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1.5 million posts in forums

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Jun 2006 0:35 User comments (23)

1.5 million posts in forums Last night, 1,500,000th message was posted to our discussion forums, marking yet another milestone on our 7-year journey. It took only 7 months and two weeks to get the total post count from one million to 1.5 million, so that's about 2,100 new posts every day. has now over 536,000 registered members (we get about 11,000 new members each month) and since our launch back in 1999, we have served over 61 million software downloads, almost one billion page impressions and have hopefully managed to help at least couple of our users with their digital video problems :-)

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23 user comments

129.6.2006 1:40

The way some of the threads are going, AfterDawn may hit the 2 million mark by the end of the year.

229.6.2006 1:47

The PSP forum will contribute 500,000 by itself in the next 2 months:p

329.6.2006 2:51

***Some*** Noobs and trouble makers waste alot of the web space Not reading the rules and getting multiple accounts just to argue more.I saw a guy banned 6 times in 2 days lol. Just look at this link and how many of these guys who think there hackers got banned eventually lol.I saw one where everybody on the thread was eventually banned and there was like 30 people too I wish I could find it but it was closed long ago.

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429.6.2006 7:22

Half a million members, with advertisements, that translates into making a decent amount of money to keep this site going. I wonder how many people there will be 10 years from now.

529.6.2006 7:24

Congrats on the 1.5 million post mark! im rather new but ill be around to help post another 1.5 million :-p

629.6.2006 12:25

Congrats on the milestone :) Soo what does the lucky poster get. At least a free t-shirt. :)

729.6.2006 15:45

Thats a lot of posts, there will be 2 million by the end of the year.

829.6.2006 19:07

So who was the lucky poster?? everyone wants to know.

929.6.2006 20:05

Kudos Afterdawn. 8-)

1030.6.2006 0:25

Kivory posted the one million post wonder who was the person for the 1.5 million iam sure it will be posted

1130.6.2006 5:38

Congrats AfterDawn! May there be another 1.5 million posts in your future!

1230.6.2006 18:45

So, it seems like AD's postcount density is growing quite quickly. That's good as long as the majority of them are useful.... Or at least relevant. ...By the way. I'm a pancake.

131.7.2006 8:29


141.7.2006 10:51

'Noobs and trouble makers waste alot of the web space Not reading the rules and getting multiple accounts just to argue more.I saw a guy banned 6 times in 2 days lol.' Hey come on. Everybody was a noob once and I have never posted off topic or, to my knowledge repeated a post. In fact this is the first time I've felt obliged to be a 'troublemaker' Don't us noobs have the right to post too?

151.7.2006 11:19

Its alright, I was once a noobie who wandered into the xbox section looking for advice. THe problem is I never left.

161.7.2006 15:12

sounds like my story too :)) I think it was AVI. Thing is I'm still a noob and i've been posting for 6 months but what the hell. It's a good site and lotsa help and nice folk

171.7.2006 15:59

Here's what is needed to change your status: You can check the number of posts you have by looking in the My Account. The tab is at the top of the page. note Safety Valve posts do not count.

181.7.2006 16:05

Yeah, I wandered in for XBox info.... And yeah. I, too, never left. Although, I think we should enforce a new rule, and I feel that drakshug got it right on the nose here:

Don't us noobs have the right to post too?
That's precisely how to fix this site. We won't let newbies post anymore! That way we'll fix all the problems. It's not like new users in the last six months have anything useful to say! Heck, I joined back in March, and I haven't posted ANYTHING worthwhile... Except maybe the answers and solutions to several dozen questions... Okay, so maybe newbies should post. But, only with prior permission, yeah, that's it. From now on, I, the grand poobah, deem that all newbies must first request permission via post, before they can post. This means that in order to post, a newbie must first request permission from a senior member, which will require them to post for permission first, which in turn requires prior permission obtained via another senior member's thread post! VIOLA! lol. In all seriousness, I welcome (most) new members here, because everyone needs a chance to put in their two cents, and on occasion, they stick around to be very useful!

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

194.7.2006 11:46

Why do you people have to be judgemental. What's wrong with people, noob or otherwise posting anyways.

204.7.2006 12:32

Theres nothing wrong with newbs posting, we were all there at some point, just lately alot of newbie posts have been "I blew up t3H 1337 B0x0r5" or "HELP ME MODZ!!!1111!!"

214.7.2006 13:20

Ha ha. Hell mate. a lot of us noobs have a lot of experience with comps. Mine goes back to my BBC b. I'm here cos it is the best place to come for help but my posts have mainly been in help. Anyway since my torrent site got it's servers back I've been too buy there to post here. All hail Karagarga

225.7.2006 13:59

Oh sorry about that you guys.I should have been more specific.I should have said "alot or some" because it looks like I was saying all noobs and that wasn't my intention at all.My bad.I have edited it. I help alot of those noobs too.Some noobs don't read the rules and post something offensive or post something that has been answered a 1000 times.Trouble makers are the folks that break the rules and resign up and just keep getting banned.There not all bad either.I got one on my buddies list lol. @thekingo7 yeah that's what I was trying to say lol.

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2326.7.2007 8:11

I would just like to say this is the best help site for people with Starview problems i have been a member here since April 07 and am a senior member with over 1750 post so far and i have helped lots of people there are a lot of senior members on the help site which i would like to thank also Scouser Ryan Celtic71 and Eamo Mainmahn who have been dedicated members on the Starview help site and without us people would still be needing help so thanks to AfterDawn for there use of there servers and also all the Mods who do a great job looking over all of us and long may the site flourish in growth thanks

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