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SlySoft releases CloneDVD mobile - offers discounts

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Feb 2006 21:24 User comments (13)

SlySoft releases CloneDVD mobile - offers discounts SlySoft has released a new product to add to its line-up, CloneDVD Mobile. Using the interface of the CloneDVD application, and the open source FFmpeg project, CloneDVD mobile can convert DVD video for portable devices such as a video iPod, Creative Zen Vision, Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) and iAudio X5. It can also output to several formats including DivX and XviD. Some of SlySoft's other products are CloneDVD, CloneCD and the popular AnyDVD.
To coincide with the release of CloneDVD Mobile, SlySoft is offering a discount to users on all their products. Users can take advantage of the discount by using the promotion code "afterdawn" (without quotes) during purchase. The offer is valid until 25th February 2006. The value of the coupon depends on the amount of licenses you will be acquiring. See below...

Number of products - Coupon Value
Single License (39$) - 5.00 US$
2 License Bundle (59$) - 10.00 US$
3 License Bundle (78$) - 15.00 US$
4 License Bundle (95$) - 20.00 US$

For example, if you were to purchase AnyDVD, CloneCD and CloneDVD, that would be a 3 license bundle (three products) and you would receive a $15 discount. So the price would be $63 instead of the usual $78. If you buy all four products offered by SlySoft you will receive a $20 discount, bringing the price to just $75.

Remember to use the promotion code afterdawn while purchasing the software. If you forget it, you won't receive any discounts.

To buy any of SlySoft's products and take advantage of this excellent offer, go to:

Download CloneDVD from:

Download the new CloneDVD Mobile from:

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13 user comments

11.2.2006 21:34

I always love Slysoft products there the best and always do a fine job it would b a excellent purchase :) Never seems to amaze me what the come up with Mobile device software this is really the next generation of multimedia. Good Work Slysoft.

22.2.2006 9:25

Yea i think slysoft always puts out a really good product with tons of updates and fixes to keep there stuff up to date. Cant go wrong with them

32.2.2006 14:18

I wish that I could enjoy their products… After several attempts to buy with two different credit cards that I have had no problem purchasing anything else on the web it gives me an auto decline. I am entering all my info correct and I have plenty available on my line. If “Slysoft” is listening please help. In fact I would be glad to even send you a money order.

42.2.2006 20:04

I didnt think it was as good as Nero recode myself, but others might like it. With Nero you can shrink down the file and use proper 320x240 whereas you cant on Slysoft's one. Just my two cents

53.2.2006 3:33

I downloaded the trial software but am having problems as the video is not synching with the audio. The only adjustment that I can make seems to be the quality of the video, which I will try on the next movie. I hope that this improves the outcome, as I have always been impressed with Slysoft's programs.

63.2.2006 8:45

DVD decrypter and videora work wonderfully for me on my video iPod. And the cost is perfect. nothing.

73.2.2006 14:59

not a bad little program but you cant select what you want to encode the audio as and you cant burn in subs other than that i liked it

83.2.2006 18:15

There is a new version Version 2006 02 03 - New: Workaround for incorrectly mastered DVDs made with Pinnacle Studio causing an error - New: Added "VOB file copy mode" (MPEG2/VOB output) - New: Added profile for Windows mobile SmartPhone - Fix: Audio out of sync with certain DVD titles - Fix: No Audio with certain DVD titles - Fix: Weird error message "the pipe has been closed" with certain DVD titles when creating a file for the PSP - Fix: DVD configuration reported incorrect resolution for NTSC DVDs - Updated languages - Known Problem: "The Matrix" (original release) can not be copied correctly. This will be fixed in a future release - Known Problem: No Subtitle selection. This will be added in a future release

93.2.2006 22:11

I gotta say this rocks!!!! After what slysoft did, i almost bought a video ipod and psp to convert.

104.2.2006 1:51

Still have problems with the sync even though I've downloaded the latest version - Stargate SG1 DVD

114.2.2006 5:27

I have downloaded a couple movies now, and it seems to work well. I am using the free trial AnyDVD & CloneDVD Mobile. I am thinking of getting the software, including CloneDVD. But, it is almost a minute to minute time to copy. Wondering: if you purchase the software, does it speed up?

124.2.2006 15:43

SlySoft has the best must have programs for your burning needs I need to get Clone DVD mobile hahahaha :)

1330.3.2006 10:55

SlySoft are ahead of me, as always. Great idea, hope you make a lot of money! ( serious!) Hope Afterdawn makes some too ! Hope the offer is still valid :-) : The offer is valid until 25th February 2006

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