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ratDVD updated to v0.75.1331

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 23 Aug 2005 17:44

ratDVD updated to v0.75.1331 ratDVD, a tool that allows you to compress an entire DVD (keeping functionality and all extras etc..) into single .ratDVD file has been updated to v0.75.1331. With the update comes several improvements, such as more birate options which will please many encoding enthusiasts who have used our ratDVD forum to suggest more flexability in the past. There were also several bug fixes made and Hebrew and Islandic translations have been added. Here is the changelog...

  • Detailed analyze of DVD stream data with preview and graph on video and other content streams:
  • -Enables the display of all streams with exact size data
  • -Enables automatic destination size estimation when stream selection is changed
  • -Bitrate graph for video and other(audio, subpicture, navigation) streams
  • DVD to ratDVD output size estimation/rate control:
  • -Needed to fit ratDVD files on physical media like CD/DVD for standalone players with direct ratDVD support
  • -Constant average Bitrate implementation
  • -Tuned to full DVD content
  • Web Service for optional sharing of analyze results with others:
  • -Simple http request to
  • New command line options useful for batch operations:
  • -Transcoding method to use
  • -Quality level
  • -Bitrate
  • -Use of ratDVD naming scheme
  • -Forbid retrival of analyse data from ratDVD server
  • Added Hebrew translation
  • Added Icelandic translation
  • New Options dialog
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fix for Shellextension that caused Windows Explorer not to display some DVD Covers from tagged ratDVDs in thumbnail mode
  • Fix to enable creating double layer DVDs from ratDVD
  • -In case of a very long ratDVD or a ratDVD with many very big included streams it is now possible to recreate the original DVD to a double layer media which can lead to significantly better quality
  • Fix for a decoding problem that sometimes could happen in case of different quality settings for different cellsets
  • Fix for problems with registering filters during installation that caused playback problems
  • Fix for a problem converting ratDVDs with multiple dots in file name.

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