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ratDVD v0.7.1235 released with numerous additions

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Jul 2005 6:02 User comments (7)

ratDVD v0.7.1235 released with numerous additions ratDVD v0.7.1235 has been released today with several changes made from the previous release. Several new features have been added to ratDVD including the addition of direct burning capability and an ISO creation menu (both require Nero) and several smaller items that were requested several times on our ratDVD forum including the option to shutdown your computer on completion. Below is the changelog of the release followed by some download and guide links.

  • New Features:
  • Added Direct burning capability
  • Added ISO creation engine
  • (Nero needs to be installed for ISO creation / DVD burning functionality)
  • Added MCE (Windows Media Center Edition 2005) support
  • *ratDVD files are listed as video files
  • *full control with mouse and remote control
  • Codec quality/speed optimizations

  • Added advanced Codec options
  • *Ignore scaler
  • *Use alternate quantization model
  • *MV Search Path
  • *P Bonus
  • Multi-Language support
  • *ar - Arabic
  • *ca - Catalan
  • *cz - Czech
  • *de - German
  • *dk - Danish
  • *en - English
  • *es - Spanish
  • *fr - French
  • *gr - Greek
  • *hu - Hungarian
  • *it - Italian

  • *nl - Dutch
  • *pl - Polish
  • *pt - Portuguese
  • *pt_BR - Portuguese (Brazil)
  • *ro - Romanian
  • *ru - Russian
  • *sr - Serbian
  • *sk - Slovak
  • *th - Thai
  • *tr - Turkish
  • *uk - Ukranian
  • ratDVD naming scheme
  • *Automatic content based naming extension
  • Tag editing while adding tagging
  • Shut down after convert
  • Setting for conversion task priority
  • Custom sounds

  • *For successful completions
  • *For failed completions
  • Remote Control Support with WM_Input interface
  • *Allows usage of WM_Input compatible remote controls (like the Microsoft Media center remote control) to control ratDVD playback.
  • New default quality set to 105
  • New maximum quality to 120
  • Source import plug-in architecture
  • *Allows extensions for different source material (e.g. ISO Images, all kind of optical media, etc.)
  • Destination export plug-in architecture
  • *Allows extensions for all kind of different output targets (e.g. ISO Images, or Transcoding to other formats, etc.)
  • Custom action at end of successful conversion process
  • *Allows a higher degree of automation (e.g. automatic batch conversions, transfers in ratDVD archives, etc.)

  • Bug fixes:

  • Playback fixes:
  • *Chapter change after seek was sometime not correct

  • *Wrong time display in Media Player
  • *Acceptance of only known video render filters solves problems with some codec packs/ffdshow
  • *Fix for illegal NAV pack positions that sometimes happens in DVD Shrink created discs
  • *Fix for wrong subtitle display on some movies
  • *Wrapping of navigation component as COM module – can now be used from all programs system wide
  • *Fix for wrong audio/subtitle switching at next chapter after seek
  • *Fix for changing Aspect ratio change with VMR9 (Video Mixing Renderer)
  • *Fix for graph stopping in certain situations
  • Support for >4GB images
  • Fix for “list index out of bounds” conversion issue for some movies

  • Known Issues:
  • Seek bar in Media Player
  • *No reset at new title start
  • *Does not reflect complete length with some movies
  • Resume ratDVD function in MCE2005 starts movie from the beginning

You can download ratDVD from:

You can read our ratDVD guide here:

Visit our ratDVD forum at:

Visit the ratDVD homepage at:

The ratDVD guide will be updated to this latest version very soon.

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7 user comments

18.7.2005 4:31

IS anyone using this??? Seems like it has so much potential and no one is touching it??? Any thoughts?

28.7.2005 12:15

Well , I didn't know it exsisted , and I don't want to pay for Nero , so....

38.7.2005 18:05

It is a newcomer to the scene. With the demise of DVD Decrypter and no new versions of DVD Shrink expected (Free Programs) This may be the our best bet in succeeding to continuing to make back ups of our DVD's. From what little I have read, it has had a rocky start. I have not tried it, but it looks like enough members have, to keep it in the limelight. A workable version of Nero usually comes with a new DVD burner. Just check to make sure that the burning software is Nero and not that ROXIO stuff. Hey, new burner, newer version of Nero, and you should be happy. TC

49.7.2005 13:04

I used the last release so I could check it out. Set the 'quality slider' to maximum far right. Ended up with a file that was about 6+ GB, the origional ISO of the DVD was 7+ so not much compression (though again I set it for MAX quality) When I tried to play it in Media Player 10 it came up with an error and wouldn't play at all. Rats won't play in WinAmp or Power DVD5 so don't know. Maybe I'll try again with this version and set quality down some. (sidenote: I realize that max quality would create the biggest file the experiment was to see how much could be compressed while maintaining FULL DVD qualty.)

59.7.2005 17:59

I got it in all my pc's, wish they had it for linux

69.7.2005 18:02

I got it in all my pc's, wish they had it for linux

712.7.2005 8:01

Has anyone heard when the new 50 gig dvd burners are coming out?

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