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DVD2One v1.3.0 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 Sep 2003 16:03 User comments (8)

DVD2One v1.3.0 released One of the most popular DVD-2-DVDR tools, DVD2One, has been updated. The latest version, DVD2One v1.3.0, introduces a new feature called "join mode" that allows, as its name suggest, joining multiple DVDs (or parts of DVDs) into a single DVDR compilation.
Join mode is specially useful for so-called "flipper" discs (DVD-10, DVD-18 and DVD-14 discs) that are relatively rare nowadays, but nevertheless, very annoying in many ways. The full changelog is here:
  • Added a powerful new copy mode: the join mode.
  • Added default audio and subtitle selection for movie-only and join mode. Just doubleclick on the row to select that language as default.
  • Added a special feature for join mode to navigate through the different titlesets. Just in case your dvd player does not feature a disk navigator itself.
  • Fixed a small problem in the compression ratio calculation, which could affect the destination size estimation of the variable ratio mode.

As usual, you can download the latest version from, available from this URL:

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8 user comments

16.9.2003 13:15

WonderfulProduct, easy to use with fantastic results.

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27.9.2003 6:49

yeah, just tested it myself too. goddamn fantastic!

38.9.2003 13:47

The DVD2One don't have the quality of DVD X Copy XPRESS. The DVD X Copy convert the DVD-9 to DVD-5 with more quality!!, and don't need of the rippers

kremlincrackers :)

49.9.2003 5:32

dvdcopyxpress sucks.

510.9.2003 7:46

There is nor real difference in quality. What did you base your test on - assumption?

610.9.2003 8:42

oh yeah sorry. what i meant was that the new flipper joining feature is absolutely great. the only thing is that although i read the descriptions many times, i still did not get the difference between "non-seamless" and "seamless". and at the same time, i did not understand the "advanced navigation mode" feature either. anybody care to give me real-life examples of what i can do more with a film dvd-r that has these features? thanks!

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77.11.2003 13:59

i,ve tried to download DVD2one V1.0.2released no luck, so i went for the latest release V1.3.0 buti coul'd register nor could i get the code can u help, this is the 1st time on the internet frank

87.11.2003 18:38

Must be something in your set up.. If you go to their site... click on download.. and it will To get the code, you must purchase the product. They will send it to you through email.... but I do believe you can still try it before buying it., but again check their site...

Sony DRU-500A, dup-dvd, dvd-cloner, DVDDecryter, Nero 6, Dvdshrink, Dvd2One

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