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DVD Shrink website shuts down

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 18 Aug 2005 5:26 User comments (38)

The official homepage of the DVD Shrink, an extremely popular freeware DVD backup software, has closed its doors, at least temporarily. According to the webmaster of Doom9, this has nothing to do with possible legal issues, etc. Instead, the official website of DVD Shrink was hosted and developed by a third party and simply just endorsed by the author of DVD Shrink as the "official" website of the software.
The development of DVD Shrink had already ceased, the last version of the tool was released more than a year ago and, in case you haven't noticed, Nero Recode looks strikíngly similar to the DVD Shrink..

So, no need to spark any conspiracy theories -- DVD Shrink still exists and can be easily downloaded from several reliable sources, including

Here's the download link to the most recent version of DVD Shrink:

For further DVD Shrink discussion, we encourage our visitors to visit our DVD Shrink forum.

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38 user comments

118.8.2005 7:07

i hope it doesent get shut down like dvd decrypter

218.8.2005 8:06

DVD Shrink is pretty good, it still works well even with new movies. Even when encryption passes Shrink you can still combine it with AnyDVD or any other similar program. :)

318.8.2005 19:54

One of the first programs I ever used and in my opinion still one of the best.

418.8.2005 20:04

i agree i found my best combo is Nero shrink and decrypter...

519.8.2005 0:22

It is shut down.Go directly to website and see for says The (only) **Official** DVDShrink Site IS NO MORE!

619.8.2005 2:07

yeh, we gathered.

719.8.2005 7:43

its obvious to me that the website is shut. But its ok coz i never been there.

819.8.2005 8:16

rotfl why the heck are all the dvd/backup sites closeing this sucks. o well as long as there are mirror sites and downloads for it then its cool i say this because shirnk was the first ever backup software i have ever used :)

919.8.2005 8:43

i use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink .still the best and its free. how about that.

1019.8.2005 9:46

Ihave dvd x copy gold with the 3004 update and it works fine except it does not copy any sony dvds.I INSTALLED the DVD43 and the smart ripperv241 and it helped me some what it copy the movie not the whole disc. you sell dvd x copy gold for $59.99 cents what is the difrence from mine to yours is there and update.

1119.8.2005 11:57

DVDShrink has some advantages over CloneDVD in that you can control the compression, either manually or using the "Deep Analysis" function. Also, I've found that DVDShrink sometimes works when the other simply doesn't. Just a few days ago, a CloneDVD copy would not allow the "Director's Commentary" to be shut off. I re-copied with DVDShrink and there was no problem.

1220.8.2005 0:45

Everything seems to be shrinking, including our freedoms

1320.8.2005 0:57

As long as aD keeps hosting the program its all good then :)

1420.8.2005 2:44

Well get ready for more of this type of news. After spending several years blaming poor CD sales and Box office performance on burners only to realise that was total crap they dove on Bit Torrent. 12 months after that was destroyed CD sales and Box office performance continue to slump and I hear they are now blaming it on burners again - so expect to see DVD copy software biting the bullet over the coming months. They are also going to start increasing copy protection - it will end up where you only get a certain ammount of plays out of a disk you buy and then it stops working. It would be cheaper in the long run to just admit that Music and Film are total crap and nobody wants to spend hard earned money on it. Bit off-topic as Shrink wasn't actually removed on Legal reasons - the comment about our freedom being shrunk kicked it off.

1520.8.2005 6:12

I know I'm only a "newbie" and technological philistine to boot, but I'm perplexed as to why defeating copy protection is such a major difficulty. It seems to me that at some point in the process the video and audio streams MUST be reduced to their actual information components on their way to a screen or speaker. Why hasn't someone produced a method of "grabbing" the stream AT THAT POINT, making whatever encoding and decoding had gone on previously irrelevant? (This is an honest question; please don't laugh.)

1620.8.2005 6:48

Well here is my 2 cents............. DVD Shrink and AnyDVD and that seems to work the best for me. Yes, The sony DVD's are a bitch to copy but I have had no problem with them using this combo. The money spent for AnyDVD was well worth it!!! As for DVD X COPY...... Well same thing I do with AOL cd's..... Target practice with a .22 hanging on a post.

1720.8.2005 8:48

Well, there is certainly no problem, nor curtailing of our freedoms. Shrink works, and you can still download it here at AD. The kicker is you will probably have to use it in conjunction with AnyDVD, or other decrypting program. I personally use recode2, which is the same basic program as shrink, but is upgraded as needed. The catch is I had to purchase it, big deal.

1820.8.2005 17:33

Come on people, let's stop all the BS..they are intimidating our legacy..freedom to develop free and superb software i.e. decryptor and shrink...where is our spirit? How can we sit on our cans and not do anything? Any suggestions? Let's make a difference, let me hear from YOU!

1921.8.2005 4:41

in reply to Shneur: Sadly what you said (cuz its too long to repeat) is not as easy as you'd think. this isnt 100% accurate as I cant be bothered to be pedantic... Each part is a process, each process requires memory space and CPU time, the more proceses you combine/compile the more memory and CPU have to be allocated. In your example you are adding 2 more processes after the initial 3: READ, DECODE, DISPLAYx2 [sound and vison]. You are adding ENCODE and WRITE to this which is like adding 66% more work for the poor PC. If we remove the DISPLAYx2 process (which is the most work) we can add ENCODE and WRITE without much loss of performance As PCs increase in power this would be okay but we keep increasing the initial work aswell (eg PC video standard resolution in 1993 was 176x144 by 1997 it was 720x576 and now in 2005 we are on the edge of HiDef which is 1280x1024 getting close to 10 fold more work. The main reason that this is difficult is WINDOWS. Windows, whislt being a very smart peice of work, cannot compare to the memory allocation of dedicated hardware - look at PS2 emulation - the console itself was not much more than a PentuimII, it is the dedicated usage of the hardware that makes it so good. My digital watch (if I owned one) has more processing power than the apollo moon landers yet cannot do half of things... It may sound like I'm saying get a better PC - but I'm really saying dont bother... This was because you said it was an honest question - I hope i have made sense and help in some way...

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2021.8.2005 5:18

or to try and put it simpiler: 720 horisontal pixels muliplied by 576 vertical pixels = 414,720 pixels PER frame, multiplied by 25 frames per second = 103,680,000 pixels per second (103 million, mind you), and each pixel has a 256bit color palette that the CPU has to compare/combine into its nearest pixels and process. Phew...! Last time I tried to encode a simple RAW/BMP image sequence into a MPEG2 movie stream, my WinXP 2.8GHz Celery4 (1GB cheapo RAM) takes around 4x time (6 frames per second...). Other people probably have faster PCs... This is why we dont try and ENCODE whilst DISPLAYING at the same time..! PS: a video PREVIEW is not the same thing as a DISPLAY, and most video DISPLAY is done by the GPU_VIDEO_OVERLAY (to take the work load off of the CPU and make playback smoother) and so cannot be touched by the CPU to reENCODE it anyway...

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2121.8.2005 5:37

Thank you Newberry: your explanation was not boring at all, and I think I even understood most of it! In a way it's encouraging -- because the problem appears to be "merely" one of capacity, as opposed to a conceptual or theoretical roadblock. BTW, I agree with the framers of the US constitution that inventors and authors/composers should have a right to benefit from their creations for a reasonable period of time. However, the corporate interests that control the US government have perverted this laudable goal and carried it to a ridiculous extreme (the absurd renewal of Disney's patent on Mickey Mouse a few years ago is a good example). A new means of remunerating creative talent needs to be devised that DOES NOT include intruding into people's homes to count their dvd's, or arresting kids for downloading their favorite music. Just my opinion...

2221.8.2005 5:40

Sorry Nickberry for getting your moniker wrong. Guess I conflated the "New" part from "Newbie" and invented a new berry. Can I patent that?

2321.8.2005 5:48

You certainly can - but you're running the risk of someone infringing on your patent, or claiming that its was their idea - are you sure you can handle that...?

2421.8.2005 20:30

ok here goes correct me if i am wrong when tapes yes old tapes first came out didn't record companies get a cut of each one sold because of copying?? The same problems we are facing today with DVDs?? and Cds for that matter. Box office have stunk recently. you can blame whomever you please. Weather it be the rise in burners economy(which I never hear about) The cost in gas in which it takes to get to the theater, Cost of movie tickets, the fact that movie stink and alot of them are remakes of old movies. Lets get real. For me and my wife this is the break down 2 Movie tickets = $16.00 Popcorn and 2 drinks = $10.50 Babysitter for daughter = $20.00 Grand Total = $47.50 Then if I liked the movie and want to buy the DVD it's anouther $15.00 WOW 62.50 for a movie. Why so high?? Actors want millions for movies, why, because they need a new house, recently divorced want to show up the X?? Cost of making a movie?? That most companies get back the first weekend anyway?!? Frankly I'm a 25 year old that barely lives paycheck to paycheck! When I get a lil extra money I don't waste it on going to the movies anymore!! We go to the park, play mini golf or twidle our thumbs. Thats why I don't go to the movies twice a month like I used to! And who knows how many others are out there just like me! Oh and if I read correctly last years CD sales were up, back to where they were before Kazza, napster and others!! Besides when a car goes down the street windows open music blarring wether it be a "legal or illegal" copyied CD isn't that free advertisement?? Hell, I rarly see a comercial for an artists cd releasing soon? Only on the radio! Besides that look at the popularity of satalite, everybody that listens to that won't hear the same thing that plays on FM or AM radio. And music hasn't been that good either! Back to DVDs, I buy my 4 year old daughter 2 DVDs a month. They are ruined in about a month. Not cause we miss handle them, cause we handle them ALOT!! so thats anouther $30.00 a month gone to the movie industry!! So Movie and Music industry, cause I know yall read these sites, instead of blaming "We the people" Try blaming yourselfs. Lower your prices for a change Honestly does Tom Cruise need anouther 14 million per movie?? You may see a change in ticket sales. Why not try it nothing else seems to work. And Dear government, Instead of going after collage kids Downloading songs from sites for personal use, Try hitting the flee markets where people copied DVDs for personal gain! You keep on going after "We the people" but I believe the law says we can make copies of the movies we own. On that I may be mistaken and somebody will correct. Who knows we may actually have rights in this country. And there may be a lawyer smart enough to find a loop hole that can help people out then turn against all you big wigs. I believe that we are not the problem, maybe yall need to change how you guys handle yalls busness. You guys in media are the ones that pushed us into the 21 century, made us change how we spent our money. Now change, suffer the aftermath, or get out of the way. I think thats all I have to say for now. Please feel free to forward these comments from a true blue collar, american boy to any corporate big wigs in any industry you feel, cause I believe alot of americans feel the same way I do.

2522.8.2005 13:01

There are several points that really grind my ass on this - but the main two are these. 1.The RIAA I have no doubt have Sony as a member/contributor - and yet for 10 years they have been more than happy to sell CD/DVD Burners - make millions of $ on them with FULL knowledge of what people where doing with them - hypocrites? 2.The record/movie industry for the last 15 years have been fleecing kids for every penny they can get - using the stupidity of a generation to get rich fast and ignoring the silent majority - this majority has no intrest in Spears/Aguilerra/Spice Girls or endless mass manufactured PG/12 certificate crap fests. And now as the idiot generation grow up they see this plan no longer works and slowly the profits are falling. The infrastructure of these industries has been eaten away by 15 years of greed and now they are desperate for a scapegoat. Nobody will admit they have been picking the pockets of children for a decade and that this very greed has caused a rot to set in - so blame it on the www - it's the same as blaming violence on TV/video games rather than poverty and bad government policy! The fact is that they all need to wake up and realise that the entire industry needs to start from scratch and make a product worth spending money on. Ban the www in it's entirety and I still will not buy chart music or go see crap films. The fact that getting rid of Bit Torrent has done nothing at all to recover Box Office takings - and now we can see even decent films are suffering. They only have themselves to blame - and I have no sympathy at all for any of them.

2622.8.2005 22:10

Well, All I can say is I remeber back to when it cost $6 or $7 to get into Disneyland. Then you had to buy tickets to continue using the rides. After several price increases (like the price of a movie ticket) I had to stop visiting Disneyland. Since movie ticket have increased in price I find I only go when I see something I really want to see on the large screen and then I wait for a daytime showing on Tuesdays when theater(s) offer the movie at $5.50 otherwise I pass. I never expect to return to Disneylnd because it is out of my price range. Someday I know a movie ticket will be out of my price range just like the Disney Tix....

2722.8.2005 22:42

In Reply to Lawndog & Buxton comments.. Bloody well said you champions.. They have been taking all of us for a ride for way to long , and now they want to lay blame.. Sad sacks is all that comes to mind at first thought.. Pricks have robbing parents and children OFF ,FOR Way to long , it's time to pay the piper you Pricks.

2824.8.2005 11:44

Some real good comments in this discussion. Some real world observations. Pop/country/rap/whatever (it's all the same thing) music, Main stream movies, Video games and nearly all of pop culture in general has always been crap and will always be crap. I haven't been seriously interested in anything "Pop" since I turned about 21 or 22 years old. Now days, the forceful "push" of advertisers to children is worse than ever. I think of how the "Country" genre is so brand oriented or how the "Rap" industry has complete control of the purchassing by its followers. Personally, I would be insulted by this, but then, I've been ignoring pop trends for a long time. It's not me wasting my money on this crap. The ability for the masses to control these trends truely threatens these industries. They see that it is quite possible that people will wake up and see this stuff for what it is. They will lose their hold on the minds of the kids. This is why they are fighting so vigorously. Remember, it's not your $8 that they are trying to get. It's the $8 that the kid gets as allowance. They don't care that you think movies are crap as long as they can market their stuff the way they want then they'll make their money. If movies become as available as music is on the net then the days of the "Summer Blockbuster" will be over. No more mega profits. No more marketing control. True democracy. This is what they fear.

2924.8.2005 12:06

I just counted - and so far I have bought 14 CD's this year. Not one of which is because I heard a song on the radio (I never listen any radio) and none because I saw a video on TV. Every single one I have bought has been down to sifting through the "people who bought this also bought this" lists on Amazon - downloading on Bit Torrent - listening - then buying. I am sure lots of people will simply refuse to believe this! Like I care - I have the CD's right here in front of me and I know how I came about them. DVD's are the same - I download films - I get given films - I also buy a hell of a lot of films - however none of it is mainstream - none of it was because I saw a film at the cinema - I haven't been to the cinema in about six months. I can tell if a film is good or crap - it will get bought if it is good. What is my point you are asking. Before Napster/Kazza/ and the rest of them I didn't buy CD's - I didn't buy movies. P2P generates intrest and gets you buying - I fail to see why they can't understand this - it's not complex. Sooner or later there will be nothing left to blame it on - they will make all media impossible to crack - impossible to copy - they will lock the internet down so there is no file sharing - and CD's and box office takings will continue to slump. Just because someone will watch/listen something for free - doesn't for one second mean it's good enough to waste money on. And trying to force you makes you even more stubborn.

I don't know what I am doing.

AMD64 X2-4600
Geil Platinum 4x512Mb
nVidia 8800Gts 320Mb

3024.8.2005 13:01

Hello?! We have writable dual layer media now! Don't need Shrink anymore. Yes... dual layer is expensive, but just wait a little longer. Soon it will be under $1/disk and they will be giving away the old single layer disks for free!

3124.8.2005 15:24

Buxton, you're not alone. I read on one of the e-news services that in fact folks who fileshare on the average BUY more cd's/dvd's than folks who don't. The companies of course know this. There's a psychology here: these people basically hate the young, even though they make their livings off them. The urge to blame young people for the ills of society and to use them as pawns for political correctness goes back at least 2500 years -- remember WHY Socrates was executed! Anyway, it's good that there are widely read sites like this one where a little sanity can be introduced. Maybe some practical change will come of it, though I'm skeptical about that part. And BTW Lawndog, you said it real well, whatever color your collar is!

3225.8.2005 10:05

Sorry I made a mistake - I have purchased 17 CD's - I think it is more than that - I have lent several to my brother - OH GOD - he is listening to music he didn't pay for. I am sharing music illegally on the "Real Life" P2P network. Oh No it gets worse - he had his window down and people in the street - TOTAL STRANGERS are now hearing this as well. Also just this very day I lent a DVD Box set I purchased a few weeks ago to a friend - more illegal sharing of media. This will get me locked away surely? That's a total of £50 stolen from the pockets of those poor little billionairs! I feel dirty and ashamed.

3325.8.2005 10:06

..........doesn't it sound pathetic and childish depending on the context?

3426.8.2005 11:33

So what's wrong with pathetic and childish? I've been doing both for several decades now...

3527.8.2005 21:59

Shuneur.. several decades,,, does that mean you you have been coping and reformating 8 track's & vinyl's from the past , not to mention the old favorite,, wait 4 it ,,, commodore Just kidding with you ok DEcades..

3628.8.2005 8:27

I remember when Decca WAS vinyl! Ah, the smell of a new 45, the promise of romance in that packet of metal needles, the little RCA doggie on the record player... And no, in answer to your next question: I DIDN'T have to wind the thing up!

378.9.2005 2:58

DVDShrink site back on the road -

381.4.2007 14:21

I'm new to post here but I have been using DVD Shrink and any dvd for awhile, and for the most part have had no problems, untill I ran into sony's new copy protection on their dvd's. I haven't been able to copy even one of thoes disks, and i'm talking about the regular version dvd's not Blu-ray. I cannot even get them to play in my older dvd player, but it would never play my back-up copies as it was. I have never seen it just reject a store baught dvd ever untill sony enacted it's version of copy protection. I hope they will find that others are having problems and change back to whatever format they were using before. ~FRILLANT~

***OOPS i didn't mean to resurrect this very old thread with an irrelevant post***

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