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321 Studios prepares for the worst

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Jul 2003 14:13 User comments (39)

321 Studios prepares for the worst Whether you agree with commercial DVD backup tools or not, it doesn't change the fact that one of the most important American lawsuits related to the controversial DMCA law is currently being fought between Hollywood movie studios and 321 Studios, a maker of DVD backup tools such as DVD X Copy and XPRESS.
Now, according to a ZDNet's interview with 321 Studios, company has prepared mentally for the worst possible outcome as well and told to ZDNet that if they lose their court case -- i.e. court decides that decrypting the copy-protection found on DVDs violates DMCA law -- they will launch a new line of tools that are identical to their existing tools, but don't contain the CSS code cracking part in them.

Company has also apparently teamed up with ULead and now offers, for limited time, four ULead's video editing products free for users who purchase their DVD backup products.

Source: ZDNet UK

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39 user comments

112.7.2003 1:40

The cat is out of the bag and there is no way the intimidators who seek to control by litigation can put it back into the bag. There are several easily available ways to back up DVDs with 321 Studios method being among the simplest but not by any means the only way. Only a rudimentary knowledge of computers is required to use one of the other methods. There will be no stopping those of us who choose to back up our DVDs.

212.7.2003 4:05

Hollywood movie studios :( Will have to send in the SAS, to retrieve my copy of DVDXCOPY :)

312.7.2003 5:24

Who cares really (I hope I can get a refund if they lose). What do they really think will happen 321 Studios loses? It like Napster, ok it gone, Ill just move on to another one. If they didnt want ordinary people to make "backups" then they shouldnt of sold dvd burners in the first place for that matter cdr burners too nor make the blank media dirt cheap now. It like giving a gun to a convicted murderer and letting them out of jail and asking them not to use the gun.

412.7.2003 7:26

321 Studios may be preparing for the worst, but then their software becomes just like Pinnacle Instant Copy or Intervideo Copy DVD. I bet someone will make a crack for Dvd XCOPY that will allow it to work just as before. And why would you want a refund if they lose? You still get to use the software. Your right to use the software has never been challenged.

512.7.2003 10:14

They have no method of disabling the copies already sold. If 321 looses and are forced out of business then the only thing that happens is they are no allowed to sell any more copies.

613.7.2003 2:19

Beware computer crashes. If you have to reinstall DVD Xcopy, you will also have to reactivate it. How is that going to happen if 321 studios is not allowed to produce this software? Are they going to do the right thing and unlock the software permanently for those of us who coughed up all that dough?

713.7.2003 7:25

Well said miketl why I would want a refund if they lost.

813.7.2003 7:46


913.7.2003 8:30

321 Studios is not going out of business, regardless of the judges decision. There will be no need to distribute software keys for the products and we will continue to support our software, even if we must remove the portion that reads CSS'd disks. Then you will need to use a program like SmartRipper or DVD Decrypter before using our products to back up your DVD's. In the meantime, 321 Studios will appeal any adverse decision all the way to the Supreme Court. Take heart, we are here to stay! Cheers!

1014.7.2003 4:48

miketl you should ghost your hard drive to another periodicaly anyway. just in case then the good registration will copy as well . it's really good if you have XP in case you crash anyway.... but back to the topic: if the company goes under there will be more copys for sell on ebay or other plases on the net as far as registring it someone will hack it... and then the p2p war will start sad but true really again it only shows with the law suet in spain by sony and others that its a money game next they'll go after the ip address of those that down loaded movies and songs.... but still what about the money they owe us for the movies like the Hulk man what a disapointment most of the story was so far away from the comic book and then the only stuff you didnt see on the trailer was the over "bulked" poodle and that was sad.... they could have done something good with that ... but no and Hey Sony I want my money back the new shows coming out are nothing but car commericals Tomb raider for jeep and so on.. give me a break if I wanted to know about this years model I go listin to a car sales man... the movie industry has been making money off produts to sell us in their movies for years just look what ET did for reasies peices...... trust no-one peace out Im gone

1114.7.2003 11:21

I'm to the point where I feel like we should just give the content owners EVERYTHING they're wishing for and just STOP GIVING THEM OUR MONEY. It's the only real power consumers have that the robber barron corporations will understand. The personal computer has already put music production in the hands of anyone with a few bucks. Digital video is going the same direction and is not far behind. I'm sick of their whining, being treated like an enemy instead of a customer, and the draconian crap they are trying to pull. I just don't want to play (or pay) anymore.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

1216.7.2003 7:37

For those of us that paid for any one of the products, I called their customer support and have been assured that anyone whom purchased it, your licence is permanent. It will only prevent them from selling more of the software however, they've already started developing other software that will basically allow you to do the same thing as you are doing now, just differently...if that makes any sense.

~ You sure you wanna do dat? ~

1319.7.2003 19:24

Go 321 Studio. How can some bureaucrat tell me I can't backup my DVDs for trips in the car and motels? We are with you guys. Why anyone would even contemplate a REFUND is beyond me. I want my 321 software!

1419.7.2003 19:30

Well, once you have your copy of DVD X Copy, it doesnt really matter what happens in the court case. Just no more updates!!

1523.7.2003 13:57

Your missing the point guys BUY DVD XCOPY even though there are cracks already out for it. When you buy this program you SUPPORT the fight against the MPAA and RIAA. Help them earn enough money to fight this thing to the supreme court. They should not have to stop and WE ALL WIN. Stop the crap and just BUY the program. If your machine crashes and you loose your reg key, just go to the forums on ES5 and ask anyone for the crack. They will be glad to help you. Or better yet just register your activation via phone. They give you a code and no matter what that will work on ANY computer. So you have nothing to LOOSE only to GAIN. Oh and by the way the only people who are telling you NOT to buy DVD XCOPY EXPRESS either are the MPAA or just people wanting something for nothing. If you are afraid to buy on line go to BEST BUY and purchase it like I did. PLEASE DO YOUR PART AND BUY THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!! Voodoohippie (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

1623.7.2003 14:04

I called customer service and they told me that even if the lose the court case, 321 will continue to support and update the product, just without any kind of ripper that reads CSS protected DVD's. That doesn't prevent you (or me) from using SmartRipper or DVD Decrypter and then using Xpress to do your backup. The whole thing is kinda silly but until the movie magnates figure that out, it will just be one extra little step on us consumers. But really, who cares? And like I said before, I bet someone will develop a patch for Xpress that will make it function just like it did before, even if 321 removes the ripper from their products. IMHO

1724.7.2003 5:28

Go 321 Studios....haul tail and fight for our rights. I, like many have spent a small fortune on DVD's and be damned if I am going to let an official of any type tell me that I can't protect my investment. If people use it to copy stuff they didn't purchase, then, that is their give right but, wasn't why the software was created NOR was is advertised or sold as such. I agree, the only way to help 321 Studios is to purchase the product. I too, do not want my money back. Keep up the good fight....

~ You sure you wanna do dat? ~

1825.7.2003 17:01

Heck if they take the ripping stuff out DON'T UPDATE!!! That is all you have to do. However we need to fight the RIAA and MPAA with all our might. These sapinas and law suits are obnoxious. Voodoohippie

1926.7.2003 9:37

Maybe it's time someone counter-sue the movie monopoly and demand that they include in their 'license' an obligation on their part to replace lost, damaged and stolen media (including shipping) AT NO COST for any product which they have encrypted. If I do not 'own' the DVD's I've purchased, and if I have been declined the right or reasonable ability (legal, readily available products) to decrypt and carry out preventative maintenance on those items, because of course I am simply 'licensing' these items, then it should be the responsibility of the company licensing the product to me, that they insure I have a viable, working copy of the product for the duration of the license. If the law protects their 'right' to uninfringed encryption, and since they chose to encrypt those items (after all, they COULD just release unencrypted product, allowing you to make backups), then it should be the media/content providers who are in violation of that license whenever their encrypted product is lost, damaged or stolen. Media/content providers should not be put in a position to profit from the loss, theft, destruction or failure of their media. By even attempting to eliminate the tools of end users to prevent that loss, theft, destruction or failure, the media/content providers should become responsible for all replacement costs, as a term of their 'license'. If they cannot provide this, THEY should be considered in violation of license and copyright laws. If they take away these tools and provide no alternative for media replacement THEY should be the ones sued and forced out of business. Someone should do a study and find out how much media (including videotape, cassette tapes, vinyl records, 8-track, etc.) is lost, damaged, failed or stolen after it is 'licensed' to the end user. I'm sure the loss to end customers is far, far greater than the lost sales in movies and music due to electronic piracy. Since the entertainment monopoly seeks to prevent us from backing up the items we've 'licensed' it's time they compensate us for that loss. --DH

2027.7.2003 11:10

Question: Are the local rental places doing something to copy protect the DVDs since they now are in the special boxes (like the ones they are in when you buy them) which they must purchase specailly for rental because of the lock. They don't use those old clear plastic boxes for rentals anymore here. I am curious because I rent movies (Video or dvd) copy and play at MY convenience be it 2:00 a.m. or 12 noon without having to go rent them each time. Then record over the tape or erase the DVD RW. However, I rented 3 movies and the 321 program said they copied but my player said "wrong disk" on all three and my computer did not recognize them. When I copied (for my own benefit and convenience) 321 said they burned else had any problems? or is it just me?

2127.7.2003 17:06

Are you using +RW or -RW? Some players require -RW disks and some can use both. I don't think it is the rentals doing anything different but I know there are new copy protections comming up all the time. If you did not update your DVD Xcopy Express update it it is 1.52 now and it copies alot of stuff. If that don't work you'll have to use DVD decrypter instead. It is FREE but takes longer because you have to READ the image onto your HD then re copy it to the DVD burner. I used it to make a copy of a copy made with DVD Xcopy. However most DVD's are larger then 4.3 GB. Just try to update DVD Xcopy first. Voodoohippie

2228.7.2003 4:25

I use both - and +R's because my Vaio will write both. It just seemed strange. I have whatever was before 3.0 Xpress installed. I just downloaded 3.0 so I'm going to try one again and see what happens. The disk was written because the disk was not recognized as "empty" but "no disk" in both computer and Phillips recorder. Anyone tried the new Sony standalone +/- recorder? very high priced 800.00 here.

2328.7.2003 14:28

Is this old news to you experts: I burn +RW DVDs on my Philips unit. If the videos are OK then I burn a DVD-R on my Vaio computer. I was under the impress you were stuck with +R or whatever if the original DVD was burned in that format. Xpress doesn't seem to mind. The reason for burning DVD-Rs is because I was given a large bat of -Rs and rather than use MY DVD+Rs I thought I'd try the format switch. It worked!

2430.7.2003 18:51

"Company has also apparently teamed up with ULead and now offers, for limited time, four ULead's video editing products free for users who purchase their DVD backup products" Where can I find this offer? Thanks

2531.7.2003 10:13

I also heard of DVD Cloner as well. Have not tried it but I think DVD Xcopy is easier by far. I just got that Nero 6 and it is a WASTE OF TIME. You have to purchase yet anouther plug in if you want to convert XviD to DVD. They lead on on with that one. But with DVD Xcopy you do get what your paying for and that is a solid product. Voodoohippie

2631.7.2003 16:31

AMEN! to voodoohipie !!! Three cheers for a simple product that does what it says it does so easily.

275.8.2004 2:47

Well I guess it happened. 321 Studios is out of business and NOT supporting their products in the United States. Thanks guys, I followed your advice and purchased DVDXTREME and DVDXPOINT and now I can't activate it, and since they are out of business (in the United States) I can't get a refund. Thanks again 321 Studios and Robert H. Moore for your lies and deception.

286.8.2004 5:11

where is the free downloads mentioned in newsletter from Ulead? I see nothing on the Ulead website or here. Thanks

296.8.2004 5:22

Is 321 Studio the poster child of DVD copying? what about FastDVD copy for the MAC?????? I hear nothing about this company being in hot water. I have that program, too. Like it but could not do without 321 Studio's DVDXPress.

306.8.2004 6:14

"I hear nothing about this company being in hot water" Because they are much wiser than 3-2-1 ...

316.8.2004 7:45

Not smarter. probably because there are only 2% mac users out there. The powers that be just are after the big fish.

3212.8.2004 21:36

You should get DvDfree43 or better yet get AnyDVD. It cracks the CSS code but DOES NOT BURN IT. You then use Nero or any DVD copy software and poof you have a copy of the DVD minus the extras. You get a copy of the movie which is what you want in the first place. So you are not out in the least. In fact its easer and faster. With Nero it can even test the drive for the fastest speed without errors. So get AnyDVD and copy away.

3313.8.2004 5:55

Does Roxie work well with anyDVD? I prefer it to Nero. Comments that we that have the old version of DVDXpress will have to disable anything are foolish. We have the software let the devil take the hind road. While looking for anyDVD to download I skipped across a page I wanted to investigate. At the side menu it looked like a thread to translate DVDR-/+ back and forth. Cannot find it now thru a search. I would like to be able to copy DVDR+ into DVD-R. This side menu look like a thread that discussed this.

3413.8.2004 20:26

I stick to DVD +R or +RW's. they work really good in Most DVD players. I accidentally got a DVD recorder that connected to the TV that only accepted DVD RAM. Those damn things are $10/Disk. Make sure if you get a stand alone DVD recorder you don't make that mistake. Fortunately I have a DVD burner for the computer and DVD X Copy as well as AnyDVD. So fore those really good surround sound DVD's I use the X Copy and for those DVD's that I can just put two movies on a single DVD because it don't really matter to me I use my stand alone recorder. How you have to figure out how to bypass the new anti Digital protection. Its super easy to do it.

3514.8.2004 6:06

searched for DvDfree43 but nothing comes up except references.

3614.8.2004 9:57

type in google :"anydvd" or "dvdfree43"

3714.8.2004 11:11

I get referred to this website and forum...I tried that before and just now tried it. I can find the other program but not the 43 one

3814.8.2004 13:00

Try typing this :"download dvdfree43" It should give you a Download page. You'll have to Download that Coffin driver whatever if your burner software does not have it. But maybe if you get a demo of Blindwrite you could get the driver. Or just search for that too. Either way I did find it on the net and I have the file.

3914.8.2004 20:37

I did what you said in google and it only returned this formum page twice just like Msft does. I got nothing typing "download xxx" Am I dumb or what???

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