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BlindWrite 5 beta preview

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 21 Sep 2003 10:11

BlindWrite 5 beta preview We have prepared a brief sneak preview of the upcoming BlindWrite 5. The software is still under developement, so it's too early to make conclusions yet, but so far this major update looks very promising indeed.
BlindWrite is one of the leading disc dublicator softwares in the industry, competing with Alcohol 120% and CloneCD. It is being developed by the French VSO-Software. BlindWrite is actually older product than any of its competitors, as its reader component BlindRead has been available for a long time. Later the BlindWrite component was added, so the software suite has consisted of these two parts. But the fact that the software suite is actually a combination of two individual software had the downside that the usability of the package wasn't as good as it could be. Now this is about to change as VSO-Software promises that the new BlindWrite 5 will be an integrated solution with a totally re-thought user interface.
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