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Nero Digital 30 day trial now available

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 Jun 2005 20:44 User comments (10)

Nero Digital 30 day trial now available Good news in today from a favourite leader in digital media technologies, Nero. You can now get a 30 day free trial of Nero Digital. Here is the press release, unedited…
Nero, leaders in digital media technology and developer of award-winning Nero applications, announced today the availability of a 30-day free trial version of its award winning Audio/Video Compression Codec, Nero Digital™.

The free 30-day trial bundle of Nero Digital™ includes three ground breaking Nero applications: Nero Recode 2 CE, which allows users to create Nero Digital™ content; Nero ShowTime 2 CE, which allows users to play back Nero Digital™ content; and Nero MediaHome CE, which allows users to share Nero Digital™ content to any UPnP™ or DLNA compliant consumer electronics device, and to PCs and laptops in your home network.

The free 30-day trial bundle of Nero Digital™ lets the user experience the newest technologies like MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, delivering a home entertainment experience in a quality no other compression technologies can match. Already adopted as a mandatory codec for next generation HD-DVD and Blu-Ray standards, AVC/H.264 is set to have a major impact on the future of video broadcasting and content distribution.

Nero Digital™ is a complete Audio/Video codec solution, based on the MPEG-4 standard, but engineered to a level that breaks all previously seen quality and speed barriers. It delivers DVD-quality at a compression rate far greater than MPEG-2, enabling the complete contents of personal videos and movies of a DVD, to easily fit on a CD. It also increases the capacity of a DVD by factor 5 and higher. Nero Digital™ videos can be played back on PCs running the Nero Digital™ codec and on the fast growing number of certified Nero Digital™ consumer electronic devices.

"This is a great opportunity for us to show the world what Nero Digital™ is all about", said Jim Corbett, Executive Director of Nero AG. "Users will be able to create, play and share Nero Digital™ files and build up their own personal video library without worrying about disc or hard drive space, taking full advantage of the industry’s most powerful audio and video compression technology."

Nero Digital™ co-developed by Nero and Ateme, is completely based on industry standard MPEG-4 Video (MPEG-4 SP/ASP and AVC/H.264) and MPEG-4 Audio (LC AAC, HE AAC and PS AAC) compression technologies, allowing the flexibility to play other popular MPEG-4 compliant content, yet offering advanced interactive features in unmatched audio and video quality. With Nero Digital™, users can fit more high quality audio and video content to any given screen size spanning mobile phones to HDTV, on CDs, DVDs, flash memory and hard drives.

The Nero Digital™ codec has proven to be a winner when directly compared to other popular codecs, having performed a clean sweep on all recent codec comparisons.

By downloading the Nero Digital bundle at, users can now join over 180 million Nero fans in creating, playing and sharing Nero Digital™ video files.

To continue the Nero Digital™ experience after the trial period, users can upgrade to Nero 6 – The Ultimate All-In-One Digital Media Solution offering over 16 applications for all your digital media needs. Furthermore, Nero will complete the Nero Digital™ experience by releasing Nero Digital Pro, providing unlimited Nero Digital™ capabilities and further establishing Nero’s dominant position in the MPEG-4 codec space.

You can download the trial version at Nero Digital.

Nero Digital

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10 user comments

117.6.2005 23:51

Hmmmmmm...... Well, maybe it's because my eyes are a little bleary this morning after having been up all night, but I just can't seem to find a link for Nero Digital on their official website. Lots of info, yes, but no link. I am told to 'look for the logo' :" border=0> Well, I looked and I did not find. Hmmmmmmm..........

218.6.2005 0:14

I don't know why the little 'Nero Digital" logo (above) is not showing up. I copy and pasted.

318.6.2005 2:46

the link doesnt work guys can you fix it please

418.6.2005 2:51

The trial downloads are actually available at I actually had to download the trial versions from the Nero ftp site and run the installer before finding out about the url (the installer shows a link to It's quite difficult finding a link to from

518.6.2005 2:56

thanks ketola for the trouble

618.6.2005 6:58

How is this different from the mpeg-4 compression already available with Nero Ultra 6?

718.6.2005 7:13

(Thanks, Jari).

818.6.2005 8:26

No problem. =) edexley, I guess it's not. It just offers non-Nero owners the chance to try it out.

920.6.2005 22:05

damn! What a drag. Once-around the mulberry-bush with Nero Digital 30-day trial, and my hard drive got fried! :-( Pity too.... the 3 apps installed like a charm - slick as a whistle. Very easy to use encoder - user-friendly - intuitive, and produced a simply gorgeous .mp4 encode of a star trek (DVD) episode. But I won't be installing it again anytime soon. I think DirectX 9.x is the culprit. [sigh.......] Related post :

104.7.2005 4:24

But I'm about ready to try again though! =) I don't use Win-XP myself, so I had to find and d/l a standalone copy of directx_9c_redist.exe, a *most* elusive file to get one's hands on. (34 megs!). I notice that (Dela?) took off his initial findings with Nero Digital (?). His early guide seems to have been deleted. Have any of you had any/much success with the new 30-day trial of this software? I *was* able to make a pretty nice-looking Nero encode before my hard-drive crashed. Didn't get too much of a chance to view it before disaster struck though. If you get a chance, you might want to look at the 5 video clips ("Trailers") at various resolutions (same clip at different bitrates) that Nero provides on their Nero-Digital site. These clips represent the 5 'Standard Profiles' that you would normally encode to depending on what your intended playback device is. (These are "certified" profiles). I can successfully play back all but the HDTV clip on my 2.4 AMD CPU, with nothing more than Win-2k and WMP 9. I don't see much here in the A/D Nero forum that address Nero Digital in any detail. As yet, I haven't seen or heard of any standalone set-top players that are "NeroDigital Certified" despite Nero's statement (above), .... the fast growing number of certified Nero Digital (tm) consumer electronic devices." I'm not much interested in playing back content on a mobile telephone! (They DO have a certified profile for mobile phone playback!) Too bad that Nero Digital requires DirectX-9.0a (minimum), which I believe is heavily oriented toward DRM. You can bet that any future commercial Nero Digital content will be "protected". Thoughts?

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