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SlySoft offers holiday discount to AfterDawn users

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 16 Dec 2005 0:22 User comments (49)

SlySoft offers holiday discount to AfterDawn users SlySoft is offering a discount to AfterDawn users who buy their products before 1st of January, 2006. The discount can be redeemed by using promotion code "afterdawn" when making a purchase through SlySoft's site.
Discount depends on how many products customer buys. Customers buying one product will get total discount of $5 (off normal price of $39), those buying two products will get discount of $10 (normal price $59) and those who buy three products get a discount of $15 (normal price $78).

To purchase either AnyDVD, CloneDVD or CloneCD, simply visit SlySoft's site at:

Enter the promotion code "afterdawn" on the Personal Information page at the checkout to receive the discount.

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49 user comments

116.12.2005 6:32

This an excellent opportunity for the few of you who haven't already purchased this great software to do so!!

216.12.2005 10:56

Why do they think we can't read????? TO BUY AnyDVD AND CLONE IT IS $26 DOLLAR EACH NOW THAT IS $52...TOTAL

316.12.2005 11:05

Bummer! I purchased AnyDVD and CloneDVD this past Tuesday and tried the promotion code which wasn't working. I should have waited.

416.12.2005 15:56

Neat! 3 things for nearly the price of 2!

516.12.2005 16:58

damn just bought mine the other day, missed the promo =( and I even waited a couple weeks and decided to not wait any longer.. lol go figure

616.12.2005 17:25

Sweeet just what I was hoping for!!

716.12.2005 17:49

Just bought all three! Thanks AD & Slysoft

816.12.2005 19:06

Outstanding cause my copy of CloneDVD just ran out today so now I can use the discount. Don't these guys just kick butt!!!!!

916.12.2005 21:17

what if "the man" raids slysoft and gets the list of everyone who bought AnyDVD and CloneDVD? that's kinda why I'd never buy their software.

1017.12.2005 6:22

Hey, guys! ive jst registered a few days ago...does the promotion applies to me also?

1117.12.2005 6:29

I don't think that "the man" can raid slysoft. It is an offshore company where this software and company is legal. The U.S. has no jurisdiction there. Any way this software is the greatest thing ever. Everyone should own AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Flawless...

1217.12.2005 10:19

get me

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1317.12.2005 10:20

i didn't mean to post profanities

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1417.12.2005 11:20

Anyone having problems with Any dvd along with Nero 7?

1517.12.2005 11:29

Hey, I'm part of the silent majority out here expanding my knowledge of the digital world through all you smart and sauve people on this site, You've all helped me through a lot of hurdles and for that I wish you all the best for the holidays, Now if I can just get a little better understanding of what part of cybor knowledge this 50centg is offering, maybe I'll master all... Thanx to all from the G-spot

1617.12.2005 11:32

Happy Holidays to everyone.

1717.12.2005 13:32

Don't Buy this crap. You can do the exact some thing with DVD Fab, DVD Decrypter, and DVD 43 and DVD Shrink for a total of $0 Dollars. Any Dvd just gets past protection like 2 days earlier than most. Do you need to spend 26 bucks for 2 days?

1817.12.2005 13:36

Too late bought it already.

1917.12.2005 15:20

Any Dvd just gets past protection like 2 days earlier than most. Do you need to spend 26 bucks for 2 days?
anydvd also removes the crap (previews, etc.) from your backups, shrink and decrypter do not, i'm pretty sure. does DVD43 do this? just wondering.

2017.12.2005 15:42

Sometimes it removes the previews and sometimes it does not. I should have waited 4 days and I would have saved $10 with the promo.

2117.12.2005 20:11

You can probably do it with VOB Blanker. I'm certain there is some free program for that type of authoring.

2218.12.2005 1:30

Argg, No one cares about alternatives. If they were they wouldnt of clicked on this news article for the discount code to buy the product. anyDVD works easyer and faster then anything else on the market, that said CloneDVD is the perfect companion. And it removes the crap and previews everytime if you know what your doing.

2318.12.2005 4:01

I dont like hocus pocus...i like fast & easy,then AnyDVD & CloneDVD is perfect!

2418.12.2005 7:19

50centg keep your playground language to yourself or you're outta here

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2518.12.2005 9:10

I prefer CloneDVD over DVD Shrink because I never have to worry about seeing any red in CloneDVD. Also the advantage of AnyDVD shows when backing up Bewitched with its revisied copy protection.

2618.12.2005 13:52

Dude Bewitched can be backed up with DVD Shrink and DVD 43. You don't even need Decypter. Stop wasting your money people. These guys who always talk about AnyDVD work for Slysoft or something.

2718.12.2005 14:48

AnyDVD and CloneDVD, simply put, are the easiest to use with consistently the best results.

2818.12.2005 17:36

VOB Blanker is a pain in the ass. I mean it's easy to use and I liked it at first but it adds another step to the process. It does take a few minutes to do as well. AnyDVD and CloneDVD keep it quick and simple.

2918.12.2005 17:39

dvd43 is slow to update for new protections while AnyDVD is updated right away.

3018.12.2005 17:41

dvd43 is slow to update for new protections while AnyDVD is updated right away.

3118.12.2005 17:47

I purchased AnyDVD but I wish I could have gotten $10 off with the promo. I purchased it last tuesday and saw the promo on friday.

3218.12.2005 18:34

ANY DVD best bang for the buck. Frequent updates to boot. DVD43 just had their first update in 4 months. So theres more than 2 days difference.

3318.12.2005 18:38

Argg I could have respected your comments minus the flame. It seems that you have a history of bashing anyone who has something good to say about Slysoft. You are the same guy everybody warns us about. You travel from forum to forum looking for a FlameWar. It is impossible for you to say something intelligent without following it up with something STUPID. In my post I simply said that I “prefer” to use CloneDVD. I didn’t tell everyone to go out and buy it. Although, there is nothing wrong with supporting Slysoft or DVD43 if they were to become shareware and no I don’t work for them.END

3418.12.2005 19:08

I'll probably try DVD43 in the near future to see if I recommend it for those that rip and burn occasionally. AnyDVD costs $$$ abd DVD43 is free.

3518.12.2005 20:16

Argg, Stupid response. If you think everyone here works for SlySoft. I've used AnyDVD and CloneDVD since I got a dvd burner, Theres not one title out there ive been able not to copy! Now, All my family and friends use and recommend it aswell never one issue or problem for anyone I talk to.

3619.12.2005 0:35

Long live the Fox and the Sheep... the software is excellent and those who use it know it. Just as amazing are Decrypter, 43 and Shrink. This week I bought DVD RB Pro and VideoReDo. Incredible stuff ! The Brains that create such software deserve praise, not being thrashed in an open forum. ESPECIALLY over whether it's FREE or not !

3719.12.2005 8:52

DVD Decrypter and Shrink are all right programs but they dont even come close to AnyDVD. Decrypter is not updated near enough and shrink still has to many complications with other programs out there, it seems alot of there fixes are related to compatibility issues with our utilities.

3819.12.2005 10:00

I have been using DVD 43 or Fab decryter sucessfully but have finally come up against a disk that DVD 43 starts copying but stops when it reaches around 98% completion with the message that the disk is copy protected. FAB Decrypter lets me copy the disk but when I check the version on my hard drive before I burn a disk the copy is pixelated terribly. The disk I want to copy is "war of the worlds". Has anyone else had this problem?

3919.12.2005 10:18

Nope. I was able to copy that Movie Perfectly. There is not a movie out today that requires you to have AnyDVD to be able to copy. Not 1.

4019.12.2005 11:39

Actually, You don't really need CloneDvd you could use Anydvd with Dvd Shrink and it would do the same thing.

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4119.12.2005 14:19

AnyDVD and CloneDVD is the best thing out there.. I don't even use 321 studios software anymore.. Put the movie in and AnyDVD decrypts and Clone DVD does the rest Its easy and simple and you can make as many backups as your like and not have to got the whole process as you would with 321.. BUY it, its well worth the


4219.12.2005 14:43

I purchased AnyDVD last week and I was put a block on my bank account soon afterwards. Got it resolved though

4319.12.2005 15:26

@Argg >There is not a movie out today that requires you to have AnyDVD to be able to copy. Not 1.< Because *you* haven't found one doesn't mean there isn't one. How about the "Settec ALPHA-DVD protection" like on "Old Boy - Final Edition" (Korea)? Does DVD43 crack the protection? DVDDecrypter? DVDFabDecrypter? I doubt it. AnyDVD? Sure.

4420.12.2005 12:59

Actually, I have never used any SlySoft software. I have seen the raves (reviews.) Somehow for now other products have always worked for me updates or not. The problem may be future when newer protection arrives and copy software vendors are closed by agreements and law suits. So far, copy protection for DVDs and music CDs have been easily circumvented or cracked within hours or minutes of release. Simple things work often even Magic Markers in some cases. About the free copy software, they always work perfect for me like I want them to also. But then I'm not a big time cracker. Most of us are not big time. Do you other guys realize that?.

4520.12.2005 17:36

hey argg, looks like everyone in here doesn't agree with you at all. You know what they say, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" AnyDVD is the greatest!! If you tried the process with CloneDVD and AnyDVD then you would know.

4621.12.2005 7:00

argg...isn't that what pirates say? Explain your vendetta then we could understand the issue and maybe not think your rantings are unreasonable. I love AnyDVD and would not choose to be without it even if I have to purchase it again.

4722.12.2005 13:44

Please re-subscribe. The unsub link is so big I accidentally click it everytime i SEE IT. Sorry, Paul

4823.12.2005 23:00

I switched from Shrink and dvdfab decrypter to AnyDVD and CloneDVD, havent had a didnt i couldnt copy. I will be purchasing those before the 1st

4921.12.2006 2:46

Why is there a prolem with purchasing a $35 software (AnyDVD) to be able to quickly and effectively back up ALL DVD's. The price is only the purchase price of TWO new feature DVD's. I personally use AnyDVD & DVD Shrink for my back ups.

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