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Bypassing DVD Copy Protections

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Jul 2005 9:48 User comments (22)

Bypassing DVD Copy Protections I added a six page article to the guide section today to kick off a small project of mine. Currently the guide only has details on how to use 6 programs (DVD Decrypter, DVDFab Decrypter, AnyDVD, DVD43, SmartRipper and Free DVD) but my aim for it is much more than that. Hopefully on a weekly basis I can add new material to it including more detailed explanations of Copy Protections and add more tools and rippers.
I decided to start this little project because of last month's bad news about DVD Decrypter. Luckily for anyone who makes backup copies of DVDs, we had a couple of years where we could rely on something to help us get around copy protection, but now if you keep an eye on the AfterDawn forums you will notice, more and more DVDs are giving trouble (right now, it looks like ARccOSS is the global headache).

So hopefully in time it will turn into a pretty comprehensive resource for the subject. All suggestions and feedback are welcome. If you have something you would like to contribute just send me a PM or come to our unofficial IRC channel. Now, of course for the legal bit. This information is provided just as that... information. It is intended only to help you make legal backups of your purchased movies. I suggest you check the legal situation in your country regarding copy protection circumvention and copying.

So far the guide is suitable only for people who are new to ripping or have little knowledge of it but would like to prepare in case you are confronted soon with a DVD you cant make a proper backup of. All the rest of you pro's go back to the forums and help ;-) .. or if you'd like to contribute anything, you are more than welcome.

Read the Article at:

Enjoy :-)

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22 user comments

115.7.2005 10:11

WOW very good and thorough guide! This will be great for referring people to in the forums.

215.7.2005 10:18

Great guide!!! I did not see any references to the "JACKET_TS" folder that has been on some of the newer releases...

315.7.2005 10:49

sticking to basics for now, this is just v1.0, but i promise ill get more complicated stuff covered soon :-) BTW, if any of u regulars on the forums find strange things for example people having the exact same problems wit a particular DVD, or something weird at all about a particular DVD then point me to the threads in a PM if you can, thnx :-)

415.7.2005 12:27

Excellent Job Dela! I commend you for your continuous contributions. I'll keep my eye out for any strange problems with DVDs. So far the last DVD Decryptor has worked for all titles I've tried, including lots of Sony ARccOSS discs. When (and if)Decryptor ever fails, hopefully AnyDVD will solve. Jim

515.7.2005 15:13

I agree, excellent job on the guide. Nice kick-off.

615.7.2005 21:55

Nice work Dela, this is already my favorite guide :p

716.7.2005 0:29

Dela -- First off, this totally rocks! Once again, another excellent guide written by you! :-) Thanks for all your hard work on this and other guides (I know they've helped me... particularly when I was a noob.) ...Although, a small part of me wonders if such an overt label as "Bypassing DVD Copy Protections" might unduly attract unwanted attention! ;-)

816.7.2005 4:14

Thanks guys... :-)

...Although, a small part of me wonders if such an overt label as "Bypassing DVD Copy Protections" might unduly attract unwanted attention! ;-)
*shrugs*.. the way I see it is I don't see anyone with a legitimate complaint about a guide thats written to help people make legal backup copies of the movies they own (which is their right). Unfortunately, with all the copy protections that have been loadedon DVDs, major studios have left their customers with no option but to get around it to make backups so that's where we come in :-) Suppliers of information only to help a legal action take place. Now if someone has got a complaint about the article, there is content information under "About US" and I have a Private Message inbox, I'm always open to hear arguments...

916.7.2005 6:49

The thing that angers me the most, are those discs which cannot even be read (recognized) by my computer. (Columbo; Simpson's....) I won't bitch on this topic again as I've already done enough of that in here, but briefly.... One cannot even confront or attempt to overcome these new roadblocks the companies keep drumming up every day if one's computer cannot even recognize a dvd. To say the least, it is aggravating to insert a new, perfectly-undamaged dvd into your burner/reader and have the burner's LED blink incessantly as it frantically scrambles to make heads-or-tails out of what you have just inserted. The movie companies should be shot for imposing these unmarked bastard-discs on an unsuspecting public. It is this form of copy-protection I would like to see defeated. (But thank you, Dela). What you are doing is a _most_ definite step in the right direction. When blu-ray/HD-DVD gets here, your guides will take on a whole new meaning. :=)

1016.7.2005 10:43

Thanks for all your hard work, I am very grateful for the help you offer. Well done my friend :-)

1116.7.2005 13:04

gr8 guide Dela... Thnx as i am a noob... Oh by th way A Klingon, my dvd drive used to do that as well, it wudnt read new dvds or muli sessioned dvds but searching around i found out that u need driver... i got some ASPI drivers and now am not having ANY problems... try getting new driver ... its worth a try..

1216.7.2005 17:58

"When blu-ray/HD-DVD gets here, your guides will take on a whole new meaning. :=)" Call me a nay-sayer, but Blu-ray/HD-DVD is even less practical applicatioin for the average consumer than Dual layer. SOrry to distract from the original message. Although given the court ruling in Australia its very little time before someone here is found liable here on the same concept. Keep up the great work with info on decryption. Rape or be raped.

1316.7.2005 23:31

No, it's not a driver problem, coolkhas4. 99.9% of all dvds are recognized fine by my burner. It is only the _one_ disc (of several in a box set) that the drive can't recognize because the movie studio(s) have dictated they should be purposely screwed up. So, nanu-nanu..... why are DL discs not practical for the average consumer, and Blu-Ray discs even more so?

1418.7.2005 15:25

ironically the arcoss and other "problem" disks are the first to show up on p2p and even binaries -- meaning by making the disks harder to break they are lossing even the residual from blockbuster and netflix. lol.

1520.7.2005 16:37

Hi I'm Trying to copy karokie. Does anybody have any sugestions?

1620.7.2005 17:11

does anyone know about cd+g backup

1720.7.2005 18:51

Yes, I do.

1823.7.2005 7:08

Best guide I have found on copy protections. Well written where anyone can understand.

1925.7.2005 11:36

gr8 guide dela, very good 4 noobz and Xpertz'd b nice 2 c sum mor complicated stuff too...but hey, wldn't a headline like "bypassing copy protections" attract unwanted attention...? jus a thought...and klingon, i think ur prob mite b wid ur drivers, try downloading tha latest ASPI drivers...shld work wonderz...

2126.7.2005 6:55

Excellent job! I experienced some problems with Sony Arccos, but thanks to this guide, I've got a much clearer view on how to bypass those protections :-) Keep on going the good work, we all love it !

225.8.2005 11:48

This is a very good and useful article--I am sure it will prove to be a valuable tool for many people that are having problems backing up their DVDs or CDs. I agree with the author about many things--especially with the part about what a loss we have to endure with the the latest and final news on DVD Decryptor. It is a shame to see good and useful freeware get blacklisted because of certain industries' corporate evil and greed. CDs and DVDs are expensive, and when a person purchases one or the other, they should be able to make a back-up copy of it. Period. Making a back-up copy of something that one owns (so that it will last them beyond and accidental scratch) is not piracy. I currently use various combinations of five different commercial programs and three different freeware programs to make back-ups--I have spent hundreds of dollars, lost countless hours, and went throught great pains to make copies of music and movies that I have already paid for--I do not see the justice in that, but it is what we all have to deal with. Hopefully things will not get worse for people in similar situations. PGentile in CA

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