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DVD2One v1.4.0 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 22 Dec 2003 15:12

DVD2One v1.4.0 released One of the most popular "one-click transcoding tools" (in English: easy-to-use tool to backup any DVD movie to a DVDR disc), DVD2One, has been updated.
The new version, v1.4.0, includes quite cool new features, such as "layer splitting" and join mode. The full changelog is here:
  • Added cell/chapter/layer selection for movie-only and join mode.
    • Split a long movie over 2 disks using layer selection in movie-only mode.
    • Compile 'best-of' clips disks using cell/chapter selection in the join mode.
  • Changed input file IO for movie-only and join mode to random access based on IFO files.
    • This improves speed considerably in combination with the new cell/chapter/layer selection.
    • It also speeds up selection of one title from a vobset containing multiple titles.
  • Added check to verify whether the VOB files match with the IFO files.
    • This avoids possible strange and unpredictable behavior of the program.
    • It also avoids incorrect destination size calculation in case the IFO and VOB files do not match.
  • Fixed a small bug in the seamless join of a titles with multiple angles.
  • Fixed the problem that an illegal value in the Audio Info field in the IFO file could crash the program.

Also, there's a new version of DVD2OneX, a Mac OS X DVDR transcoder, which has the same changelog, but also has an additional bug fix "Fixed a small problem with default subtitle selection in movie-only mode". DVD2OneX's version number is v1.3.0.

You can download DVD2One v1.4.0 from here:

and DVD2OneX v1.3.0 from here:

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