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CDR-Info reviews Optorite DD0203 DVD±R

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 09 Jul 2003 9:43 User comments (9)

Our buddies at CDRINFO have published yet another extesive hardware test. This time they are giving an Optorite DVD±R recorder a spin.
Optorite is an upcoming and very promising Taiwanese manufacturer of optical storage products. Dedicated to manufacturing and developing of fast CD/DVD recorders, the company's product line includes 52X CD-RW, CD/DVD combo drives and lately the new Optorite DD0203 dual DVD±RW writer.
Optorite DD0203 is probably among the interesting dual DVD recorders for a simple reason: It reveals the Sanyo's proposal in the 4X DVD±R writing speed market.

Read the review at CDRInfo.COM

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9 user comments

19.7.2003 15:04

I just received my Optorite yesterday. Haven't tested it extensively, but I have to say its FAST and I love the HD Burn.... 1.4gb on a cd-r...svcd here I come. Plus I can burn dvd-r's for my ps2 and dvd+r's for my magnavox. I'm in heaven!! Oh yea and don't forget boycott the RIAA!!!

29.7.2003 21:07

I just installed this Optorite drive for a customer of mine...and we can't seem to find any DVD copying programs that work with this drive.

310.7.2003 8:37

Here are the programs I have used: B's Recorder GOLD5 Basic (Came with the recorder) this program works just find for recording data (however it lacks in the vcd/dvd video dept) I use Gear Pro for my vcd/dvd video needs and it works great on the optorite. Oh and Nero works too, at least on cd-r's it does, haven't tried a dvd in nero and probably won't b/c nero sux with dvd's.

411.7.2003 10:32

I got my Optorite about three weeks ago. What I've found works best for copying and burning DVD's is Smartripper to rip the contents to HD. Then I use DVD Shrink if over 4.7gb. If less than 4.7gb, I just burn it with Nero. I think this is a tight unit with excellent results.

511.7.2003 13:30

I hope the Optorite dvd burner is nothing like the 48x16x48 optorite cd burner I bought. It routinely burns cd's w/o error messages only to find out weeks later that the entire disc is trash. Its also picky when it comes to media. This might have been a good deal when the Sony dual format burner was $300 and the Pioneer wasn't out yet, but now all three are priced around $200. In summary, I'm not saying this drive is a PoS, I'm just saying it might not be all that its hyped up to be.

61.8.2003 14:22

Works great for DVD with Nero 6 Ultra

712.8.2003 11:54

I jusst ordered mine today and am excited about getting it. Anyone find any media that isn't "Optorite-friendly" yet? Should be promising.

~ You sure you wanna do dat? ~

828.11.2003 10:59

How do I change the channel? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dont have the HD and DVD on the same channel, place the DVD on the Secondary channel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sent: Friday, 28 November 2003 8:07 PM Subject: Optowrite DVD crashes. Hi, Most unfortunately, I've got a problem where the DD0203 Optowrite drive I have crashes, when I put in a disc, it gets stuck and windows crashes and freezes. The same thing too, when I reboot. If there is a disc in the DVd writer, the red light on the Hard drive and the DVD RW stays on forever, and eventually, the computer could not detect the hard drive at all (when i boot up the computer just directly after BIOS). They both share the same Primary IDE stuff. The 80 gig Hard drive uses Primary Master stuff. (Ultra DMA 5) Whereas the DVD RW is the Primary Slave drive (Ultra DMA 2) Thanks, Please reply.

916.5.2004 0:11

I have my optorite for a few weeks found no problems only tested 2 dvd media so far - datawrite fine for data but failed for dvd movie, ritek (tango) fine for data and movie. DVDShrink for dvd movie`s best results nero6 for data (iso) and alcohol %120 for copying on the fly not tested cd-r - except for HD-Burn 1.3gig @ 24x using Nero 6 - read fine in optowrite - but my other drives don`t support HD-written media. overall for £45 - excellent buy! the only fault is finding the the right media! which seems common with other dvd-rw :)

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