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DVDFab Decrypter updates with small fix

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Jul 2005 4:05 User comments (4)

DVDFab Decrypter updates with small fix Yet another update to the latest kick-ass freeware DVD ripper. DVDFab Decrypter, from Fengtao software has been updated to v2.9.2.3 - the second update to the program in the space of just a week. It was released with just one fix but I'm sure the fix will benefit many of our regular users when they attempt to backup their new release purchased DVDs.
Fix: Output files cannot be accepted by DVD Shrink and Nero Recode, when copying some new Sony ARccOS protected DVDs, like Anacondas.

DVDFab Decrypter is an excellent freeware DVD ripper that was released from Fengtao software as a sort of simple version of DVDFab Express to fill a much needed gap after last months sad news about the halt in DVD Decrypter development.

Download DVDFab Decrypter v2.9.2.3 from:

Also for any of you who are new to DVD backups, I started a small project of my own yesterday. I announced in a news item that I put online the first version of my "Bypassing DVD Copy Protections" article. Currently it shows you how to use six different programs, but will hopefully be updated on a weekly basis to including some technical info and history of some copy protections as well as cover more DVD ripping software.

Read the Article at:

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4 user comments

116.7.2005 20:33

Hello,I tried the DVDFAB today with the movie Side Fx and it would not copy. ???(had already failed with DVD Decrypter,and DVD XCopy) Is there a log or timer with DVDFAB? Maybe I did something wrong?Appreciate in advance any words of wisdom.

217.7.2005 20:09

I have tried the DVDFab Decrypter a few times now and it works as advertised. The GUI is lacking bells and whistles like Decrypter but I'm not complaining. They make a retail version that has a lot more. With the new version I was able to load the processed files into DVD Shrink or Nero Recode 2 without problems. The folks at Fengtao are doing a good job with this little program. It is up to date and ready to take on the newest protections.

318.7.2005 8:10

Let's hope we'll see a Blu-RayFab Decrypter when the time is right. :) Any bet-takers? How many months/years after Blu-Ray's introduction before we will be able to backup our expensive Hi-Def discs? Will there be 18 lawsuits filed per week against software developers as Hollywood starts whining about piracy again? It's odd.... "the more things change, the more they stay the same".

418.7.2005 12:53

lucky they're based in China so they don't face those lawsuits and bs.

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