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VirtualDub v1.6.3 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Jan 2005 2:50 User comments (1)

Avery Lee continues to release new "experimental" versions for VirtualDub's v1.6.x series. The latest version, VirtualDub v1.6.3, has -- once again -- quite long changelog and comes with two different versions; one for regular 32-bit Windows systems and one for AMD64 systems.
For those of you who don't have any idea what VirtualDub is, it is probably the best open source video editor in the world :-) The full changelog for the latest version is here:
[features added]
  • Capture: DirectShow driver now supports audio passthrough (Audio>Enable Audio Playback) for devices with integrated audio capture.
  • Capture: DirectShow driver supports capture from sound cards.
  • Capture: Reduced graph rebuilding in DirectShow driver for better performance.
  • Capture: Video/audio source and audio input selection is now supported.
  • Capture: More settings are automatically saved or savable through Device > Device settings.
  • Capture: Noise reduction, field swap, and luma squish can be toggled during capture.
  • Improved asynchronous file write code for better performance and smoother timing in capture.
[bugs fixed]
  • Capture: Adjusted audio resampling timing for better accuracy.
  • Capture: Fixed intermittent crash when audio resampling rate goes very high.
  • Capture: Fixed erratic resampling and display when capturing with audio compression and with audio peak meter displayed.
  • Capture: VFW driver now suppresses default preview display when display acceleration is active.
  • Capture: Fixed crash when exiting capture mode with video histogram enabled.
  • Capture: DirectShow driver did not stretch display window properly.
  • Capture: DirectShow driver now supports the "set custom format" command.
  • Capture: DirectShow driver now works with stop preferences.
  • Capture: Disabled normal nice-in-background behavior for accelerated display.
  • Capture: Added workaround for process hang with WDM drivers that need their video port pins rendered.
  • Capture: Histogram was broken for UYVY format video.
[regressions fixed]
  • Fixed crash when decompressing compressed audio with timeline edits.
  • Fixed 'movi' chunk error on append.
  • B-frame support was broken.
  • Fixed crash when adjusting crop parameters for a filter without a video loaded.
  • Fixed some update problems in the clipping control.
  • Capture: Multi-segment capture wasn't working for the third segment and beyond.
  • Capture: Fixed crash when changing video format through capture driver dialog while preview acceleration is active.

Download the latest version from here:

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112.1.2005 13:09

Fantastic software, I recommend it to everyone who wants the real Windows Media Player! =D

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