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Reminder: AfterDawn is hiring...

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 28 Dec 2005 11:44 User comments (24)

Reminder: AfterDawn is hiring... We simply wanted to remind our readers again about the fact that we're looking for a news/guide writer for our site and that the deadline is set to midnight 31st of December.
The position is a paid position and the applicant would begin work ideally in January or February, 2006. For more details, read our previous article about this position.

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24 user comments

129.12.2005 08:29

i won't get it, but recently becoming unemployed has motivated me to try anyway. :D

229.12.2005 15:07

I got through to 2nd round last time, but unfortunately I'm not old enough yet :( -Mike

329.12.2005 15:14

guess i'll just have to be patient :-) don't worry, and enjoy your goes quick. i'm only 18, and it's flying.

430.12.2005 05:52

Auslander, I bet it's you or ddp who gets the job ;)

530.12.2005 14:21

Yeah interesting, but my knowledge of Movie backups and digital video leaves a lot to be desired. Oh well.

630.12.2005 17:34

18 years old?!?!?!?!?1 CHRIST!!!!!!!!! Dude, when your my age you will feel absolutely ancient!!! LOL. Anyway, since I am 38, a video,audeo,electronic-phile...maybe I'll take a shot. Thanks!

731.12.2005 07:53

Surely not getting enough applicants if they need to remind us.. -Mike

831.12.2005 08:20

or (but less likely) they've got sooo many applicants they're hoping that some god of a writer will just pop up so that they don't have to g through thousands of applications, lol. anyhoo, i haven't heard back yet. *fingers crossed*

931.12.2005 12:51

If I wasn't such a newb when it comes to getting laundered money over the Internet, I'd gladly take the job. :) I'm just kidding. Man, if I wasn't already going to school, I would actually consider this. Oh well, hopefully somebody got this job. I'm looking forward to the new twist on the news (dRD needs a break:). Cha!

1031.12.2005 17:37

I want to try but can't; English is my second language. I've been learning over the past 5 years, but still, I'm not getting the hang of it when it comes to verb tense. I quess I'm just slow...or is it English is a hard language? Anyway, I may try out 5 years from now. ;) Hopefully...

1131.12.2005 17:43

Nah it's not you. I've been told by several Foriegn language teachers that English is the hardest second language to learn. I think Japanese is supposed to be quite difficult to learn as a second language as well. If you don't learn those second languages at an early age, they're rough.

1231.12.2005 17:45

loveya, try now as not all members' birth language is english! doggy_bot, why would i apply for something that i don't know about or have an interest in know. don't judge me with yourself as we are 2 totally different people as is everybody else. if auslander applies than he has just as much of a chance as anbody else qualified.

1331.12.2005 21:35

When I look there just to the southeast, I can still see the oak tree that we climbed and the great branch upon which we built our first tree house. From its great boughs we could clearly see our home to the north and behind us to the south we could make out the old sawmill stream precariously winding its way through the wood let that lined its uneven shore. Those were days of wonder and of bee stings and skinned knees. Long hazy days of summer that made time slow until each one seemed to last forever. The future then, lay shrouded in uncertainty as if carefully hidden from the view of children. And of others who in possessing the imagination to set their thoughts free still turned their eyes from it.

141.1.2006 06:14

sophocles, the username you've chosen is more than fitting :D

152.1.2006 04:18

I made it through to the second round of applicants along with mike and about 5 others :) But due to a change in work I am now completly un-able to put in the required hours. Which is a really big disapointment because writing for aD would be a dream come true. Maybe when my new business takes off and I am able to retire from security I will have the time for a writer position or a mod job, but until then I am forced to just "teach & learn". Good luck to all applicants.

162.1.2006 07:01

has the second round for this time around been chosen yet? i'm curious as to how it's going, lol.

172.1.2006 21:19

I made it through to the second round of applicants along with mike and about 5 others :) But due to a change in work I am now completly un-able to put in the required hours. Which is a really big disapointment because writing for aD would be a dream come true.
So the 2nd round has been picked? Or are you talking about the last time AD was hiring?

183.1.2006 03:40

He means last time. -Mike

193.1.2006 07:21

@ ddp A while back (when afterdawn was last hiring) you said that you would be great for the job yourself! Only problem was you didn't know alot about gaming.

203.1.2006 07:27

no i didn't! i don't even apply for a job if i'm not qualified to do unless that person thinks differently. what shows on my resume is what i actually did & not bs. this way i don't have to worry about failing a background check like what happened to a former co-worker.

215.1.2006 12:55

I applied back in November? I think and never heard anything more. Guess they didn't want me. :( might have been nice to receive a thank you or something.

227.1.2006 06:10

I'm sure there is a thankyou message when you submit your form. -Mike

231.3.2006 17:59

Should I assume the job has been filled, or did you guys change your mind?

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