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Guide added for repairing non-compliant VCD files

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Mar 2003 11:34 User comments (7)

Ok, yet another guide has been added to our article section. This one covers the very basic questions about fixing non-compliant VCD streams so that your VCD authoring tool (such as Nero) will accept them.
The guide doesn't actually help you with fixing damaged VCD MPEG files, but rather gives intructions on how to fix incorrect MPEG-1 headers so that the video file can be turned into a VCD.

The guide is available at:

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7 user comments

111.3.2003 13:07

OK, so in a related vein, now I have to figure out a way to add a 'vcd' header to my svcd files so as to 'convince' my Sony set Top player that I am indeed using *only* a vcd file, which is a fib of course. The Sony is only *supposed* to play back vcd files according to the Manual, (not svcd) which is also a fib, because VCDHelper users emphatically state that the Sony handles svcd just fine thank you, once you use the TMP header trick. <pant pant>. But my burning software is too clever for that. Regardless of what 'header' TMP writes during the simple multiplex part, Primo Prassi (vcd burning software which doesn't handle svcd) must look at the file itself because I get a similar error message to the one Nero has. Since my doctor has only given me 6 months more to live, (unless I can't pay his bill - in which case he has promised to give me another 6 months), I must therefore solve this elusive mystery before going to that great big encoding studio in the sky. My wife has threatned to leave me if I don't get this problem solved soon, and since I'm not even married, I though now might be a good time to seek assistance. Please solve this perplexing mystery for me, as well as all my other problems too, preferably all within a single post, as I am too lazy to read monitor text for anything more than 5 minutes at a time. Thank you very much. -- Klingy --

211.3.2003 13:22

I guess the trick is to do the exact same routine for the SVCD files as I did in the guide for the VCD -- just select MPEG-1 Video-CD for the Type when multiplexing the files back even though they are MPEG-2 files.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

311.3.2003 14:17

<heh-heh> great to hear from you, dRD. Yes, in theory, that's supposed to be the way it works. In practice, it doesn't. (Never did). It's the burning software, methinks. (Primo). I'll try something else. -- Mike --

411.3.2003 15:10

Try Nero, turn the standards compliance off and there you go.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

511.3.2003 15:48

Done. (Shortly/tomorrow). Will report back! Danka. Merci. Gratius. (What's Finnish for 'thank you'?) :) -- Mike --

611.3.2003 15:49

That would be 'kiitos' :-)

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

712.3.2003 15:50

Howdy ! (Didn't work). I know this is not the proper place for this, <but since we're here>.... I made a short, lovely svcd file with TMP, NTSC, 480x480, I unlocked the template, used 2-pass VBR, went nuts on the bitrate - Avg=3000, Max=4000, Min=2000. Enabled padding not to be lower than min bitrate. Kept mp2 audio at default 224 k/bits. Voila! I each SVCD file; and it played back nicely on my computer. (Maybe I should move this to the vcd section?) <gg> Really, I'm sorry for rambling..... Anyway, used TMP-->Tools--> Simple Multiplex, bla-bla-bla. Made two files; one by choosing the original svcd file as input for both video and audio, *plus*, I split the file into it's audio & video counterparts, then did a simple multiplex. In both cases, I specified MPEG-1 Video CD' as file type. Both files turned out identical. (Same filesize). SO, what I *now* had were two hi-quality SVCD mpeg2 files, but with the standard VCD header info. I have one of those 'flaky' Nero Express OEM bundled thingees - maybe that was the problem. When I added the files to burn a *regular* VCD, Nero said they were not standard mpeg1 vcd files, (gee, no kidding?) and that it was going to re-encode them. And this is despite the fact that I made it a point to uncheck the "Check for correct disc format before burning" box ! In fact, Nero _insisted_ on making the files PAL 352x288, which I cannot use! <<Scrounging software off a P2P is never a very good idea.>> :) So, I said, 'what he heck, I'll burn a svcd instead'. I had to use the original TMP file. It was accepted right off; I burned the svcd disc, but of course, my Sony set top DVPNS315 player wouldn't recognize it, even though the svcd disc played back fine on the computer using WinDVD. Which only goes to show why I've been making only white-book vcds over the last couple of years. I hope dxc-platinum gets here soon! :-) (But as always, 'Kiitos' for the help, Petteri.) !!! -- Klingy --

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