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New ratDVD guide added to guide section

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Jun 2005 12:05 User comments (27)

New ratDVD guide added to guide section We have added a pretty simple guide to compressing your DVDs to .ratDVD files. ratDVD allows you to compress an entire 9GB DVD to 1 single file about 1GB-3GB (depending on the DVD and your settings) in size, keeping menus, bonus features, multiple audio and subtitle tracks as well as video Angles. It was written as a way to share entire DVDs easily over the Internet but also is a pretty good backup tool if you store backups on your computer.
The guide uses DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD first because ratDVD cannot handle copy protected DVDs. Currently it requires users to have Microsoft Windows XP, DirectX 9.0, Windows Media Player 10 and a Software DVD Player like WinDVD for example.

Read the guide at:

You can download ratDVD from:

You can download DVD Decrypter from:

Visit the ratDVD homepage at:

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27 user comments

11.6.2005 18:48

although we knew it was coming, a guide is not really necessary for this program. it is beyond easy...what more instructions do people need than point and click??? LOL

21.6.2005 19:01

hmmmm, well ratdvd doesnt handle copy protected dvds so you gotta add that in and also some extra information about what actually happens to 5.1 audio when it's re-encoded (encoded to AC-3 VS), or what happens when the program encounters DTS audio etc.. The program may be easy for you to use, but may be a lot harder for someone else. And I think there's evidence of that all over afterdawn, why is there a DVD Shrink guide? or DVD2One guide? they are all point and click arent they? yet they are some of the more popular guides for the past few years. You forget, not everyone is as smart as you. but hey, u dont like the guide, then dont read it, but leave the commenting for peopl who actually have a question to ask or a suggestion etc.. k? cause on your site i dont think id ask you why u added this guide. I would think it was quite obvious why!

31.6.2005 19:06

Some ppl who have never ripped a dvd will appreciate the guide and all guides here at afterdawn. I know when i first started i needed all the guides I could get. Keep up the good work here at afterdawn :)

41.6.2005 19:22

Well I think this program is great!! Time consumin but an awsome peice of software for any nut thats in this field. Keep up the good work :)

51.6.2005 19:31

Dela: My apologize for way this came out. I sometimes type without thinking before clicking, as I'm sure, from the previous posting, is evident. I often take my intelligence for granted; Thank you for pointing this out. ;-)

61.6.2005 19:35

borhan9, ye, its a nice program, will probably pave the wa for a lot more rograms like it too! futureod, no prob! :-)

71.6.2005 20:30

So you use this to put a file in a ratdvd file then you need to convert it back to a DVD format then you can use it in your player?

81.6.2005 20:44

Pretty much ye, it was written as a solution for people to trade full vds with each other over the net.

91.6.2005 20:58

does the movie look good after it's compressed like that. Anyone had any experience? how does the movie look?

101.6.2005 21:10

In my experience the movie looked fine, good for huge differnce in the overall size.

111.6.2005 21:20

Last night I ratted Seinfeld Season 4, Disc 1. Took several hours but was done when I got up. Looked fine in Windows Media Player, though being a 4:3 TV disc it really isn't that good a test. The resulting file (from an original which was about 6.5GB after deselecting the Spanish and Portugeuse audio tracks) was about 1.35GB. Nothing was changed from Rat's defaults other than deselecting said audio. I figured the true test was unratting it to a dvd-video disc. When I did this it asked what size the disc should be (single or double layer are the choices), and I chose single layer. The unratting process took about 2 1/2 to 3 hours and yielded a product which was UNDER 4GB. When burned to a rewritable and played in my set-top player the quality was decidedly worse than the same disc back up with DVDRebuilder, but I guess that's to be expected. Obviously, the final deratted quality would have been better if ratDVD could have come closer to hitting the 4.37GB target, but perhaps it was thrown off because the source was an episodic disc as opposed to a straight movie. Anyway, promising, but between its inability to hit the deratted target and the fact that you can't determine what the final size of the original rat file will be before you begin encoding...well, there's room for improvement.

122.6.2005 8:19

It encodes using CQ (Constant Quality), which is why you cant predict output size!

132.6.2005 9:53

thanks foe the replies i will be downloading this program as soon as i get my other pc fixed.

142.6.2005 14:16

Looks like it could be a sweet little program if you are looking for saving space. I will have to try it :-)

152.6.2005 21:32

I ripped my sisters Miss Congeniality dvd last night using decrypter ratDVD. no guide is needed, this program is completely self explanitory. the first time I ripped it I used the default quality setting of 95. I had no way of knowing how large the output file would be because of the constant quality thing. this took over three hours and yeilded a 1.16 GB file. the video quality was very good on this one. I compressed the same dvd again using the lowest quality setting 50. this took around two hours and gave me a 416 mb file. the video quality of this file was terrible (not watchable). cool idea, cool program but not a miricle worker. since i could care less about the menus and extras this program is not for me. but hey if you have to have your menus and you have alot of disk space.......

163.6.2005 8:53

cant believe im explaining again! lol this guide isnt needed for you but dfor someone who's new to all this, it is needed. For example... DVD2One and DVD Shink guides, both simple guides, yet been viewed millions of times! (DVDShrink i think it still afterdawns biggest downloaded software, about 2 million times or so) So ye, for experts like you, u can gibve a guide a skip, but for someone else they may need this. Especially since some people 9believe it or not) dont even know how to rip DVDs - which is something required to use ratDBVD that ratDVD cannot do! ;-)

173.6.2005 8:55

I think it is good news. I will try it the soonest. However, I consider AVI files are the best for a saving a movie I do not want to keep as a DVD. It is cheap to burn it on CD and the quality is very high. In many cases, I do not want any menu, just a movie. Too bad, I have not come across free software to do it. If someone advises me on the source, I would be extremely happy. As for the instructions, I agree. If you do not need them, do not read. When I have a problem, it is nice to read and find a solution. Roma

183.6.2005 9:28

I tried the program and like it very much. My only question is that when I play back the compressed file using Power DVD, the screen size is smaller and not like when I watch the uncompressed movie. Is this normal, or do I need to change settings in PowerDVD? Thanks. Cueball50

193.6.2005 14:27

(yromashin) If you want a program that coverts AVI Movies to either DVD or VCD, SVCD you can use "Unlead DVD Movie Factory" ciao 4 now....

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203.6.2005 16:23

hello all you lovely people in the forum !trying RAT DVD as we speak. Any info on it , iwould appreciate any help whatso,ever. (not a very good speller i'm afraid !) did the DVD Decrypter BIT , just have to wait and see OK

213.6.2005 16:28


223.6.2005 16:48

I tried it took a few hours to get a movie in RAT DVD Never bothered putting it back into DVD mode. I will stick with DVD Decrypter and CloneDVD2 where you can keep all extras etc. All this in 40min complete.

234.6.2005 8:06

Is there a way to convert it to a DVD and play it on a regular DVD player from the DVD disk???

245.6.2005 17:42

Yes. just load the ratted file and click RATDVD to DISC. It will derat(unrat, whatever) to your hard dirve . Then you can burn to a dvd and watch in your player. I've used RATDVD with AnyDVD, DVD43 and dvd region + css free and all work fine. Pretty cool program over all.

258.6.2005 5:49

i acctualy gote some pretty good results with my first tests plan to do some more (downloaded iso's, differt regions 4:3 and other)for the first time i think i can perhaps do the same as with my music, just rip everything and put the disc in the basement now al i need is to find a way to make them visible in windows MCE (it plays them but does not show them

268.6.2005 15:57

HEY YOU GUYS !i'm not lookin' for chat room s**t , i,m legite ok. not queer, not perverted etc. just lookin' for bonifide info ok.

274.7.2005 11:41

ive been working with this program for the last day or two, well the first dvd or so converted in fair time, but for some reason its taking double the time for dvd's of the same size.?????? im runing all the same programs as when i a bit mithed at this point. for now ive upped the process priority, hopefully that will speed things up. apart from that so far, this is my method of storing my ever growing collection of dvd's. i just wish thier was a stand alone dvd player to play ratdvd. in good time probabley.

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