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PSP v1.50 firmware cracked

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Jun 2005 7:18 User comments (4)

PSP v1.50 firmware cracked This isn't exactly brand new news but since it wasn't covered on the site I thought I'd cover it today. The Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) v1.50 Firmware has been hacked and now users who know what they are doing could use it to run unauthorised programs. Originally the exploit involved using two memory sticks that had to be swapped, which worried a lot of users who didn't want to risk breaking their PSP. However today, a new launcher called KXploit 1.50 was released that doesn't require a second memory stick.
An older version of the firmware that was used with the Japanese PSP releases was hacked months ago also. A newer version than 1.50 is also available now; v1.52. The v1.52 firmware was available first in Japan but Sony released it for North American users saying that it's mostly comprised of security updates. Of course, for anyone planning to use something like KXploit 1.50, updating seems like a bad idea but its likely that the v1.52 updates will be required in American PSP games soon, as several Japanese titles required the v1.51 firmware update.

So what exactly can people do now that the firmware was cracked? Well for one it is possible to play games that were not made for PSPs (but were made for other gaming devices), which is one thing that Sony really hates. Also it opens the possibility that PSP games could be pirated, if somebody could figure out how to load them on hacked firmware from a higher capacity memory stick for example.

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4 user comments

122.6.2005 9:07

Wow people are really quick at this kind of thing nowadays, I wonder how long it will take for the same to happen to Xbox 360 or PS3?

222.6.2005 12:22

You make a game counsel more like a computer then what do you expect. If its data and can be run through a computer it will be hacked. Plain and simple. I look at this as another reason PSP is better than DS. -Del

322.6.2005 15:03

well...the ds can run homebrew too...

422.6.2005 21:52

Yep the NDS scene has produced some nice stuff too, sorr we havent covere dit, we were kinda caught up in everything else for a while :-)

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