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DVD2One v1.1.0 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 20 Mar 2003 3:55 User comments (18)

The super-fast DVD to DVD-/+R copying tool, DVD2One, has been updated. The new version, v1.1.0, adds finally a possibility to make full disc copies (previously the tool was only able to copy one movie title, but not the menus, etc).
Here's the changelog:
  • Full disk copy mode added. (Please note that the image quality will be less than when you use movie-only copymode, because there is more data to copy and also all soundtracks will be included.)
  • New system to calculate the compression ratio. This should keep the image quality more stable.
  • Improved the progress bar. It should run continuously now for all movies.
  • Added detection that you try to read directly from a protected DVD.

And as usual, you can download the latest version from our site, from this URL:

More information: forums

Update: There was a small bug in v1.1.0 which has been fixed to v1.1.1.

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18 user comments

120.3.2003 5:25

If there are two versions of a movie on the DVD , 16:9 version and 4:3 version, is there a way to select just one of them when using dvd decrypter or dvd2one?

220.3.2003 5:34

Yes. Look at our guide for DVD2One, it describes how to copy only the movie itself and in that way, you can copy only the version of the movie you want. Our guides are available at

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

320.3.2003 9:50

Copying full disk in DVD2ONE ver 1.1.0 crashes on me. Any Idea what's up

421.3.2003 0:37

Ok so, does it take a long time because dvd95copy takes long??

521.3.2003 0:59

Noticed that too ! Takes about 1.5 to 2 hrs.

AfterDawn Addict
-guys with literally thousands of messages

621.3.2003 1:09

Actually I experienced longer times!

721.3.2003 1:49

I bought my PC (computer) half a year ago, so it's fast (P4 2ghz). The movie Misery took about 90min.

AfterDawn Addict
-guys with literally thousands of messages

821.3.2003 1:58

Mine is p4 1.7ghz, movie "american history x" took 3 and half hours!

921.3.2003 2:48

I did , R2 version of Tripple X and it took 30 mins. From 7gb to 4.4gb Amd 2000XP 512ddram

1021.3.2003 10:06

i did r2 xxx on a 375mhz celeron (honest) 55 mins then 20 mins or so to burn it. In fairness the celeron only has the oerating system on it and basically burning software and plenty of memory!!

P4 1400mhz, P4 2800mhz, Packard Bell 1000mhz, IBM T23 Thinkpad, X-Box matrix, PS2 Messiah 1,Sony Ericsson K700i for crappy photos on the move!!!

1121.3.2003 10:07

Does it have the ability to make the discs region free?

1221.3.2003 12:23

you have to use dvd-decryptor first to strip all the files from the disc then dvd2one then nero. i presume burning on a region 2 dvd-writer makes all the discs region 2 but dont quote me on that! my pioneer 104 is region free and ive had no region issues with any dvd strip/re-write

P4 1400mhz, P4 2800mhz, Packard Bell 1000mhz, IBM T23 Thinkpad, X-Box matrix, PS2 Messiah 1,Sony Ericsson K700i for crappy photos on the move!!!

1321.3.2003 12:27

The discs are all region free if you rip the original DVD with DVD Decrypter's default settings.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

1421.3.2003 19:58

i have used dvd-decryptor then dvd2one then i used power dvd to check movie but now am stuck as i don`t know how to burn it with nero cause every time i add the files to nero it`s to big i know i`am doing something wrong so could someone help me by telling me how and what files to use with nero i have the latest ver-of nero thx inadvance

1522.3.2003 0:47

Baldyjoe: Read our DVD burning with Nero guide from our article section.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

1622.3.2003 8:26

@dRD thx m8 i have now done my first back-up DVD. went to DVD burning with Nero guide from our article you said and with-in 30mins i made my fisrt back-up thx again dRD you are Da Boss.

1722.3.2003 9:13

ok ive done everything it said(IM GOING COOKOO)im trying to burn xxx and i burned a copy but it has no sound tried many times and many differnt things.what am i doing wrong can anyone help? im using easy cd creator5 platinum

1822.3.2003 9:56

Ok, next one using the news commentary as a support forum will get banned. We have DVD2One forum in our forum area for support.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

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