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Trojaned build of DC++ in the wild

Written by Jari Ketola @ 26 Jan 2005 0:27 User comments (5)

Trojaned build of DC++ in the wild Anti-virus company Kapersky Lab has announced that a trojaned version of popular P2P software DC++ has been found in the wild. Several download services, including have been offering a version which installs malware onto the system.
The trojaned version installs, and - all of which are related to installation of AdWare.

The version offered by is clean. You can identify the infected version from the proper one from their MD5 sum.

MD5 for clean version: 9041a4c53a30bb45fcd6a81669241045
MD5 for trojaned version: 02ffde276505191525e84cf084cb85e9

According to Kapersky only the installation package of tha latest version, v0.668, is affected. If you have installed that version it is recommended that you check your system using, for example, Ad-Aware.

After checking your system download the clean version from the following URL: has removed the listing for DC++.

Source: Kapersky Lab

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5 user comments

126.1.2005 6:38

Why is it that offers spyware'd versions of everything, yet so many people still use it?

226.1.2005 11:50

I have no clue, o well, with Ad-Aware Pro AND SpyBot S&D (with a real-time scan engine) running on my PC, I don't have to worry about Spyware. :)

326.1.2005 12:59

this is just like that PeerGuardian article a while back. The moral is to only download installers from the official website (except eXeem, of course), or from a trusted place like right here on afterdawn.

426.1.2005 13:29

This is why I don't P2P, I'm a no chance person.

526.1.2005 14:27

This shit is what causes nice people not to become involved in the development of proper safe enviroments of the internet highway as a means of making life better for all mankind , We do have Neophite O'samas in our misdts .Reply to this. Iam waiting for some sicko to do what i expect.

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