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VSO-Software fears the worst with DADVSI bill

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Dec 2005 8:26 User comments (15)

VSO-Software fears the worst with DADVSI bill VSO-Software, a company famous for tools such as BlindWrite and DivxToDVD, fears that a bill the French government is about to pass could lead to the end of the company. Here is an article posted on the homepage of the VSO-Software site...
The French government is about to pass a bill known as the DADVSI (Droits d'Auteur et Droits Voisins dans la Socit de l'Information n1206) prohibiting everything that could be considered as a tool or a solution to bypassing protections or read copyrighted formats. VSO Products may be banished as well as P2P clients, instant messaging, emails, Internet servers using GNU licensing, and free software including the most popular media players.

Today, French citizens may no longer be able to make a safe backup of their purchased CDs, Movies, Games, etc. or use a software/hardware reader of their choice. Tomorrow, other countries may use this law as a model.

In addition to killing off the right to private copying while keeping the fees associated to it, according to the DADVSI bill, the simple act of using software to read a DVD that is not authorized by the DVD editor could lead up to a 3-year jail sentence and a 300 000 Euros fine.

Invasion of your privacy is also in this law... all the French ISPs will be forced to install a global filter system to prevent any P2P activity and check all email attachments. This will be by far the most restrictive copyright law ever in the world, turning legal users into criminals by the millions.

Please join VSO Software defending your rights to a choice , take a minute to sign the petition.

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We also reported yesterday about how the same bill may effect VideoLAN.


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15 user comments

17.12.2005 8:41

I would gladly sign it, but I don't speak french... where do you have to click once you are on that page?

27.12.2005 8:46

this is ridicous i'll defintely sign that petition only setback that i can't find the place to sign it.

37.12.2005 8:54

all i can say is "holy crap". where can i sign?

47.12.2005 8:54

looks like VSO Products (from France) will have to go the islands as slysoft (anydvd)did(they are originally from Germany).to be able to keep selling there software.

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57.12.2005 9:15

all they are doing is killing french recording software builder companies and trying to scare everybody with the jail thing. the answer is.... download a different software that does not come from france. hahahaha the french are fucking morons! VSO software blows anyway! Peace, Ampgod

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67.12.2005 9:19

In news comments, watch your language and quit the "I hate everybody" attitude. If you can't comment like a mature person, then don't comment at all.

77.12.2005 9:31

wow talk about a Police state its not hard to say that they are about to eat cake because its about o rain down on their(the french governments) parade Id be worried if I was in france but since im not id let those who are remmber revelution maybe this is a war that they can win their freedom ... the way it s writen no one will be safe and or even the government this includes anyone who uses the expolre option on there cd connected to the computer this means anyone using search or open or even a pre-set that scans your cd or dvd when inserted.. so who in the government will be the first under this new rule... some one should show them they over stepped it ....

87.12.2005 9:35

We must keep the underground alive. It's guerilla warfare time now. Vive le resistance!

97.12.2005 9:53

This is starting to get to me, who is the government in France the people, or is it a dictatorship or big money ?. Here in the states I feel we are govern by the big money boys..try to vote some one out of office and then ye will see the big money boys step in. to protect there back sides.

107.12.2005 10:19

but if someone sends the presadentta or prime minister or cabnet minister to open a cd by placing it in the drive then arnt they guilty and have to give up their post.... this sounds unlikely but if any judge can find that the government is at fualt then it will need to investagate and change its policys ..... this is a pre-quest to the witch hunts from our Salem Mass days.... lets hope the french people will have beter outcome... or will it become the least tourest freindly country in the world.... and will they advertise it to the tourest?

117.12.2005 10:32

My French isn't great but for those who want to sign the petition here is what to do. 1. Click the link in the story above 2. Click on the big link which says "Signex et faites signer la petition" 3. Click on link which says "Signer la petition" 4. Fill in your surname, first name, any other interesting info and email address and click "Signer"

127.12.2005 12:49

Don't the governments of the world get it. It the people don't support a law, it does nothing by passing it. There are countless example throughout history. Probition didn't stop drinking. The DMCA hasn't stopped pirating. And how's that war on drugs coming along? These laws are a waste of time. As long as someone out there is willing to provide the service, and people wish to use the service, these laws do nothing but make a minority of people feel good. Don't get me wrong. I don't advocate breaking the law. Just pointing out the facts.

137.12.2005 22:34

You may want two think twice about signing that petition.For one,If they intend to do this,nothing is going to stop them.It's possible all they want to do is cache a list of people to attack's also possible that im dead wrong.But it's a fact that you'll divulge your i.p. to thier logs. b-carefull

148.12.2005 13:12

and remember to drink plenty of coffee :D

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158.12.2005 14:10

i think Germany's gonna get a law like this soon or later, and by then they have to shut down ahead corp the maker of Nero software. It's gonna be a nice fight over it.

stop hoping, start loving.

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