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Mp3tag v3.00

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit ID3 tags of MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Musepack, Monkey's Audio, FLAC and WavPack files.

It can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words from tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists and more. The program supports online freedb database lookups for selected files, allowing you to automatically gather proper tag information for your files.


Mp3tag v2.45 Mp3tag v2.45 Mp3tag v2.45 Mp3tag v2.45

Other editions:

tag editor audio mp3 ogg vorbis ogg vorbis

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 09 Jul 2020
Downloads 151,625
File size 25.45 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Spanish,  Dutch,  Danish
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

09 Jul 2020Mp3tag v3.01b Beta(Latest beta version)
25 Jun 2020Mp3tag v3.01a Beta
28 Mar 2020Mp3tag v3.01(Latest stable version)
24 Jan 2020Mp3tag v3.00
12 Dec 2019Mp3tag v2.99c Beta
15 Nov 2019Mp3tag v2.99b Beta
20 Oct 2019Mp3tag v2.99a
19 Oct 2019Mp3tag v2.99
26 Sep 2019Mp3tag v2.98a Beta
20 Sep 2019Mp3tag v2.98
13 Sep 2019Mp3tag v2.97b Beta
17 Jul 2019Mp3tag v2.97a Beta
14 Jul 2019Mp3tag v2.97
07 Jul 2019Mp3tag v2.96b Beta
02 Jul 2019Mp3tag v2.96a Beta
30 Jun 2019Mp3tag v2.96
07 Jun 2019Mp3tag v2.95a Beta
06 Apr 2019Mp3tag v2.94c Beta
17 Mar 2019Mp3tag v2.94b Beta
16 Mar 2019Mp3tag v2.94a Beta
01 Mar 2019Mp3tag v2.94
08 Feb 2019Mp3tag v2.93a Beta
27 Jan 2019Mp3tag v2.93
26 Jan 2019Mp3tag v2.92a
25 Jan 2019Mp3tag v2.92
19 Jan 2019Mp3tag v2.91h Beta
11 Jan 2019Mp3tag v2.91f Beta
05 Jan 2019Mp3tag v2.91d Beta
03 Jan 2019Mp3tag v2.91c Beta
24 Dec 2018Mp3tag v2.91b Beta
01 Dec 2018Mp3tag v2.91
26 Nov 2018Mp3tag v2.90f Beta
17 Nov 2018Mp3tag v2.90e Beta
13 Nov 2018Mp3tag v2.90d Beta
11 Nov 2018Mp3tag v2.90c Beta
18 Oct 2018Mp3tag v2.90b Beta
24 Sep 2018Mp3tag v2.90a
22 Sep 2018Mp3tag v2.90
22 Aug 2018Mp3tag v2.89c Beta
18 Aug 2018Mp3tag v2.89b Beta
18 Aug 2018Mp3tag v2.89a
11 Jul 2018Mp3tag v2.89
07 Jul 2018Mp3tag v2.88h
29 Jun 2018Mp3tag v2.88f
22 Jun 2018Mp3tag v2.88e
15 Jun 2018Mp3tag v2.88d
08 Jun 2018Mp3tag v2.88b
08 Jun 2018Mp3tag v2.88a
30 May 2018Mp3tag v2.88
26 May 2018Mp3tag v2.87h Beta
25 May 2018Mp3tag v2.87f Beta
21 May 2018Mp3tag v2.87e Beta
16 May 2018Mp3tag v2.87d Beta
10 Apr 2018Mp3tag v2.87b Beta
30 Mar 2018Mp3tag v2.87a
24 Mar 2018Mp3tag v2.86k Beta
18 Mar 2018Mp3tag v2.86h Beta
16 Mar 2018Mp3tag v2.86f Beta
10 Mar 2018Mp3tag v2.86e Beta
22 Feb 2018Mp3tag v2.86b Beta
30 Jan 2018Mp3tag v2.86
09 Jan 2018Mp3tag v2.85k Beta
21 Dec 2017Mp3tag v2.85i Beta
14 Dec 2017Mp3tag v2.85h Beta
09 Dec 2017Mp3tag v2.85e Beta
26 Oct 2017Mp3tag v2.85
18 Oct 2017Mp3tag v2.84e Beta
16 Oct 2017Mp3tag v2.84d Beta
24 Sep 2017Mp3tag v2.84c Beta
22 Sep 2017Mp3tag v2.84b Beta
27 Aug 2017Mp3tag v2.84a
26 Aug 2017Mp3tag v2.84
22 Aug 2017Mp3tag v2.83k Beta
19 Aug 2017Mp3tag v2.83j Beta
17 Aug 2017Mp3tag v2.83i Beta
13 Aug 2017Mp3tag v2.83h Beta
09 Aug 2017Mp3tag v2.83g Beta
06 Jul 2017Mp3tag v2.83d Beta
30 Jun 2017Mp3tag v2.83c Beta
27 Jun 2017Mp3tag v2.83b Beta
27 Jun 2017Mp3tag v2.83
18 Jun 2017Mp3tag v2.82d Beta
17 Jun 2017Mp3tag v2.82b Beta
11 Jun 2017Mp3tag v2.82a Beta
29 Apr 2017Mp3tag v2.82
21 Apr 2017Mp3tag v2.81c Beta
14 Mar 2017Mp3tag v2.81a Beta
17 Feb 2017Mp3tag v2.81
07 Feb 2017Mp3tag v2.80d Beta
18 Dec 2016Mp3tag v2.80c Beta
13 Dec 2016Mp3tag v2.80b Beta
27 Nov 2016Mp3tag v2.80
25 Sep 2016Mp3tag v2.79
09 Sep 2016Mp3tag v2.78b Beta
25 Jun 2016Mp3tag v2.78
19 Jun 2016Mp3tag v2.77a Beta
24 Apr 2016Mp3tag v2.77
18 Apr 2016Mp3tag v2.76
20 Feb 2016Mp3tag v2.75
13 Feb 2016Mp3tag v2.74
07 Feb 2016Mp3tag v2.73d
31 Jan 2016Mp3tag v2.73b
20 Dec 2015Mp3tag v2.73
12 Oct 2015Mp3tag v2.72
27 Jul 2015Mp3tag v2.71
01 May 2015Mp3tag v2.70
25 Mar 2015Mp3tag v2.69a Beta
15 Mar 2015Mp3tag v2.69
06 Mar 2015Mp3tag v2.68
03 Mar 2015Mp3tag v2.67a Beta
13 Dec 2014Mp3tag v2.66
27 Oct 2014Mp3tag v2.65a
18 Oct 2014Mp3tag v2.65
05 Oct 2014Mp3tag v2.64a Beta
21 Sep 2014Mp3tag v2.64
18 Sep 2014Mp3tag v2.63a Beta
23 Aug 2014Mp3tag v2.63
10 Aug 2014Mp3tag v2.62
15 Jul 2014Mp3tag v2.61d
13 Jul 2014Mp3tag v2.61b Beta
05 Jul 2014Mp3tag v2.61a
04 Jul 2014Mp3tag v2.61
21 Jun 2014Mp3tag v2.60
18 Jun 2014Mp3tag v2.59c Beta
13 Jun 2014Mp3tag v2.59b Beta
22 Apr 2014Mp3tag v2.59a
06 Oct 2013Mp3tag v2.58
07 Jul 2013Mp3tag v2.57
22 Jun 2013Mp3tag v2.56
04 May 2013Mp3tag v2.55a
20 Apr 2013Mp3tag v2.55
09 Apr 2013Mp3tag v2.54d
08 Apr 2013Mp3tag v2.54c
01 Apr 2013Mp3tag v2.54b Beta
23 Dec 2012Mp3tag v2.54
25 Oct 2012Mp3tag v2.53
08 Oct 2012Mp3tag v2.52a
20 Jul 2012Mp3tag v2.52
17 May 2012Mp3tag v2.51
12 Mar 2012Mp3tag v2.50
17 Jan 2012Mp3tag v2.49b
16 Nov 2011Mp3tag v2.49a
03 Jun 2011Mp3tag v2.49
25 May 2011Mp3tag v2.48e Beta
21 Apr 2011Mp3tag v2.48d Beta
11 Apr 2011Mp3tag v2.48c Beta
27 Mar 2011Mp3tag v2.48b Beta
26 Mar 2011Mp3tag v2.48a Beta
23 Jan 2011Mp3tag v2.48
28 Nov 2010Mp3tag v2.47b
19 Nov 2010Mp3tag v2.47
15 Nov 2010Mp3tag v2.46e Beta
30 Oct 2010Mp3tag v2.46d Beta
26 Sep 2010Mp3tag v2.46c Beta
22 Aug 2010Mp3tag v2.46b Beta
20 Mar 2010Mp3tag v2.46a
14 Mar 2010Mp3tag v2.46
02 Mar 2010Mp3tag v2.45d Beta
27 Feb 2010Mp3tag v2.45c Beta
31 Jan 2010Mp3tag v2.45b Beta
28 Nov 2009Mp3tag v2.45a
22 Nov 2009Mp3tag v2.45
07 Nov 2009Mp3tag v2.44h Beta
01 Nov 2009Mp3tag v2.44f Beta
25 Oct 2009Mp3tag v2.44e Beta
27 Sep 2009Mp3tag v2.44d Beta
26 Sep 2009Mp3tag v2.44b Beta
16 Aug 2009Mp3tag v2.44
11 Aug 2009Mp3tag v2.43d Beta
20 Jul 2009Mp3tag v2.43c Beta
13 Jul 2009Mp3tag v2.43b Beta
08 Jun 2009Mp3tag v2.43a Beta
29 Mar 2009Mp3tag v2.43
21 Mar 2009Mp3tag v2.42h Beta
01 Mar 2009Mp3tag v2.42f Beta
21 Feb 2009Mp3tag v2.42e Beta
03 Jan 2009Mp3tag v2.42c Beta
01 Dec 2008Mp3tag v2.42b Beta
24 Nov 2008Mp3tag v2.42a Beta
25 Oct 2008Mp3tag v2.42
26 Sep 2008Mp3tag v2.41c Beta
27 Jul 2008Mp3tag v2.41b Beta
09 Jun 2008Mp3tag v2.41a Beta
19 Apr 2008Mp3tag v2.41
13 Apr 2008Mp3tag v2.40d Beta
05 Apr 2008Mp3tag v2.40c Beta
25 Mar 2008Mp3tag v2.40b Beta
16 Mar 2008Mp3tag v2.40a Beta
24 Feb 2008Mp3tag v2.40
17 Feb 2008Mp3tag v2.39p Beta
10 Feb 2008Mp3tag v2.39o Beta
02 Feb 2008Mp3tag v2.39n Beta
26 Jan 2008Mp3tag v2.39m Beta
29 Dec 2007Mp3tag v2.39l Beta
22 Dec 2007Mp3tag v2.39k Beta
16 Dec 2007Mp3tag v2.39j Beta
10 Dec 2007Mp3tag v2.39i Beta
01 Dec 2007Mp3tag v2.39h
18 Nov 2007Mp3tag v2.39f Beta
09 Nov 2007Mp3tag v2.39e Beta
01 Nov 2007Mp3tag v2.39d Beta
06 Oct 2007Mp3tag v2.39c Beta
10 Sep 2007Mp3tag v2.39b Beta
20 Aug 2007Mp3tag v2.39a Beta
28 Jul 2007Mp3tag v2.39
19 Jul 2007Mp3tag v2.38c Beta
15 Jul 2007Mp3tag v2.38b Beta
16 Jun 2007Mp3tag v2.38a
29 Apr 2007Mp3tag v2.38
15 Apr 2007Mp3tag v2.37j
31 Mar 2007Mp3tag 2.37i
10 Mar 2007Mp3tag v2.37h
17 Feb 2007Mp3tag v2.37f
15 Feb 2007Mp3tag v2.37e
14 Jan 2007Mp3tag v2.37d
13 Dec 2006Mp3tag v2.37c
26 Nov 2006Mp3tag v2.37b
05 Nov 2006Mp3tag v2.37a
04 Nov 2006Mp3tag v2.37
07 Oct 2006Mp3tag v2.36h
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Mp3tag v2.73d

I used v2.73 and in random times it would make a file vanish and leave a temp file in its place. The temp file would have to be renamed to its original file to recover the data. Ill try 2.73(d) to see if it cleared up that glitch. It looks like a virus but it is not one.

Mp3tag v2.73b

A very good piece of software that can be used for mp4 metatag viewing & editing and MP4 thumbnail changing.

sayantan jana
Unverified new user
Mp3tag v2.65a


05 Dec 2014
Mp3tag v2.55a

Simple & Easy To Use

1-Does MP3 & Flac
2-Adds itself to right click menu for single file or folder
3-TAG Sources available to add tag info. (automate ?)
4-Plenty of options see screenshot in description tab

not the programs fault for adding incorrect tag info from sources as theres multiple sources & albums that the song maybe on including re-releases & different song number in list ,the test song was "shine on" from peter frampton comes alive!

Best used after ripping your own cds where tag info will automatically be added from the cd itself,cds that dont play nice are compilations & this is where mp3tag comes in by adding or changing any incorrect example would be songs that are named as title 1,title 2 etc in a list,with mp3tag you can change the titles to the correct song name,including adding artist, composer,comments,year,genre etc

Mp3tag v2.46a

Yksinkertainen ja toimiva, eli todella hyvä softa ja jos jotain sanottavaa löytyy niin se on nopeasti korjattu.

Beta yms. testiversiot toki toimivat välillä vähän huonosti, mutta siksihän niitä kutsutaan kyseisillä nimityksillä.