AfterDawn: Tech news Pioneer proceeds with development of dual layer DVD-R

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Oct 2003 14:29 User comments (9) Pioneer proceeds with development of dual layer DVD-R According to a very short news article at, Pioneer has moved forward with its plans to develop dual-layer DVD-R discs.
This is obviously one of those moments for Pioneer when it really doesn't have any other choice other than push towards dual layer recording capabilities, since DVD+RW Alliance member Philips announced today that it has already developed a dual-layer DVD+R disc that would fit same amount of data as commercial DVD-9 discs.


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9 user comments

14.10.2003 3:20

Let's forget the DVD-9 stuff! I'd like to see dual layer Blu-ray be standard.

24.10.2003 5:53

Gryphus Audio Standards went from Vinyl to 8 Track to Cassette and now CD. Blu-Ray is only the Second step and certainly not the last step in DVD technology. Current DVD`s hold 4.7 GB`s or 2 hours of video on a disc. HDTV requires 5 times the space to fit the same 2 hours of video, hence the need for 25 GB discs and new Blu-Ray technology to make it happen. But that is not the end. HDTV is not the final or last video standard. That is not the ultimate or final Video standard. HDTV can only put 10% of what the human eye can see on screen. So the Ultimate DVD disc would have to hold 250 GB`s for 2 hours of video before the human eye could not process it. The question is how many generations after Blu-Ray will it take & we will have to buy before we get there ???

34.10.2003 7:10

Ah, television. People still use that antique? The point I was trying to make was not one of what HDTV needs to store it, or the progression of standards of obsolete audio devices, simply that DVD is getting old and small. 9 GB isn't much. With better prospects waiting, why not throw energy into making the next one better instead of twiddling the last one? Kind of reminds me of the 2.88 MB floppies from years ago. Personally, 250 GB in a few years is a better prospect to me than 4 GB tomorrow.

45.10.2003 9:53

Okay. Dual layers DVds. A new generation of back upping? I don't want to learn that all again. How about a single layer of xxxx discs that could hold 10 GB of information?

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

55.10.2003 18:07

72Morgan - Sony have announced 100GB+ discs by 2007 and 50GB+ discs by 2005. Blue laser, though not blu ray. Gryphus - We wont need dual layer blue laser due to its size already. It may be a future aspec of it, but one step at a time son ;-)

66.10.2003 9:48

Who Needs dual layer disk when you can record a DVD-9 on a DVD-5 with Clone DVD and AnyDVD running in the background. I think its better then dvdxcopy express, because the disk is Identical when finished.

Reynaldo Davis

76.10.2003 11:05

I do, or somethign better, because compression ,eans less quality and with a 60" screen, i need all the quality i can get.

86.10.2003 20:44

What is a dual layer DVD, how is it done and what capacity does it have?

98.10.2003 0:09

So what happens is this: I backup all my favourite films (100's) onto single layered dvd-r's (some compressed etc) and then a dual layered dvd-r format comes out and ive gotta backup the dvd9 originals again lol (Losing money and making the whole thing pointless). The argument could be wait forever for the next big invention around the corner and not do anything your entire life but read articles and magazines. hehe Isn't technology a wonderful thing? lol Think i'll go back to div-x or xvcd..over 2 cd's And mp3 has lasted well i must say... - I produce various styles of electronic music.

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