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DVD Decrypter v3.1.7.0 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Oct 2003 14:28 User comments (14)

Arguably the best DVD ripper in the world, DVD Decrypter, has been updated. As usual, the changelog includes mostly small, but rather interesting improvements and small additions.
The full changelog for DVD Decrypter v3.1.7.0 since the last version (v3.1.6.0) is here:
  • Implemented proper XP / 2003 Autoplay functionality
  • Implemented a second/third level of I/O Debug mode
  • Implemented code for reading info from ADIP (DVD+R / +RW)
  • Increased maximum buffer size to 128 MB
  • Added 'RCE Protection' status to all modes
  • Improved brute force CSS cracking method
  • Improved PUO removal from IFO files
  • Added 'RCE Protection' status to all modes
  • Added the ability to always make the program load in a particular 'Mode' (i.e. File, IFO etc.)
  • Added a context menu to destination folder / file labels
  • Added the option of minimizing to the system tray - via the system menu
  • Improved 'Device Not Ready' code to display the reason for not being ready
  • Improved 'Erase Disc' routines to allow manual selection of media type if auto detect should fail
  • Added support for latest MDS file specification
  • Added new LST file format - plain text list of image files/parts to burn in ISO Write mode

Download the latest version of DVD Decrypter from here:

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14 user comments

115.10.2003 2:20

Typical. I just upgraded to 3.16 day before yesterday ;-) Paul. Keep up the good work, boys.

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

215.10.2003 23:16

I LOVE DVD Decrypter, here is how i rip & encode dvd files to my PC: 1. i ripp the .VOB file from the DVD that i <this portion deleted by A_Klingon; I'm sorry Will, but you just can't say that here.> 2. i use DVD2AVI to make a .D2V & a .WAV file 3. i use TMPGEnc to encode the .D2V & a .WAV files to .MPG 4. i then burn the .MPG file and or files to a CD using Nero Express. 5. i <deleted for same reason; please PM me if you want an explanation; sorry.> total time: 7.5 hours

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315.10.2003 23:26

I use it all the time too. But the current version works so well for me (not a single problem) that I'll wait for a major future update (not that I can see it needs one, really).

416.10.2003 2:16

The current version works well for me too. What are the changes to this over the previous one. If it had a more powerful ripper for those stubbern DVD's i would be more likey to change to it.

518.10.2003 19:51

For NEWbies, What is this application for? Where would I use it? Please don't scoff.

619.10.2003 6:00

Its for ripping DVD's and burning them (dvd-5)

719.10.2003 11:17

So if I download this application it will contain everything I need to rip DVD'S?

819.10.2003 18:40

To rip them yes. Generally, you also need to compress DVD's to fit on DVD R's. To do that you need another piece of software called DVD Shrink (free also).

919.10.2003 19:08

Thanks Oriphus. I use DVD X COPY and have Nero running in the background which makes the "ripping" work better then not having Nero at all. If I use DVD X COPY Platinum would I still need a Nero type program running in the backround? If you do, would the latest Nero 6 be advised to run with DVD X COPY Platinum. Or any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. I want to upgrade.

1019.10.2003 20:12

Retepa, I have DVDXCOPY; XCOPY XPRESS; and Platinum all installed on my computer, and none of them requires that Nero be installed. These programs are all self-contained and complete.

1117.12.2003 0:40

Hi, I'm using dvd decrypter to rip DVD on Win Me. Disk structure is FAT 32 so no support for files > 4 GB. When ripping to ISO files DVD more than 4GB, I'm getting 2 files, one of 4GB and a second file for the rest of it. the naming of the files is filename.I01 and filename.I02. What do I do to burn those ISO files ? Nero doesn't recognize these extention.

P4 1.5GHz, 384MB Rimm, 100GB HD, Win ME/XP/Linux RH9
GeForce 4 64MB, DVD+R/+RW NEC1100A

1217.12.2003 4:57

Nero not needed. If you're using dvd decrypter to create the iso files, then you only need dvd decrypter to burn them. (It will burn the iso files it creates). Just select the proper menu option. DVD Decrypter recognizes the split iso files it makes, and joins them together logically. (Just load in the main iso file). Of course, if the combined (two) iso parts exceed 4.36 GB, you will not be able to burn them to a blank dvd, and will have to use something-or-other (like dvd shrink) to compress the video.

1317.12.2003 9:21

In DVD Decypter if you rip the movie in ISO then use the .mds file to write or burn the movie. The mds file is kinda like an ifo file - tells the program how and were to find the iso files and how to play them I hope this helps

1418.12.2003 1:17

Im using DVD dekrypt plus Nero for burning. My DVD dekryptor seems to working like it should be but when i goto to burn lord of the rings and I try to use Nero It sais that the VOB files are missing or not there. and they are there. A file that I have never used or worked with is a PLS. file can anyone tell me how i get pass all this so i can burn this movie??

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