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Pioneer A06 review @ CDR-Info

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 18 Jul 2003 10:11 User comments (20)

Pioneer's latest DVD-R burner has been reviewed by our Greek buddies.
Pioneer Electronics is topping its already outstanding DVD burner (A05) with the new Pioneer DVR-A06 DVD/CD writer. Being a "pioneer" in the area of DVD recording, this company decided to launch this multiformat drive in order to take the confusion out of choosing your next DVD writer. The new burner supports all major formats. It is remarkable, and thus a clear indication of the very advanced technology this company owns, the fact that it was again able to deliver to market drives supporting formats which their "inventors" thus so far proved unable to do so.

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20 user comments

118.7.2003 15:05

Hi I have just got the pioneer dvdr106d and find it excellant! i am yet to try + format but - format yeilds perfect audio and visual performance so far, my dvd collection has been backed up now and you cannot tell the difference in quality! perfection! just one word to say to potential buyers of this drive "Excellant" every time! Thx...

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219.7.2003 19:15

Yeah, though it is exceptionally similar to the A05. Im still waiting for the DVR107 to come out in december ;-)

319.7.2003 21:45

hi there oriphus, What are the proposed specs on the 107 going to be? Thx... EDIT: I would wait for the 107 to arrive then buy the 106 as it will be cheaper then! and at 15 mins to burn a DVD-R on the 106 its fast enough for me! i woulknt burn to fast as quality could be sacraficed??...

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420.7.2003 17:35

Yeah, not sure what will happen to the quality. there are no spec sheets available as yet for it. it will have +/- Recording and it will do -R at 8x. Apart from that, i dont know enough. It will be released in December though.

520.7.2003 19:06

Ok everyone. Not here to spoil the fun, but I'm having a hard time to burn @ 4x (read as not able to burn @ 4x) Like I stated to Oriphus: I tried Princo and Verbatim DVD-r Rotary: wich software are you using to burn @ 4x? THANKS!!

620.7.2003 21:29

hi i had 10 ritek dvd boxed discs that came with the drive! but there is no colour or name on them? i bought the drie from if you fancy a look there? but not sure if it was packed with drive from pioneer factory? VPOWER what can you burn at ok? i use packard bell dvd-rw also at 1x are fine too! box of 5 they come in! Thx...

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720.7.2003 21:34

hi sorry i notied you asked for software! i use DVD shrink and dvddecrytor and nero, tmpgenc and plus and author, dvd2avi, dvd2one just depends on film and what i want to burn thx...

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821.7.2003 5:02

Rotary: I cant burn @ 4x. I may be trying other medias tonight. but so far: no success at all. But I can burn @ 2x with verbatim and princo But I would like to know: if you perform a speed test (you know the option in nero above the simulation "determine speed") what do you get as a result?

921.7.2003 9:03

Try updating your firmware!

1021.7.2003 9:14

I called pioneer USA/Canada: no new firmware I saw there's 1.06 firmware...But I may when a little bit

1121.7.2003 10:13

Hi hey vpower what speed do you get i will go test now! Thx...

1221.7.2003 11:12

if i perform a speed test on PIII 1GHz 2.9x - 3.4x (dvd-r mode) 23x - or something very high (Cd-r mode) Ahtlon xp1.6 2.4x - 3.6x (dvd-r mode) something very high (Cd-r mode, cant remeber exactly) PIII 1.13GHz 4.6x (dvd-r mode) something very high (Cd-r mode, cant remeber exactly) ***But still cant burn with Nero "queueing fail" error message

1321.7.2003 11:37

hi there Ok, here are my tests! and you have something here VPOWER! it does not burn at FULL 4X mode! this is what i get, but not burnt cdr's as i have a liteon 52/24/52 (and by the way the fastest on this drive for me is 48x !!!) it looks simarlar to your results? but thinking about it now, the drives are ok but drives that say 52x or 4x infact burn slightly under that speed? so going on this we can deduce that if we had the pioneer A07 at say top speed 6x? we would be able to burn our 4x media at 4x! here are some pics! i know 1x takes an hour! and the supposedly 4x burner and media i have did do it alot quicker but as you say it could be only 2x? ok, going on the pic below at 50% its 9 mins so double it to 100% finish and its about 18 mins time span? also nero says 4x as it has a 4x disc in the drive but the read teat (first time i tried his by the way!) say 2.9/3.0x TEST SPEEDS! WELL SPOTTED VPOWER! very interesting! we bought drives that only do about 2x 3x? we been ripped!?!? =================================== EDIT: Q - So does anyone have a 2x pioneer that really does burn at its top speed? let us kbow guys!!!! and vpower what is this eror you get on the last system spec you gave? is it only on that computer? Thx..

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1421.7.2003 11:49

holly big cow! that's what I was trying to describe (i've been spending most 4 days of differents forum to gather infos) Rotary: i tough you were able to burn @ 4x? yes? no? can you burn @ 4x? or maybe you can try to simulate a dvd burn @ 4x and see what you got? for me: when doing so, I have the famous "queuing fail"

1521.7.2003 12:03

i'll test on simulated burn! for you!

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1621.7.2003 12:11

I called Pioneer America he's aware of the 1.06 firmware released on Australia only. he's going to send me some info about the queuing fail from Nero..going to see from there.

1721.7.2003 13:29

hi firstly follow my link to a thread i made before on how to get nero to show the ACTUAL write speed when burning! its spot on !!!!!! ok, here are the test results for a simulated burn! it runs at 4x/4.1x and note it took only 14.03 mins to complete !!!! um thats fast! also let me know on your findings off the pioneer email !!!!!!! also at what stage do you get your error? is it before burning? (knackering a disc?) Thx..._____

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1824.7.2003 10:41

hi just done a backup of T3 at 4x speed on ritek clear noname discs, all fine it only took 10 mins as its film only 2.5 gig VPOWER whats the gen so far on your drive any news? Thx,,,

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1911.9.2003 19:09

Hey Rotary... Sorry for the lack of update...went on vacation...and on my return..was really busy @ work. Anyways, I return the drive, and got another perfectly!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! =)

2011.9.2003 22:04

hi Thats excellant! i hope it gives you as much plesure as my dvr106 does ;-]) laters.... PS - anyone tried out the new version DVDSHRINK v3.0 yet? any comments?

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