

Great software but the company operates from a remote island outside the jurisdiction of western law enforcement agencies. Are you really happy to send them your credit card details?
No kiddin!!!!!!!

3110.6.2006 9:28

Thank you all for your help. I appreciate it very much :)

3210.6.2006 14:17

Yes, but have they made CloneDVD follow the original layer break placement yet?

3310.6.2006 15:54

email slysoft and ask maybe if it doesn't they can work that out

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3410.6.2006 18:06

I guess they can't since it's just a transcoder.

3510.6.2006 20:08

Quote:Great software but the company operates from a remote island outside the jurisdiction of western law enforcement agencies. Are you really happy to send them your credit card details? No kiddin!!!!!!!
They should be very trusted since everyone who orders from them since they have been Verisign-approved. Plus, you can always use your credit card (or Debit, etc.) and then let it approve, and then when the money is taken out of your bank account cancel your card and get a new one. That's how I did it once, though never with Slysoft, with another company, Limewire. I bought the Pro version and got flooded with spyware! That was when I decided to get a new Credit Card!

3610.6.2006 22:54

#1: If there was ANY Misdeeds with Credit Cards DO YOU REALLY THINK PEOPLE WOULDNT BE ON HERE SAYING SO? I have bought this one 6 months ago with a card that is solely used for online purchases. And guess what? NO PROBLEMS with the card being misused! #2: DVD43 while being FREE does not get the frequency of updates as AnyDVD does. Sometimes I have seen multiple updates in a single week! This is their bread and butter and while 'open source' or freeware may be cool and may be free its writers generally have other jobs besides making sure that the most recent copy protections get cracked ASAP just so you can get the movie the day it's released. You get what you pay for... in the case of AnyDVD YOU GET TONS! #3: I use AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter. While it is true that AnyDVD has a 'Rip to HDD' option if you right click the icon in the tray I deal with ISO formats and find DVDD works well in conjucntion for my needs. #4: There are plenty of options to get amovie to rip and split. My friend frequently still has trouble with AnyDVD and DVDFab (though he prefers the one click programs as opposed to actually working the DVD structure like with IFOEdit or such). But in reality if he wasn't cheap (and if YOU need to split movies) then Clone DVD is a perfect companion and is designed to be used with AnyDVD So for those who have said this prog sux or there are better... PLEASE enlighten us all on what you have discovered. I do not say this sarcasticly, this IS a forum where we discuss stuff like this.. so PLEASE discuss it and we can all benefit from your discovery... or help you to use the program correctly so you can see exactly what we mean when we say it's the best! --peace

3711.6.2006 0:57

duckNrun, if your using dvd decrypter with anydvd make sure you have dvd decrypter setup this way To use DVD Decrypter in conjunction with AnyDVD as stated per Olli ->OF SLYSOFT AND CLONEDVD Proceed to the DVD Decrypter Opening Page - Tools - Settings I/O Tab - Click on "Elby CDIO-Elaborate Bytes" General Tab - un-check "Check For Structure Protection" cheers

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3811.6.2006 6:21

To NINVIN21, Dude,AnyDVD updates because copy protection is always changing.

3911.6.2006 7:49

Yeah, But DVD Decrypter hasent been updated in a long long time and theres still only a couple movies it wont do, I been doing alot of reading and I guess you guys are right this program seems to do the best job.Sorry note: I only played with the free trail, When I did I had problems with it back in the day I guess its time to give it another try, I dont have anuf time or money to research the best program theres just to many, so I will just agree . Thanks for the info everyone but I really dont see the need for this program yet.

4011.6.2006 10:31

To NINVIN21, I have to agree with you on DVD Decrypter.It is a great program as well,i make all my PS2 backups with this.The sad part about it though,DVD Decrypter will never upgrade again.They were force to stop.Slysoft is here for the long run,thanks in part for them operating overseas.If you like DVD Decrypter,try DVD Fab Decrypter,they seem to upgrade often.

4111.6.2006 10:43

yeah i forgot to mention that as well as to be sure not to have it check for updates!

4211.6.2006 11:06

I really dont htink AnyDVD is that great i think dvdregionfree+css is much better

4311.6.2006 12:25

no way CSS region free is better than anydvd

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4411.6.2006 14:00

If you guys want to burn Images try imgburn This one is made by the same person and also is updated regurally.

4511.6.2006 15:23

I really dont htink AnyDVD is that great i think dvdregionfree+css is much better
Well, I think DVDIdle Pro is better than DVD Region+CSS Free! And I also think AnyDVD is even better!

4612.6.2006 3:30

I am assuming they will stop updating the old one now.

4712.6.2006 10:37

I've been using AnyDVD for a few months now and it works great with my now defunct DVD XCOPY. The only problem I've had is removing a region code, which is the only one I've tried and AnyDVD just won't do it. Otherwise it removes previews, trailers, etc. nicely. I am still wondering if I should dump DVD XCOPY and go with CloneDVD, but so far I haven't seen a reason to change. If anyone has had a chance to compare those two I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks

4812.6.2006 10:53

yes your alot better off with clonedvd 2 over x copy no nag screen better quality you can control the burn speed etc. download and use the free trial for 21 days to see also theres 10 and 5 bucks off this month if you buy, heres a guide to use clonedvd 2

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4912.6.2006 11:11

Thanks, that's good to know. I did check out the guide and apparently CloneDVD burns to DVD-R. Infortunately, my Sony burner only burns to +R.

5012.6.2006 15:13

mike7449-- CloneDVD2 WILL burn to + media--that is all I have ever used and no problem at all--maybe your burner will only burn (-) type? Whitfield

5112.6.2006 15:29

No my burner only burns to +R, so if CloneDVD2 will work with that, then I'm all set and will give it a try. Thanks Whitfield! Mike

5212.6.2006 15:30

No problem--good luck and have fun--any problem write back

5312.6.2006 17:03

OK I have a problem with DVD matter what movie I try to shrink at 30% my computer shuts off...and I can't play it in windows media player...someone please HELP me...

5412.6.2006 19:01

khlockett, Are you trying to shrink the newer movies from Sony,Walt Disney,etc?These movies have invalid dvd structures among other protection on them.This might make your computer shut down.DVD Shrink has not upgraded in a long time and wont in the future either.What i would do is download a program called DVD Fab decrypter(FREE)There are other programs out there,but try this one first.This program will take all that crap off and put the movie in a nice DVD folder anywhere you specify,i always put it on my desktop.Once your done with fab,drag the DVD folder over to shrink and proceed like you would usually use shrink.This should solve your problem.

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5512.6.2006 20:10

I used DVD Fab went thru fine then reauthored and even full disc and shuts down Imitation of Life and Apocalypse Now...I used to be able to watch them with Windows Media Player but now I can't Life shuts down at 30% and Now at 21% don't know what is wrong any other suggestions

5612.6.2006 23:10

whats your PC specs.? please post them have you tryed uninstalling and reinstalling the programs. Mike you CAN use DVD+R media with clonedvd 2 with no problem set your burn speed at 8x max. you will like the program lots better than x copy i promise

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5713.6.2006 4:17

OK I am an idiot when it comes to this spec stuff where and how do I pull that up..I have been using Shrink for about 2 years..thank you

5813.6.2006 8:23

thank you for helping me

5913.6.2006 13:32

khlockett, Hey,double click on my computer,then under system tasks,choose view system information.This could be a possibility of a few things.Computer might be older,not enough memory,or you have a bad dvd burner,if you use this drive to read.If you have another dvd burner or a dvd rom drive try shrink it that one.Then again you were using shrink for 2 years,so i would lean towards the dvd burner or just the dvd movies,might be just a bad press.Hope this will help more,holla if you need anymore help.


6013.6.2006 14:09

Windows Media Player cannot play the file. This can occur when another program or operating system component encounters a problem but does not communicate the nature of the problem to the Player. This is the error that I get when I try to play any movie in my D: Drive and my external Drive. When I am using Shrink it gets to 30% and puter just shuts off. What am I looking for in my system?

6113.6.2006 16:46

this is great software. This is a great company. I have purchased their products and they have given me good support and new links when I needed them. They update often and never ask for more money. I would never hesitate giving them my credit card number. I have a credit card with a small max just for online purchases in general. al williams

6213.6.2006 17:31

khlockett, Why do you use Windows Media player to watch your movies?Did u get software with your burner,so u can watch movies?I dont know what version of media player you have,but i know version 10 does play dvds on my computer,but i dont use it.Did you try other movies on shrink?So your DVD burner is an external?What about your internal drive,dvd burner or not? Seems to me that it has to be your burner.I never had luck with externals,but that is me.What i would do is buy an internal dvd burner(u can get them cheap now) and see if it does the same thing,you can always return it to the store.Hope this will help you more.

6313.6.2006 17:43

I am using windows media 10 and I have tried pink panther, room 6 and 16 blocks shrink analysis great, when shrinking gets to 20 - 30% and puter shuts down...never have had that problem before. I have removed and reinstalled internal burner does the samething. I am running out of ideas.

6413.6.2006 18:51

How much is the new discount and how do you get it?

6514.6.2006 0:28

its 5 dollars off for a single program (clonedvd 2 or anydvd) or its 10 dollars off for BOTH program buying them together making the combo 49 dollars .when your typing in your info. you will see a coupon box at the bottom of the page type in "afterdawn" to recevie the discount

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6615.6.2006 22:55

I have AnyDVD, is anydvd6 different? and I never see it advertized on

6715.6.2006 23:23

fred theres only one AnyDVD its up to verison ,thats what there refering too did you get your CloneDVD problem worked out??

6815.6.2006 23:32

abcd, yes I did, I have been gone for 2 weeks, I did get your message, I will be getting back to you soon.

6916.6.2006 12:17

khlockett, I dont know what else to tell ya,man.There might be something you recently installed on your PC that is clashing with Shrink..What i would do,is format your computer and then reinstall all your sure to back up any files and/or pictures that you need.


7016.6.2006 17:18

i need help - i'm new to the dvd burning. SONIC came with my DVD-R drive but everything is "protected" i'm guessing that i need a decrypter of somesort, but i would like to know what's compatible. any help/suggestions would be great.

7116.6.2006 23:05

your best bet is to download clonedvd2 and anydvd here use the 21 day free trial if you decide to buy type in "afterdawn" in the coupon box to get the discount both programs will run you 49 bucks which is a steal. you get great quality you can control the burn speed and both programs update for life which means when new movies come out with new encryption the programs will handle them ,heres a guide to use the programs remember to use good blank media (Taiyo Yuden and or Verbatim)NO MEMOREX!!! and burn at 4x starting out. you can download dvd shrink and dvd decrypter also there both freeware but dont update anymore you can do the older movies with the programs though and a few newer ones ,good luck and happy burning shoot us back if you have any questions

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