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ratDVD v0.6.1122 - Minor bug fixes made

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Jun 2005 13:13

ratDVD v0.6.1122 - Minor bug fixes made The latest version of ratDVD to be released has fixed minor bugs with playback in some players other than media player. At our ratDVD forum, some users were complaining about playback problems so let's hope this will help them out. For those who are unfamiliar with ratDVD, it's a tool used to compress entire DVDs to single .ratDVD files, including all the menus, extras, audio, Angles etc. It is also very easy to convert the ratDVD files back to DVD.
It was designed as a way to create files small enough to be easily shared over the Internet, but to include the entire DVD and simplicity for it to be re-encoded back to the DVD format. RatDVD supports metatags similar to ID3 tags in MP3 files. The metatags can contain information about the movie, such as title, actors, year of release, plot outline etc. It can even include a thumbnail of the DVD cover. The information for the tags is automatically retrieved from IMDB.

ratDVD does not support encrypted DVDs. They need to be decrypted before they can be used with ratDVD. For decrypting the regular DVD movies, download DVD Decrypter.

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