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New freeware DVD ripper from Fengtao Software

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Jun 2005 14:23 User comments (59)

New freeware DVD ripper from Fengtao Software Following the sudden hault in DVD Decrypter developement, there is need for freeware constantly updated DVD rippers. Fengtao Software has released DVDFab Decrypter and another tool called Free DVD. While DVD Decrypter can still rip most of the DVDs you can buy, newer DVDs cannot be ripped using it, like Closer.
DVDFab Express (Free Edition) however is up to date and even able to beat Sony ARccOS protection.

DVDFab Decrypter

DVDFab Decrypter is a simple version of DVDFab Express. It copies entire DVD movie to hard disk, and removes all the protections (CSS, RC, RCE, Macrovision, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) while copying.

Free DVD

Free DVD removes several protections from a DVD folder on the hard disk. It removes region code (RC), region code enhancement (RCE), analog copy protection (Macrovision), and user operation prohibitions (UOPs). You can use it to get a free DVD before you burn the DVD folder. It's only 44K.


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59 user comments

115.6.2005 11:21

To everyone that was waiting for a replacement for DVD Decrypter, this may be it. Haven't used it but it sounds like a pretty solid program. I may have to check it out.

215.6.2005 12:40

Looks like macrovision lost... Big surprise.

315.6.2005 12:40

I just burnt Switch with Fab and could not do it with Decrypter or Shrink and even could not do it with Dvdxcopy so I like what I see and it's simple. A+

415.6.2005 12:45

but can it do it ps2 games as well?

515.6.2005 16:21

really doubt it, doesnt create ISO's like decryptor did. i would still keep usin d-d.

615.6.2005 16:42

What is the free dvd tool used for, sorry I'm a little slow I don't understand what it means bt removing protections from a folder on hard disk?

715.6.2005 17:33

"Also, they released a Free DVD tool that removes protections and restrictions from an existing VIDEO_TS folder." yeah, they did it. one year ago!! Free DVD isn't a new tool, or maybe it is... for you ;)

815.6.2005 17:54

I tried using this program with "Hitch". It went through all the files on the DVD and said that it copied them. All it appeared to put on the hard drive was the menu from the DVD. I did this twice with the same results. I don't really need the program , but I thought I would try it. I don't know what I could have done wrong, since it only gives you the option of selecting input and output locations. Dave

915.6.2005 18:06

just tried this and it seemed ok. you still need shrink to get it down to size. i've always used ISO mode on decrypter so it was weird at first, but it is very easy to use.

1015.6.2005 18:23

Dave you having problems with Hitch ?

1115.6.2005 18:37

so if it does not burn as ISO file, how can I mount it to deamon tool then run DVD Shrink? Please help

1215.6.2005 18:59

No, I didn't have a problem with "Hitch" using DVD Shrink and AnyDVD. I only had the problem trying to use this program. It named all of the files while it said it was copying them, but all it put on the hard drive was VIDEO_TS.IFO, VIDEO_TS.VOB, VTS_01_0.IFO, VTS_01_0.VOB and VTS_01_1.VOB. This was around 600 MB and was the menu when played. I don't know where the other files went. It's no big deal because I probably wouldn't be using the program anyway. I just tried it out of curiosity. I just noticed that there were no .BUP files either Dave

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1315.6.2005 19:07

DUH? Now What? or What's Next? Everything seemed to copy over to my hard drive without any problems and the Free DVD program removed the protections. Now how do I get the unlocked DVD on my hard drive back on a DVD disk. (Stop laughing or I'll smack you... I'm new at this as you can tell.) Do I have to have a DVD burner to re-write the files as I only have the player on this computer or is there something I have to do with Nero to rewrite. Thanks for any help or insight you can give on this.

1415.6.2005 20:26

I figured out what happened. I just let the program run for a short time when I first tried it. Those were the files I was seeing. When I ran the full disc through it the files were placed in the default location in My Documents. I can watch the movie on my computer if I want to, but I can't get the files to be processed by DVD Shrink at all and only partially by DVD2One I've got easier programs to use, so I think I'll just go back to those. It was a nice gesture on their part to do this, though. Dave

1515.6.2005 20:33

i'm having the same problem

1615.6.2005 21:14

At least they haven't been shut down. I always rip the individual files instead of the ISOs anyway so it's not much of a problem for me anyway. @ncsleep: Without a DVD or CD burner, there's not much you can do with them that's not on your hard drive. If you have a CD burner you can compress the movies using one of the guides here. There are also some great forums here at AfterDawn that can answer questions such as these (or perhaps already have) so feel free to check them out!

1715.6.2005 21:40

I have a cd burner... and also Nero.

1815.6.2005 21:49

While i am writing this post i have just taken a king crimson dvd that has a file size of 6.6 gb decyrpted with dvd fab express freeware and i am shrinking it with DVD Shrink and i am sitting here watching it getting compressed at a very high rate of speed. There are three folders in the dvd main file. The actual video_ts file is contained in the disc 1 video file and it is not contained in the traditional video_ts file.

1916.6.2005 0:55

I don’t think so…. Just looks like someone is trying to jump on the Band Wagon. LUK is still the King. Once a King always a King but, at my age, once a “night” is enough…. I tried to use this proggy to rip a dvd9 and after 35 minutes on the first 1 gig file I gave up.. Decrypter rips the whole disk in about 6 ½ minutes on my machine. So, until someone comes up with a viable alternative, I’ll just stick with my Decrypter and shrink with DVD43 or AnyDVD in the background…… OneoldGeek that’s 2 old to wait for an inefficient prog to rip a disk……..

2016.6.2005 9:35

DVD Decrypter is the better program as of now. But with no support or updates, it's only a matter of time before it stop producing.

2116.6.2005 9:59

when i went to try to use says all my files in my directory will be deleted...what does this mean...

2216.6.2005 10:19

Just ripped Hitch to my harddrive......Try to open files in DVD Shrink and says can't open "C;.........IFO" (i know this is a noob question) but any help would be nice ;)

2316.6.2005 10:34

when i put dvd and then start it...its says it wants to is in it suppose to copy your dvd

2416.6.2005 10:54

-david- it just asked "do you want to delete everything in this folder" so just make a blank folder and make the destination there........or just use the one they put on your C: drive automatically Peace

2516.6.2005 11:22

Is it clean..? Spyware etc. -Mike

2616.6.2005 11:37

thank you drukqs ...wasnt sure what that meant...i understand now...i wanted to try it and see how it works...i still use DVD Shrink and decrypter...

2716.6.2005 13:10

I have to give a presentation the first of the week, so as a newbie, I started several days ago trying to make a "backup copy" of a particularly expensive DVD that I cannot afford to have stolen or damaged during use at a conference. I copied the Guides and Articles on DVD to VCD with SmartRipper, DVD2AVI, and TMPGEnc as well as the necessary programs. I'm a person who cannot tell you the difference between a MPEG, MPEG2, AVI file, etc. except that they have different file extensions. The above instructions were simple to follow (so I thought) to make a backup copy on my computer using the CD Burner. (I have no DVD Burner, just a separate DVD R Drive). I got to the place where I was supposed to use Nero according to the protocol when I realized I didn't have some of the VOB files as this DVD has alot of subfiles. My game plan was to start all over when I found the announcement about the DVDFab Express above. From reading the description, I thought this would save me a lot of time. I used the DVDFab Express program and the Free DVD program. I think both worked pretty well as I now have a copy of the original DVD on my harddrive. My question has been how to get the data in a usable form back to either a CD since I have a CD Burner or DVD with no burner. After running the two above programs, I have two files: Audio_TS (which appears to be an empty read only file) and Video_TS (which has numerous files with the extensions .BUP .VOB .IFO my question is, can I use what I have above from running the DVDFab Express/Free DVD programs to get the data back to a CD and what to do next with the .BUP .VOB .IFO files? or because I do not have a DVD burner on my computer, am I going to have to use the first thing I was trying with SmartRipper, DVD2AVI, and TMMPGEnc? I read above about the compression choices but wondered if that applied to my situation that I am discussing. I left a message earlier on the newbie forum but have not gotten a reply and time is of the essence for me as I am sure it is for some of you. If I'm not able to make a back up copy of this particularly DVD, then most likely it will be a long time before I have the need to back up another as I need to move onto something else. I apologize if I have used this forum inappropriately but I have a notebook of Guides and Articles and numerous programs which I have downloaded which do not seem to answer my question.

2816.6.2005 14:36

Just downloded this thing and backed up a dvd. Worked good for me. In shrink you gotta select the disk1 folder. Well have to see how this thing performs as more of those damn ARccOS dvds come out. BTW whats up with that website? When I click on the links at the top of the page nothing happens. Anyone else have this prob or is it my puter? ncsleep; Try this tutorial I used it befor I got a burner.

2916.6.2005 16:28

i tryed to open cd1 and a message comes up that says invalid data in file "C://............vob" ???any other hints of what it could be?

3016.6.2005 19:29

-It worked well,copyed a DVD with this program and DVD2One.

3116.6.2005 19:29

i have a problem with hitch as well using shrink. it will analyze and stop at 13%.i used DVD Decrypter and it froze as well. im using dvdfab as we speak and see it i can have a better result. does anyone have a solution on why my shrink is freezing at 13% and DVD Decrypter is giving me an I/O error?

3216.6.2005 20:34

the new protections are kicking in. I used AnyDVD to decrypt Hitch

3316.6.2005 21:10

Not a bad program. I used this to copy backup hitch and ran dvd free to remove the protection with no problems. Only hangup at the moment would be lack of settings and speed. Other than that for a free program to step up to the plate in the absence of decrypter updates not bad. Also was runing AnyDVD in the background so that may have helped the process as others have had problems ripping this movie.

to burn or not to burn that is the question

need help w/ media read this

3416.6.2005 23:10

Cant complain the interface looks good. Will use this once DVD Decryptor is unusable but most probably wont be the best like DD.

3517.6.2005 11:32

It seems to be a good program. It ripped my recent dvds without any problem. For those having problems finding files : simply indicate where you want your movies to be ripped to. Dvdshrink will then find all the required files !!!!! A big PLUS would be when this program will be able to make ISO images as well. Otherwise, as long as they keep it up to date, it is good. Frank

3617.6.2005 14:12

I see what you mean drukqs. I just tried Hitch and got the same massage as you in shrink. The first movie I did was old and no problem. Had to use DVD Decrypter 3.5.4 for Hitch.

3717.6.2005 15:26

i hope no one thinks this will replace decrypter. it was a big let down. i used it to rip hitch. it ripped it fine but u cant burn it. i tried shrink and recode to compress--no dice. then i tried to burn a dl disc with dice. then as a last resort i tied 1 click dvd to compress...close but no cigar. i ran AnyDVD in back the whole time. if this is the best weve got i think were in trouble.

3818.6.2005 18:41

Just found out that Fengtao Software is a company based on China. Great news! We don't need to worry about Macrovision suing/shutting down Chinese companies.

3918.6.2005 20:21

lol It was probly coded by some 10 year old kids that work 20 hrs a day for a cup of rice.

4018.6.2005 20:52

So gamename were you able to get any thing to work on the Hitch DVD ?

4119.6.2005 3:20

I had trouble making a backup of Hitch with DVDClone but used DVDFab express with movie only and it plays perfect.

4219.6.2005 11:57

I think Lighting UK should continue his work but use another name and the end users should pay for Lighting UK's product. He should use a differnt communitation source and have the download moved to different server locations every hour or daily.

4320.6.2005 3:52

I've used dvd decryter along with DVD Shrink for some time now and I really don't think anything else compares. It's a shame that we're going to be with out a good tool to work with.

4420.6.2005 6:19

Spelling cop: "halt" not "hault"...

4520.6.2005 10:45

lmao, squizzle, it's turned into another Hitch thread!, i'm outta here, it's Spanglish/Closer/<movie of the week> all over again But am gonna check this software out :)

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4620.6.2005 11:12

yes i ripped with DVD Decrypter and any dvd.

4720.6.2005 16:21

Tried DVDFab Express to backup Hitch. Failed four times. Program either stalled or locked my computer. DVD Decryptor worked the very first time. I guess there's more hype than substance to DVDFab Express.

4826.6.2005 4:34

Hi, downloaded DVDFab Decrypter . unbelievably easy to copy dvd to hard drive. How can I view the film from hard drive, or what do I need Thanks (newbie)

4926.6.2005 13:28

So far I have been using this software since it came out I have Decrypted : Coach Carter, Hitch, and Are we there yet? just to name a few. I think it definitely does its job. We are going to have to use something other than DVD Decrypter soon even though I hate to loose it. The challenge I had with some movies was after using DVDFab Decrypter shrink wouldnt work well with the files and I started getting error messages until I figured out when this happens I could use Nero Recode 2 version 2.00.18 part of Nero vision express version, Nero OEM I use the remake a video option using the files that I ripped to my hard drive using DVDFAB Decrypter and I get high quality DVDs with the options I want to keep on a 4.7GB DVD. Hope this helps anyone that was having a similar problem.

5026.6.2005 16:10

I used DVD Decrypter and Shrink for Closer and Hitch to back up with no problems. However, after using it for Hitch I started having problems with burning. Don't if its all tied together, still trying to fix problem.

5127.6.2005 13:13

I used DVDFab Decrypter on Hitch and Are We There Yet and had no problem getting the files to my hard drive. After that DVD Shrink didn't want anything to do with them so after messing with it for awhile I just dumped the whole mess and started again with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink and had no problem with either movie.

5227.6.2005 18:47

Used DVDFab followed by shrink, no problems. I think for a first version release this program definitely shows promise. I will miss DVD Decrypter though.

5330.6.2005 16:17

I have all ways used DVD Shrink 3.2 , DVD Decrypter ruing any DVD in the back ground and only have had a few that i could not back up unless i ripped with VobBlanker ! So with the Loss of DVD Decrypter I guess there will be a lot trying to make a program as wqell as it was and Free.

5415.7.2005 13:18

Question: Will I lose DVD Decrpter if I install "fab"? How do they interact? How do I make it work? Is it like decrypter, working "in the background"? Thanks, CW

5524.10.2005 5:48

Has anyone considered doing a reverse compile on DVDDecryptor and releasing the source. Given that the program reports no copyright notice, the worst that could happen is the author would sue for an injunction. That isn't likely to happen. And given that the author is only identified as "UK Lighting", first there would be a large burden of proof to prove he is the author. Americans in the US can't do this due to the DCMA, and many other countries have simmular law. As a Canadian resident, I could try it. But as soon as C-60 is passed I would be blocked as well. However, I sure there are many countries where this could still be done. Bill

5630.11.2005 0:37


5728.8.2006 10:53

it's not cuse AnyDVD is better both DVD Shrink and abydvd do the same thing but the thing is that DVD Shrink has less options but only by a lttle thats all the reason the happened to u was cause it wasd dirty it happened to me using clone dvd once don't worry just clean it allot

586.7.2007 20:31

I dvd xcopy I bought when they were still being sold. I know they will not decrypt the newer dvds but had been using it to record some. I had to use a recovery disc on my hard drive. When I tried to reinstall xcopy, it took me thru the registration process and of course, that is where the installation stoped. I guess the software is not of any value whatsoever. am I missing something? Thanks, Beneking

597.7.2007 9:52

I haven't tryed this new software but i will give it a shot! I have no prob backing up any thing, But if it dose i just use DVDFab Platinum. All ways works or Vob Blanker ;o)

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