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DVDFab Decrypter updated to v2.9.6.2

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Dec 2005 18:54 User comments (10)

DVDFab Decrypter, an excellent freeware DVD ripper from Fengtao software, has been updated to v2.9.6.2. In this update, nothing much has changed except for more improvements in copy protection removal of Sony ARccOS. DVDFab Decrypter is a good replacement for DVD Decrypter for DVDs that you have trouble ripping. Now with so many problems arising with making backups (especially with Macrovision's RipGuard finally making its appearance), it's best that all users keep up to date with their rippers.
Here is the changelog...

  • Change: Improved "Sony ARccOS protection" detection and removal engine.
  • New: Added support for a new ARccOS protection as found on "The Longest Yard" (R2, Greece).
  • Also, we can make sure "Madagascar" (US) contains Macrovision RipGuard, which was already supported from version

You can download DVDFab Decrypter from:

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10 user comments

12.12.2005 4:44

I have used many decrypters, ripper and burners.Always setting to the right DVD - (minus) and no matter what Iwhen I watch the burnt movie there are glitches and stopping.Also these movies can only play (poorly) on on my newest player.All of these company's claim perfect copyies, but none deliver. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP

22.12.2005 5:19

Hi, you must be doing something wrong then. I am only a novice at all this but I generally get great results. I use Shrink, DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD. I have found that the cheaper your DVD player is the better the results......Don't ask me why! I have a really expensive Sony that will not play most 'backups', I also have 2 very cheap players from supermarkets that play everything. Keep trying & Good luck.

32.12.2005 6:05

I use the same set up you have DVD shrink/DVD decrypter and these only play on my expense SONY not my cheaper ones ( 5 machines) I do not know why

42.12.2005 6:18

skonicus, Dont post this in the article comments, read the 1000's of threads about DVD Shrink if you are having problems. Note: You should NOT have any problems with Shrink/Decrypter, or shrink/anydvd, or for that matter shrink/dvdfab, they all work.

52.12.2005 8:57

The software programs work flawlessly for myself, but as I had had problems with pixelation, no matter what media I tried, it ended up being the burner that was the problem. For backing up DVD movies, I'd highly recommend spending the cash to get the best of the best in DVD burners. For a limited budget, I'd recommend Lite-On's SOHW-1633S (8x), or 1693S (16x) burners. They can be found online for around $40.00. For others, Sony's DRU-810. Either of those drives work really well, and I have yet to make any coasters since purchasing my Lite-On drive. The drive I was having issues with was the LDW-411S...even with it's last firmware update, the quality was useless.

62.12.2005 9:30

I personally use DVD Shrink dvdfab and slysoft AnyDVD for my backups and they all play well on my computer and they can viewed through my video card to a video s out jack and into a regular tv monitor via Nero showtime. I also have a pioneer standalone dvd player that coat me $100.00 and i also have a cyberhome dvd player i payed $40.00 at walmart and my dvd backups play just fine. Not only do you have to worry about a functional dvd decyrpter like slysoft and a burning engine like Nero recode but you also have to have a aspi supported dvd burner and a aspi or patin couffin driver utility mounted in the harddrive or otherwise you will be wasting a lot of dvd blanks and making coffee coasters out of them. Without these drivers the motherboard and operating system and dvd burner will have communications problems with each other.

72.12.2005 9:43

Thanks everyone, it seems that my computers dvd burner that is seperate of my dvd player is the problem.I guess. Thnx

82.12.2005 13:07

I like everyone else was ticked off when I heard that DVD Decrypter had been bought off by Macrovision and then ordered off this site. So for everyone who wants it but doesn't know were to get it just search any clean P2P program. Programs like these will float around on P2P networks FOREVER.

911.12.2005 9:32

I have used DVD Shrink and Decrypter now for a very long time, I have the occasional failure such backing up my Ma and Pa Kettle Vol 1 (Keep getting errors from both programs)but overall neither program has let me down, I recently purchased AnyDVD and ConeDVD 2 they do as they promise and I'm impressed with both but still no back up for Ma and Pa Kettle. All the DVD players in my home play the backup disks without exception and none cost me any more than $100, to burn I use Nero and have a LG GSA - 40408 and a Lite-On SOHW-1693S, both are budget priced but terrific burners highly recommended.

1011.11.2006 8:40

The reason why u say cheaper is better it's really not it's just that if it's a more expensive one it's much more older cause back n the day dvds where the new thing and they had horrible lenses that couldn't read and DVD-R next time u buy a reall expensive dd player get one that is compatible for DVD-R and oh ya bd-r just came out i got a burner for it 489$ it's amazing and it burns HD-DVD i would get that it's amazing expcially on a 40' LCD My dad's rich

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