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WinAmp 2.9b - 1st public beta

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 21 Mar 2003 10:46 User comments (1)

When Nullsoft released version 3.0, not everyone was happy. Many considered 3.0 a step backwards: bigger, slower and more bugs. But Nullsoft is still developing the 2.x generation and here is the new 2.9 public beta version.
What's new: -----------
* added integrated full featured video support (NSV and DirectShow (AVI,ASf,MPEG,etc))
* added library (complete with media database, shoutcast listing, playlist editing,
CD listing, mass tag editting, plugin API for portable devices, and more!)
* updated Winamp's window docking code to be more robust/extensible
- made AVS dock use this new API
* updated PCM equalizer with code from 4Front Technologies/George Yohng. Quality is a lot better.
* updated equalizer default skin to show the true +12db/-12db range (the 20db was a veeery old typo)
* a ton of new WM_WA_IPC API calls.
- general purpose plugin window support
- extended metadata system for getting more than just title/length of items.
- lots of exposed features via IPC
* updated to PP's latest input and output plugins
* focus/Z order change on window close related bugfixes
* added track numbers and song lengths in HTML generated playlists
* removed all ATL code, shoved EXE size by 20kb
* added digital audio extraction in in_cdda.dll
(needs WNASPI32.DLL under Windows 9x/ME)
* added Alt+M shortcut for minimizing Winamp
* added Ctrl+(Keypad +)/Ctrl+(Keypad -) shortcuts in playlist editor for changing font size
* fixed stop after current menu item trash related bug
* added ultravox support for in_mp3
* made in_mp3 not display 'unknown X' for empty id3 tags
* fixed & error in tooltips in winamp and winampa's systray icons
* and more!
* new SDKs will be posted soon.

Known issues:

* the minibrowser page says "upgrade". =)
* running a fullscreen visualization plugin when playing video (or vice versa) can be bad
(i.e. cause Winamp to quit). This appears to be a directdraw issue, we'll figure out why.
* new extended skin format may change for 2.90, so don't distribute new skins too widely.
* some AVI/MPEG/ASF/etc videos may be flipped, due to directshow weirdness. We will work to correct this as much as possible.
* Some MPEG2 video decompressors (latest PowerDVD one apparently) may have issues with playback.
* Many more configuration options and fixes should be added in the 2.90 to 2.9x land. Enjoy.

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123.3.2003 3:08

At least they are still continuing Winamp 2.x It would be nice if Nullsoft would first of all release a lite and standard edition of Winamp 3, i.e. have a version without all that Windows Media bloatware, since I know this adds about 1MB to Winamp 2 alone, and a lite version with just the basic visualations and standard MP3, OGG and Wave plugins. The next step would be to add all the missing features, i.e. the configurations and features of Winamp 2 such as providing backwards support for Winamp 2 plugins, being able to configure the Waveout, Directshow, etc. DSP plugins as well as enable and disable certain plugins. At the moment, I must uninstall a DSP in order to switch it off in Winamp3!! Most of this functionality is completely missing from Winamp 3, which is one of the reasons (and of many other user's) why most are moving back to Winamp 2 and other players such as dbPowerAMP, etc.

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