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AnyDVD v5.6.1.1 targets Macrovision's RipGuard

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Dec 2005 12:18 User comments (11)

AnyDVD v5.6.1.1 targets Macrovision's RipGuard With the amount of problems users have been having lately making backups of new movies they buy, it is important to keep updated on software changes that tackle these copy protections. AnyDVD's latest update, v5.6.1.1, has support for two Macrovision RipGuard protected titles, Madagascar (R1) and Vet Hard (R2). Using past versions of AnyDVD with CloneDVD to make a backup of a RipGuard protected movies has worked, but this version supports copying the files from the disc to a HDD also.
The Information window also now tells you if Macrovision RipGuard is detected. Support was also added for a new version of Sony ARccOS that's found on Seinfeld Season 6 Disc 3 (R2) (German). For those unfamiliar with AnyDVD, it is a tool that automatically removes the copy protection and RPC region codes from your DVDs when you insert the disc in. All of this is done in the background. SlySoft keeps AnyDVD up to date to cover new DVD releases, so it is a good investment.

Here is the changelog...

  • New: Added detection and removal of a new type of protection "MacroVision RipGuard" as found on "Madagascar WideScreen" R1 (US) or "Vet Hard" R2 (Netherlands) to the option to remove "Protection based on unreadable Sectors"
  • Note: RipGuard could be copied together with elby CloneDVD2 since AnyDVD version, but this new version supports drag and drop of all files from DVD to harddisk as well!
  • New: Added support for a new version of the Sony Arccos protection as found on "Seinfeld Season 6 Disc 3" R2 (German) to the option to remove "Protection based on unreadable Sectors"
  • New: Information Window now shows MacroVision RipGuard, if it was detected.
  • New: Information Window now displays, if "Error zones between files" have been removed, like on "Resident Evil - Apocalypse" R1 (US)

You can download AnyDVD from:

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11 user comments

12.12.2005 12:31

This is the best piece of software a person can own for coping their movies, it has never failed me once

22.12.2005 15:38

unfortunately it's only a matter of time before "they" start harassing slysoft telling them to stop developing their great software just like they did DVD Decrypter =(

32.12.2005 17:49

neurokasm, SlySoft was originally developed in Germany. But when they started to crack down on them. The software was sold to a company based in the Caribbean. Bermuda , I believe. They sell by internet only and it is not against the law in Bermuda to sell this type of software. Just like prostitution is illegal in most places in the USA , except in parts of Nevada. [ etc ]

43.12.2005 2:16

Like 72morgan said this software is based in the Caribbean no one can touch it there...Where piracy began, Not the movies ether real life pirates how kick ass!

53.12.2005 15:13

How bout offering another discount during the holiday season

63.12.2005 22:42

Like 72morgan said this software is based in the Caribbean no one can touch it there
This is the best piece of software a person can own for coping their movies, it has never failed me once
I especially like how it removes the pesky intros and previews from backups.

79.12.2005 4:26

Why do you need this software? The only reason is to allow some discs which have new 'blocking' technology to be ripped. Otherwise it is not necessary to have it to rip or backup movies using DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink. It is also not freeware which is a definite negative. Unless you are addicted to Clone DVD or similar for backing up, this software is not necessary. It is only a matter of time before they are sued anyway because the software is not free and they are making a profit from breaking the law. Sorry to all you Slysoft fans out there.

89.12.2005 5:17

I wonder how long it will be before slysoft is attacked and put out of business. Also, I don't think that some of the companies that just provide copying software (no copy protection) realize it yet but once all the companies that produce decrypter software are put out of business there sales will drop through the floor. There is plenty of free software that just does copying. In recent history we have seen DVD Decrypter, DVD XCOPY, and DVDSHRINK stop making updates for there programs. It is only a matter of time before slysoft is attacked.

919.12.2005 17:59

i agree wit u pa104inf y=ur i hope slysoft is never shutdown

1013.2.2006 2:00

What's DVD Decrypter will work on mac computers?

1123.2.2006 12:55

The goood news is that Slysoft is not in Bermuda--which is a British colony. It's in Antigua, an independent country in the Carribbean. Their primary activity is tourism. So, the odds are that Slysoft is the largest software firm in this country and a generator of a lot of (tax) money for the Antiguan economy. There's no incentive for the Antiguans to shut down Slysoft. True AnyDVD is the best out there but there are alternatives (DVDFab, for example) and China is a big source of them. We (Americans) have a legal right to back up our DVDs. There'll always be a big market force rippers. So I'm not overly worried. Greedywood and its enforcers, the KGBPAA as well as the RIAA-Gestapo will overplay their hand eventually. In fact there's a woman in N. CA whose finally challenged an RIAA lawsuit based solely on her IP address. As anyone with an ounce of 'Net knowledge knows, highjacking an IP address ain't that hard. Especially, as in this case, the woman had an unsecured wireless internet router. If she wins it is a huge setback for the KGBPAA/RIAA.

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