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DVD Decrypter v3.5.2.0 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 Jan 2005 10:33 User comments (17)

By far the most popular modern DVD ripper, DVD Decrypter, has been updated. The new version, DVD Decrypter v3.5.2.0 has once again rather large changelog. Most notably the new version is able to circumvent new types of protection mechanisms that are present in some new DVD movie discs. Also, the version fixes several bugs as well. The full changelog is here:
  • Added: Support for different/newer types of 'structure protection'
  • Added: Support for NEC (new style), Plextor and AOpen (use RICOH tab) Bitsetting
  • Added: Option to not display the dialog box about loading the MDS and not the ISO
  • Added: Support for running on multimonitor displays
  • Changed: Burn engine to relieve stress (caused by a fast executing 'While' loop) on the I/O subsystem when doing the 'Lead-In' stage of the burn
  • Changed: Window snapping so that it snaps on the middle of the screen and not just at the edges
  • Changed: 'SetWriteParameters' function to attempt to use the drive specified 'link size'. Also changed to hopefully fix some total failures in setting the parameters on certain drives
  • Changed: Write retries have been reintroduce (old default = 0, new = 20)
  • Changed: Drag + Drop code enabled / disabled at different times to help prevent some subclassing problems due to ThemeManager - could cause access violations on some PCs when the app is closed
  • Changed: Added another URL to the 'check for program update' code
  • Changed: Behaviour of 'Browse' dialog for ISO Write source files. It will now select the nearest folder to the one last selected
  • Changed: volume label change code to support split image where the backup volume descriptor is at the end of the disc
  • Fixed: A bug in the 'check for program update' code that could mean 1 failure causes all the retries to fail too
  • Fixed: UDF volume label changing code to recalculate descriptor CRC + checksum
  • Fixed: Major slow down on some 'structure protected' discs
  • Fixed: A problem with some DVDRAM discs, reading them to images and trying to change the volume label
As always, you can download the latest version directly from us:

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17 user comments

15.1.2005 11:00

wahoo!!! :).It just keeps getting better! I can't believe how awesome this program is.Better than sliced bread.Even good enough for newbies.

25.1.2005 11:02

yup... read little black book perfectly:) if i had a credit card i would love to donate

35.1.2005 11:58

DVD Decrypter is awesome, although i use AnyDVD instead, DVD Decrypter is a excellent FREE alternative to AnyDVD. :)

45.1.2005 12:12

punx777: that's no excuse, dude. you can donate through PayPal and you don't need a credit card.

55.1.2005 12:27

mrchub I believe that you need a credit card or a bank account. I highly doubt he has a bank account that he could/would want to withdraw money from if he doesn't even have a credit card. Pop_Smith, I wouldn't even use AnyDVD. I have no problems using DVD Decryptor and it's free. I have AnyDVD too ;p

65.1.2005 12:57

has anybody tried re2 with this new relaese i see it did little black book ya got skills UK lightning

75.1.2005 13:52

The best,I don't care who tells it's not it is......

85.1.2005 15:42

the shit right here donate u Cheap Bastard's

95.1.2005 17:10

MXGzX: Why wouldn't he have a bank account he could tie to PayPal? You don't need a credit card, that's the point. Brother is right...DONATE. Even 2, 3, 5 bucks. If you use Decrypter even one tenth as much as I do it's worth a couple of bucks to say thanks (and continue development)

105.1.2005 23:37

I have heard so much about this and how great it is, I guess its time to try it.

115.1.2005 23:56

which is better, DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter thanks

126.1.2005 2:41

@ rimland DVD Decrypter is purely for ripping and decrypting files from a DVD. DVD Shrink also rips and decrypts but also recodes the DVD files to fit onto a single DVD disc or whatever size u need.

136.1.2005 2:59

thanks for the quick reply

146.1.2005 3:19

Will it decrypt Resident Evil 2 ? I had to use another program to do it and havent had a chance to test this new version yet.

156.1.2005 5:37

hey zombieman what program did you use to rip re2?

166.1.2005 7:52

paul68 (Newbie) 6 January 2005 10:37 _ hey zombieman what program did you use to rip re2? I used dvd region free+css 5.6 and dvdshrink was able to rip it.

176.1.2005 8:51

I used VOBblanker to decrypt it, DVD2One to repack it. then Copytodvd to burn it. VOBblanker seemed to be alot slower than DVDdecrypter but hey, it worked. Im just hoping this new version of DVD2One works for this new copy protection. Ive been using it for years and hate to not to continue using it.

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