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AnyDVD removes Macrovision's CDS-300 copy protection

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 13 Apr 2006 1:37 User comments (142)

AnyDVD removes Macrovision's CDS-300 copy protection SlySoft announced yesterday that the latest version of their mega-popular DVD ripper, AnyDVD, now also removes Macrovision's CDS-300 copy protection mechanism.
Unlike most other protection methods removed by AnyDVD, CDS-300 can be only found on audio CDs and the copy protection mechanism itself is similar to the notorious XCP "root kit" copy protection from Sony. AnyDVD now removes CDS-300 from audio CDs and also prevents it (and similar copy protection mechanisms) from installing to the computer where AnyDVD is installed.

"Most customers don't even know, that AnyDVD not
just deals with movie DVDs, it also removes basically all copy restrictions of audio CDs. Furthermore, it protects your operating system from the installation of unwanted drivers like the Sony 'Root Kit' or Settec Alpha-DVD. Therefore we recommend our customers to activate AnyDVD at all times."
SlySoft's CEO, Giancarlo Bettini, told in the company's press release.

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142 user comments

113.4.2006 3:36

Yay! Keep up the good work slysoft! -Mike

213.4.2006 5:15

Does it surprise anyone that they have come up with another great form of protection?

313.4.2006 6:14

very nice slysoft keeping up on killer apps.

413.4.2006 6:16

The best money I have ever spen. Keep up the GREAT work

513.4.2006 6:34


613.4.2006 6:39

I was able to copy The Greatest Game Ever with no problems at all, and this was before the upgrade.

713.4.2006 6:44

Well thats all fine and dandy but i know about 100 other unhappy people that cant get the movie to copy before or after or so i think its time for them to step up there game or step outta line, because no longer dose the term AnyDVD apply. and outta 3 desk tops and 2 laptops non- will work thats a problem.

813.4.2006 6:44

ThePrez, don't shout, unless you are shouting at yourself. AnyDVD works very well. Check out or have your computer checked out. You have some other problem.

913.4.2006 6:45

And i Copy atleast 40 Movies a day so trust me i know what im doing. so dont take it that im just some stupid newbie to this cause thats not it at all

1013.4.2006 6:51

I even used this as a reason to get a few new external burners and it still didnt work.

1113.4.2006 6:53

And today hostel comes out i hope that AnyDVD but the greatest game ever played will back it up.

1213.4.2006 7:37

40 a day.... damn when do you eat?

1313.4.2006 7:39

but yeah slysoft is the best..... ive had no trouble with any titles yet....

1413.4.2006 7:41

Buying 40 movies a day, how does one eat?

If I can learn here so can you.
Search first, then ask. Words to live by.

1513.4.2006 7:43

Hello, I am new to this technology, are we saying that if I want to back up my private DVD`s I can easily copy them through my Pc. Is this an easy procedure. E.G. Master in download, out then blank in to copy - I assume there must be some guide during the process ?? Thank you BAV

1613.4.2006 7:57

I dont have to buy them, my other half owns a blockbuster.

1713.4.2006 7:58

And the copying thing is more a job for me

1813.4.2006 8:00

Well I've been using AnyDVD for over 20 years and it has yet to fail in stripping ANY type of encryption from any DVD movie. If ya got a problem with this program it ain't the program - it's your PC.

1913.4.2006 8:05

prez lay off. I backed up The greatest game ever played without a problem. Besides that. If AnyDVD were to step outta line, what would most people use?? hmmmmmm?? If you hate AnyDVD so much why not just not use them?? Check your system, and all your settings, because it worked fine for me with shrink/ decrpyt/ANYDVD..... tell me again that it doesn't work. I'll be sure to thikn about you when I watch it next time. LD ANYDVD is awsome. Seems to update quite regulary. Good Job guys LD

2013.4.2006 8:07

Well Considering dvds ain't been around 20 years thats a bold face lie you just told, and like i said this is a job for me i keep up to date on all my computers, i dont wanna be like AnyDVD but the greatest game ever played, and fall off my game. and i dont think AnyDVD have been around for 20 years. get ya lies correct so when you try to throw a diss you dont miss.

2113.4.2006 8:07

Wow, I can't believe you legitimately buy 40 movies a day and have time to make legal backups of them for yourself. I wouldnt go around saying stupid crap like that if i were you. There is no legitamate reason anyone could have for making 40 "backups" a day. and if there is, i would like to hear it. "step up thier game"??????? tell me of any program out there that even comes close to to AnyDVD that isnt made by SlySoft. Honestly, again, I would like to know. AnyDVD is the only program with frequent updates that stay on top of Nearly every dvd release. Please talk about something relevant. SlySoft, Thanks for this new technology blocker. I love that I dont have to worry about getting f*ed from trying to rip a cd (i bought) to my mp3 player. Update to Prez... Im no lawyer but im not sure cuz your "better half" owns a blockbuster (which sucks btw) gives you the right to make legitamate copies... "a job for you"??? why don't you just let everyone know that your selling huge amounts of copies of movies you never bought. Come on, selling illegal copies on such a huge scale, sounds to me like an over ambitious noob if I ever did see one. Please, if this must go on, take it to a different post, instead of complaining about a wonderful program.

2213.4.2006 8:14

edited by ddp

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2313.4.2006 8:17

And dont be mad cuz you didnt think of it first, so while im on vacation in the islands and your working for pennys a day. ill tip a bottle of cristal and think about you. that was paid for by the bootleg movie industry

2413.4.2006 8:22

Prez ya gotta mellow out and get a sense of humor. I know DVD's ain't been around for 20 years. I'm prone to exageration. Just be sure the little red faced fox icon is running in your system tray. That's the bar at the bottom right corner of the screen. And the bar on the bottom left corner is called a Quick Launch bar.

2513.4.2006 8:26

Tel. I been doing this for years but when a movies come out that i cant copy and i got a program that says AnyDVD, key word ANY i expect to get what i paid for. and that AN YDVD

2613.4.2006 8:27

@ThePrez, I think your lie is a little more severe than telerad's. Go think????? Your lie, copy and resell.

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2713.4.2006 8:28

lol call it a lie if you want but i know its tru and all the happy people that buy from me know its tru i dont need you to know that its tru, your a computer code that translates into words and them puts them on screen and in that case your nothing for me to asure of the truth.

2813.4.2006 8:35

ThePrez Funny it worked for me and I don't even know what the hell i'm doing.

2913.4.2006 8:43

theprez doesn't seem to understand that HE and others like him are the cause of the copying problem. I doubt that the movie industry has a lot of problem with people who want to back-up their own legitimate DVDs. They go to the expense and extra grief of copy protection to try and stop thieves. If stealing is considered okay now (not where I come from) then theprez should consider suing SlySoft for representing their software. Clearly theprez thinks that AnyDVD is there to enable him to pirate DVDs and sell the resulting copies. My mistake - I assumed that the prog was to enable people to make back-ups. Back-up does not = pirate. I assume that the girlfriend is an accomplice because if not, theprez must be some sweet boyfriend to risk her doing time for his sleazy criminal operation...

3013.4.2006 8:50

Yes well all those names your calling me im ok with that, and all the negative remarks im ok with that, but still my bank account growns by the day and thats really all that matters, and i mean come on dude be honest with yourself how many people do you really think get AnyDVD, but the greatest game ever played, use it to back up movies they have bought if you bought it why back it up. oh yes so you dont mess up the one you bought, ha ha right. be for real use ya head.

3113.4.2006 8:52

I had no problem with The Greatest Game either.

3213.4.2006 8:52

Any if your just backing up the movie that dont count, the whole dvd is what sells

3313.4.2006 9:02

Is Clone DVD and Any DVD really the best. I have been having a problem make a back up The Cospel. I tried DVD X Copy Plat. and DVD Fab Plat. Both failed. Also with DVD idle Pro in the background running

3413.4.2006 9:04

Oh well what evers what ever like i said i got the movie to copy without useing AnyDVD, took a little work but i always make something happen, so im outta here tired of talking to you conformed AnyDVD, But the greatest game ever played, heads

3513.4.2006 9:06

I meant to say The Gospel

3613.4.2006 9:17

Don't know if anybody learned anything here...I did get a little mental gymnastics in trying to figure out what points were made by ThePrez. He should realize that Afterdawn is not really a good place for him, with pirating and all that...By the way, for the folks who were asking questions about AnyDVD: yes, it is a great program (even if it doesn't like 'The Greatest Game, etc' ). Go to the website of Slysoft and you should have no trouble understanding the 'why and how'. If anything remains unanswered, recheck with us here. There are plenty of guides around and it is very simple anyway...

3713.4.2006 9:22

Ya but Any DVD is not a ripper a ripper converts the DVD to vid files and such not a 1:1 copy to the HD. I wish DVD Shrink could transcode it would make thigns alot easier ><

3813.4.2006 9:22

My point was don't call it AnyDVD if there are exceptions. and whats it matter if i admit to selling the dvds i aint selling them here, and none of you know were im located and even if they wanna take the time time run the ip down it will take them to a empy house so alls well that ends well

3913.4.2006 9:30

Been using AnyDVD for 35 years up my ass because I know the guy thats been using it for 20 years is up his ass.

4013.4.2006 9:34

I downloaded any dvd and loved it but someone said something a while back about downloading again after the 30 day trial was up. I can't get it to do that. Does anyone know how? Or what else I can use for encryption?

4113.4.2006 9:36

Now thats not nice wolf, like he said hes pron to mass exageration.

4213.4.2006 9:38

You can't redownlaod it, they put something in the reg so it knows, just hack it, or by it but since everyone dose everything the legal way on here( ha ha wut the F*#k ever)just buy it

4313.4.2006 9:40

As long as your not trying to get the greatest game ever played its worth it.

4413.4.2006 9:41

anydvd,verson, 2003 07 03 this was the First public release i have no comment on the out of space some stuff i been reading here..

4513.4.2006 9:42

ThePrez, if i was you i would edit all your post!!!!!!!

4613.4.2006 9:42

whoooa doggie having a bad day? I was just asking a question. I don't do hacking cause it's illegal. But thanks just the same.

4713.4.2006 9:45

why is that? because i state the truth about what afterdawn is really for to tell people how to copy a movie and how netflix only help make it easier and how AnyDVD is really just away to get free movies i mean come on folk the ones who belive diffrent to help

4813.4.2006 9:46

I mean really if anyone should be sued its AnyDVD for making something that crack copy protection and then proffitting form it

4913.4.2006 9:46

ThePrez, I don't think Afterdawn cares one bit about where you live. One of the Mods could just decide to ban you (you may not care). The site is very careful in regards to pirating. Where they are located, they have been warned and had to remove lots of software that they had made available. They don't want to get shut down for condoning piracy, even in the forums.

5013.4.2006 9:48

why are you hung up on Netflix thought you were Mr.Blockbuster. I mean that's what you said right? Don't get your panties in a bunch people are just kidding with you. So chill out and go rent some movies and buy some popcorn.

5113.4.2006 9:49

aabbccdd, what a girl! (in your signature). Post some more.

5213.4.2006 9:50

It's sad how many of you honestly think that out of the millions of people that get on this site im the only one that makes copies with out owing the oridinals, and i mean if they dont catch me in the act of selling what can they do nothing, my game is tighter then then state sucurity im always on high alert

5313.4.2006 9:52

And the reason i say netflix is because it was the first easy and cheap way to copy a dvd and still make a profit off it. we all know it

5413.4.2006 9:53

jeeez your right how stupid of us I mean getting on the web and announcing that you have good security and everything, now no one will suspect you right. Good job prez and by the way with a name like that we should all trust you right?

5513.4.2006 9:53

and i dont care if they band me for telling the truth i mean come on they can only stop me from loggin in not from readding whats posted.

5613.4.2006 9:55

If they wanted people to copy dvds even as back ups they would not work so hard to stop people from doing it. so really its all stealing you didnt buy 2 movie you bought 1 and then stole the other

5713.4.2006 9:56

ThePrez, I give up. Who has accused you of being the only one who 'pirates' copyrighted material? Where is that mentioned? You may be less likely to find one of us who does it for commercial reasons. Also, to get back to the point you keep repeating over and over about AnyDVD, if you want to start a petition to change the name of AnyDVD to SomeButNotallDVD, be my guest. See if people care.

5813.4.2006 9:56

still you dont know who i am what i look like were im from, so i can say anything i want, sad part about it is i could be someone a little higher then you think and with a name like the prez well hell it speaks for it self i didnt give myself that name it was appointed to me.

5913.4.2006 9:57

There may be a lot of people here doing what you do but they do not publicly admit to it on the forums! Discussion about piracy,cracks and other illegal activity is against forum rules and will get your account here closed!

Main System- Amd/64 3800x2 currently@ 2.5ghz. Asus A8N-E,win.xp-pro.4x1gb.Ocz platnium ddr 400,Maxtor 40gb.& 250gb.ide & 2x W.D.250 sata,Benq 1650V dvd Reader & Benq DW-1655 Writer,EVGA Geforce 7600gs,Creative Audigy-LS,Antec 750w psu. Vizio 37"hdtv monitor 1360x768@75hz.

6013.4.2006 9:58

I would rather have them sut down, but even if that happend they just come back with another name

6113.4.2006 9:58


6213.4.2006 10:02


6313.4.2006 10:03

o.k prez your going to give me wrinkles just listening to you so I'm gonna get off here and go watch a dvd from lets see where did I get that from again??? Oh yeah Netflix because Blockbuster sucks and I'm going to eat some popcorn. So have fun hope you can change the things that piss you off becuase the rest of America hasn't been able to yet.So good luck.

6413.4.2006 10:04

Suspended Permanently..... Are you OK with that!!!!

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Main System- Amd/64 3800x2 currently@ 2.5ghz. Asus A8N-E,win.xp-pro.4x1gb.Ocz platnium ddr 400,Maxtor 40gb.& 250gb.ide & 2x W.D.250 sata,Benq 1650V dvd Reader & Benq DW-1655 Writer,EVGA Geforce 7600gs,Creative Audigy-LS,Antec 750w psu. Vizio 37"hdtv monitor 1360x768@75hz.

6513.4.2006 10:05

It's sad how many of you honestly think that out of the millions of people that get on this site im the only one that makes copies with out owing the oridinals
What's sad is you're the only one on this site stupid enough to brag about it in an open forum. Buh bye dumbass.

My killer sig came courtesy of bb "El Jefe" mayo.
The Forum Rules You Agreed To!
"And there we saw the giants, and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight" - Numbers 13:33

6613.4.2006 10:11


Main System- Amd/64 3800x2 currently@ 2.5ghz. Asus A8N-E,win.xp-pro.4x1gb.Ocz platnium ddr 400,Maxtor 40gb.& 250gb.ide & 2x W.D.250 sata,Benq 1650V dvd Reader & Benq DW-1655 Writer,EVGA Geforce 7600gs,Creative Audigy-LS,Antec 750w psu. Vizio 37"hdtv monitor 1360x768@75hz.

6713.4.2006 10:13

@Neph, Way to go!

6813.4.2006 10:52

I love AnyDVD but I'm probably really daft cos I honestly just backup my dvd collection as the kids wreck the original dvd's, they have no thought about how much they cost etc so they have the backups in the bedroom and we have the originals downstairs....I'd never dream of selling copy dvds to make cash and perhaps that's the difference of most of us on this forum. Whether it's right or wrong, I still reckon once you've paid for the dvd you can do what the hell you like with it. And if I can't backup the dvd then the kids don't get their grubby hands on it!

6913.4.2006 11:07

ThePrez...what an idiot!! LOL!!

7013.4.2006 11:08


7113.4.2006 11:22

taldy, Idiots like the prez are few and far between here at AD. The overwhelming majority of us are here to protect our investments just like you so you're not daft at all :)

7213.4.2006 11:27

neph, i do not know what happened as this thread can not be accessed at this board from the forum side,as it does not show up..

7313.4.2006 11:51

Way to go Any DVD Keep up the good work

7413.4.2006 12:03

All I can say is AnyDVD continues to be an outstanding product in a world of barely mediocre ones.

7513.4.2006 12:04

I love AnyDVD and the fact that my pc wont by screwed up by some stupid app in a movie or cd makes me feel much beter about backin up my stuff. And " theprez" is a buthead...comon dude Be an idiot somewhere else!!I m sure you feel like you just screwed "the man" evrytime you rent a movie and copy it for your colection..but dont brag...and dont blam the companies that make it posible to do so...thats like blaming Mcdonalds for you being a fat ass...Nobody forced you to do it...

7613.4.2006 12:20

Alright fellas theprez is gone so let's get back on topic which happens to be one of the greatest softwares ever written :)

7713.4.2006 12:36

Hopefully many more updates to come. All of Slysoft's products are superb.

7813.4.2006 12:39

Seems like they release an update every day or two. Busy fellows apparently.

7913.4.2006 12:43

what will i do when my 30 day trial is up? NOOOOOO

8013.4.2006 12:46

Don't think they are few & far between ! Because their are a lot out their ! Common sense is a dying characteristic in the human evolution

8113.4.2006 13:01

Note: Who or what appointed the prez must not have much for requirements considering how the numbskull spells.

8213.4.2006 13:37

Way to go AnyDVD and Nephilim!!

8313.4.2006 13:48


8413.4.2006 13:50

I am way new to DVD burning /copying ...whatever you want to call it. I just started a DVD collection...what I do with them in my home for my use should not be an intrusion ploy by the studios/ the manufacterer or the performers.They have been paid. I don't see Tom hanks Tom cruise ...Cher.Britney..The Pres of Universal , Sony runmmaging thru the trash for scraps they have their money...let me have my copying /burning... Ped

8513.4.2006 14:53

Is their currently a discount on SlySoft products for AfterDawn users? There was a coupon code last month but I don't think it is still valid...

8613.4.2006 14:56

I love AfterDawn and I love AnyDVD... But I must say that the hypocracy is insane here! I didn't read the original comment, I'm sure he got what he deserved. BUT, you DO know that coppying and giving your copy to your KIDS is AS ILLEGAL as giving it to your friends. I quietly mentioned that I put rentals onto a REWRITABLE DVD and overwrite them as I get new ones because my home system will not allow me to view macrovisioned DVD's. I do not break the spirit of the law. I'm not selling them, or "beating the system" in any way, just like you think you are not by giving your kids copies to your DVD's. Yet, when I made the above statement I was editited and told not to discuss illegal activity. (as this statement will probabably be edited.) It seems to me that while avoiding discussions which explain how to do illegal things should be avoided, the simple discussion of what should or should not be illegal is something that is very important to this genre.

8713.4.2006 15:14

According to the DMCA the act of bypassing any form of copy protection is illegal so we're all technically breaking the law :)

8813.4.2006 15:15

I have always used DVD Decrypter, which is a fantastic piece of work. I have never used AnyDVD, so I can't comment on it. From the thread below (above?) the impression I get is that AnyDVD is an even better tool. Can someone give me some feedback or comparison between the two? Thanks alot.

8913.4.2006 15:36

Most DVD's are OK with Shrink and DVD Decrypter except for Sony and Disney. AnyDVD works for all but I am sure it is a matter of time the Greedy Movie Barrons manage to have it shutdown just like Shrink and DeCrypter. They lobbied and paid off government officials to make it illegal to make backups. Scratch that DVD and see if the bums will replace it. I guess if the big religious leaders had their way it would be illegal to have sex unless to reproduce.

9013.4.2006 17:08

Currently DVD Decrypter is still practically on top, however, now that you cant access it for free and since they aren't making newer versions of it, DVD Decrypter is getting worse and worse as new copywrite protections come along. So basically, AnyDVD looks like the program of the future, but, at least in my eyes, it doesn't yet beat out the freeness of the DVD Decrypter I already have installed.

9113.4.2006 17:30

Has anyone tried DVD43??? Ped

9213.4.2006 17:32

jackpine... try the anydvd/cloneDVD2(Elby's) both on slysoft and you never have to through away bad cd's only your dvd encrypter By using the DUO saves one big step to burn and therefore time and Quality!

9313.4.2006 17:58

anydvd is the best thing i bought off the net. no issues with it at all. jlo

9413.4.2006 18:02

It will be hard to close Slysoft(AnyDVD) down they are on the tiny Island of Antigua(Caribbean). They laugh in the face of Hollywood moguls. US law does not rule the world. Decrypter and Shrink are losing their abilty to rip, but are still excellent programs. Buy AnyDVD it will be around for some time. It was the best $29 I ever spent on pcs.

9513.4.2006 18:18

thanks for the info..way new here and I threw money away it seems on I still requires a decryter and then it has error messages on every other burn....kuddos on the help here Ped

9613.4.2006 23:25

Best Investment ever made. Purchased entire package, AnyDVD,CloneCd and CloneDVD2, no regrets. Works like a charm. Kudo's to Slysoft, keep up the good work. Zimer.

9713.4.2006 23:59

I purchased the lot and have to say they are the best yet. The new mobile version is great for generating the PSP movies and even IPod versions (still to small to really enjoy). Buy it now, buy them all now!

9814.4.2006 3:52

Will AnyDVD work with any other DVD ripper like DVD Shrink?

9914.4.2006 4:29

AnyDvd works with EVERY ripper that I've tried. It's on all the time, working in the background, disabling region discrimination and every kind of encryption that I've encountered.

10014.4.2006 5:42

What happened to Shrink? I've noticed no further updating regarding that product. AnyDVD is still king of the hill however, it would be great if they designed a ripper as well..

10114.4.2006 5:59

AnyDVD can also Rip. Shrink is no longer updated because the prog writer works for Nero and his prog is now called Nero Recode. Both Recode and Shrink work with AnyDVD.

10214.4.2006 6:19

i had no idea they could install a copy protection mech. on your syatem. i have tried both slysoft and AnyDVD, but my trial period ran out before i could get the hang of it. does it work for files stored on your pc?

10314.4.2006 6:22

is there any software that could check your system for these copy protection mechanisms, installed unknowingly?

10414.4.2006 8:20


10514.4.2006 8:36

I'm sure someone will tell me I am using a cr*ppy program, but i am still using DVDxCOPY Platinum, and I have great success. I can honestly say that maybe 1 in 100 disks won't copy, and then I use DVD Decrypter and Shrink. Quality wise, I can't see a difference, and I watch my copies on a 10 foot screen. I prefer DVDxCOPY as it is quicker and has fewer steps, so I can perform it in the background with little interference from me.

10614.4.2006 8:59

Slysoft knows what they are doing, these guys produce the BEST & I mean the BEST software of it's kind. Keep up the good work guys....Dedicated AnyDVD User!

10714.4.2006 9:21

SLYSOFT is such a RIPPOFF !!!!!AnyDVD is just a ripper?Wheres the burning engine?OH wait you have to purchase CloneDVD too?Please.That is the biggest rippoff.When you pay $$$$ for a program like AnyDVD,u expect it to have a burning engine.But no,you have to purchase CloneDVD too.And you cant just purchase CloneDVD,you have to purchase AnyDVD too?

10814.4.2006 9:32

AnyDVD is just a ripper?
OH wait you have to purchase CloneDVD too?
No you don't. You can use any existing burning app/engine you want.
And you cant just purchase CloneDVD,you have to purchase AnyDVD too?
Nope. You can buy AnyDVD all by itself. That fact is readily apparent when you look at Slysoft's site. You really should know what you're talking about before you bash something.
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10914.4.2006 10:18

I have been at the slysoft site.If i want to purchase a DVD (Burning program)hint burning !I expect the program that i paid $$$ for,has infact have a Burning Engine.Who needs just a ripper,Great!AnyDVD is a good ripper,its just a rippoff that you have to buy Two programs for the one to work.DVDFAB express is just as good maybe better,cheaper,and includes the burning engine.The whole point in these matter is theres 10 free rippers thats just as good,PPL need burning engines.

11014.4.2006 10:29

Has anyone ever tried AnyDVD on "Home Alone 3"? I downloaded a trial version of AnyDVD and tried it on that movie. It didn't work.

11114.4.2006 10:30

troy 81..... you are so right DVDFAB DECRYPTER EXPRESS is better and its free

11214.4.2006 10:56

ckwan, then you have a bad/scrathed dvd then ,this is an older movie which shouldnt cause any problems with encryption

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11314.4.2006 11:52

TROY81 --- naguada There are many free programs to put an unprotected DVD on your hard drive. This is the best program to backup your purchased, protected material and turn it into an unprotected DVD on your hard drive or burn.

11414.4.2006 12:15

AnyDVD is one of the best software I have ever purchased. AnyDVD only failed me once with a RipGuard protected DVD before they updated the program.

11514.4.2006 12:32

No Argument,AnyDVD is a good ripper,its surely not worth paying $39.00 for it.The free program DVDFAB express has never faided me once,DVD Shrink has,I tried AnyDVD free trial,and its not worth $39.00,with no burning engine,so i got the complete DVDFAB express pack for $26.00,with the burning engine,it works great never failed.Does every sony movie,or disney.

11614.4.2006 13:17

The whole point in these matter is theres 10 free rippers thats just as good
Ok name ten that are just as good.

11714.4.2006 15:24

is ther a machine to make vhs moives to dvd. if there is does anybody know where to get one and can any dvd brake the code.

11814.4.2006 16:50

brutass yes they are HVS/DVD palyers they have VHS on one side and DVD on the other and they cna record from VHS to DVD.

11914.4.2006 16:53

Anydvd is a solid program combined with DVD Shrink. I find both to be, when coupled, superb programs. The end result is never a disappointing failure like these other movie burning programs out there. Sony should be sued, for illegally installing root kit on your pc. Then, to take it out, you have to virtually perform a pc surgery. Fuggers. I commend slysoft for their efforts!

12014.4.2006 17:27

remember AnyDVD protects you from rootkit

12114.4.2006 17:49

not to change the thread but, how could one know if they had installed one of these copy protection mech.s, root kit or other such b.s.? and how could one find it on their pc to destroy it? i have heard that they can put some kind of app. into a movie file, which will create hvoc with your pc, burning software and even burner. i thought it wasn't allowed. them being all powerful must let them get away with crap like that. i am but a lowly citizen who can ill afford to pay their exorbanant prices for movie's or to buy a thousand cd's to hear my favorite artists sing me the blues. if i had their money i could, or is it theirs? and i am a movie addict, witdrawal is tough, especially when they got ya hooked. methadon for movie addiction is costly.

12214.4.2006 21:44

You can go here and get a program called rootkit revealer to find out if you have sony's rootkit crap on your computer. This is a free program so you should be able to display the link.

12315.4.2006 9:45

troy 81 i have purchased AnyDVD and i also use dvd fab decrypter w DVD Shrink and dvd fab and i will tell ya the moneyi spent is well worth it all would do again and again and again .

12415.4.2006 10:14

Does anybody know anything about the new copy protection in movies and TV series DVD's? id their a ripper out ther that breaks this protection?

12515.4.2006 10:42

dvdfab decrypter express still the best. it will copy any movies out there. SONY OR DISNEY.

12615.4.2006 11:31

ckwan, Nothing special, unless the studios redid the movie with new encryptions. Summary for drive E: (AnyDVD Drive (Hardware) Region: 1 Media is a Data DVD. Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 1 Total size: 2259230 sectors (4412 MBytes) Video DVD (or CD) label: HOMEAL3 Media is CSS protected! Video Standard: NTSC Media is locked to region(s): 1! Found & removed RCE protection! DVD structure appears to be correct. Structural copy protection not found. Autorun not found on Video DVD. Bad sector protection not found. Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1! My 2 cents...........some of us DO BUY our dvds, whether it be new, previously used, etc. What is wrong with letting our kids view backups??? $.50 vs $10 or more. I purchased, they are MY family. OMG, do you people actually have kids???????? 1. Lets see, eat pizza and handle dvd at same time. 2. Dvd doesn't quite get put in correctly, flipper dvd.....scratched on both sides. 3. Oh, did we forget what cases are made for????? I could go on and on. I also have their friends (in their 20's) ask me to make backups of their originals. I have to wash them before I will let them anywhere near my computer. I warn that due to the condition it may be impossible. Of course, they also get the lecture on how to properly care for their dvds., unbelieveable.

12716.4.2006 4:21

How long has AnyDVD been protecting our computers from Rootkits? That alone would justify the cost of it, if nothing else. Also, what is the indication you have a rootkit in your computer, other than not being able to back-up your perticular DVD?

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 16 Apr 2006 @ 4:38

12816.4.2006 15:10

Let Sony put a Rootkit on my computer, I will sue them to kingdom come. I think that media involvement, will create a media circus, and a rockus loud enough, for Sony to feel humiliation towards their ILLEGAL practices. Yes, it is illegal to damage someone's property, so who's going to jail, that's the real question.

12916.4.2006 17:02

@ hot_ice I hope you have deep pockets in order to sue Sony individually. That would be pretty tough.

13016.4.2006 18:01

Class action is the only chance us poor people have.

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13116.4.2006 20:24

Perhaps, but I am one persistent son of a bitch, I promise you that. And besides, any lawyer, contingency wise, would jump on the opportunity to make money. So "f" Sony, to Japanese corporate hell.

13216.4.2006 21:01

Slysoft is the Best...It will also work with Decrypter if you change some settings to allow it to do so.Clone DVD is a fine program too... Some of the best Dual Layer burners are from Sony. I bought the DRU-820A DVD/CD Rewritable Drive unit. Many of the DVD play back decks of just a little more than a year ago don't play dual layer very well or at all.Sony's DVP-NS45P plays them perfectly....I picked up this jewel a Sam's Club for $63.88. And Thanks again Slysoft....You are the Best.....

13317.4.2006 5:04

"ckwan, then you have a bad/scrathed dvd then ,this is an older movie which shouldnt cause any problems with encryption". I thought about that too. The strange thing is when I played back the original, every thing looked fine. When I copied it, there was always a section of the movie missing. I tried it several time and I got the same problem.

13417.4.2006 5:13

AnyDVD now removes DRM rootkits,WE ALL KNEW THAT,{RIGHT}? Cures for Sony and Macrovision DRM infections By Charlie Demerjian: Monday 17 April 2006, 07:03 I HAVE BEEN drooling over the inherent goodness of AnyDVD for quite a while, and it just added another killer feature. Starting with last week's release,, the program will remove CD DRM infections and corporate malware disguised as copy protection. Since the virus scanning companies apparently had their silence bought by the media mafia, someone had to stand up and be counted, and it looks like Slysoft is that someone. Basically, any of the root-kitting malware from Sony, and the newer root-kitting-ish Macrovision CDS-300 system software will be removed for you. Corporate evil removed, happy users can play the CDs like any old red book audio, it just works. I can't recommend this program enough, check it out here. Ķ

13517.4.2006 9:47

great info ireland ,as always

13617.4.2006 19:13

this thread has gotten extremely informative over the past couple weeks... like i had no idea that the guy responsible for DVD Shrink is also the guy responsible for nero's recode... i use both but where i've gotten so use DVD Shrink i believe i use it more... and another point addressed in this thread that had crossed my mind as well.... slysoft being located on a tiny island in the carribean... thats great news.... may they last forever!!! and another thing (off the subject) im glad you banned th@ asshole that was too stupid to go and find burning software... bashing AnyDVD... he didnt know what he had... one thing is certain in this world... there is no shortage idiots.. *back to the subject* (this thread being informative) i had no idea about the mechs.... but i do have the comfort in knowing that slysoft is taking care of that for me... thanks slysoft!!! and thanks afterdawn!!!

13719.4.2006 12:27

So far I've been enjoying Slysoft's AnyDVD and use it occasionally along with Nero. Now that AnyDVD can copy protected cds I feel confident buying a cd knowing I'll be able to rip it. I think AnyDVD was the best investment I did the past year. Without Afterdawn I don't know where I would be.

AnyDVD and CloneDVD for life.

"I lie, and I steal.....sometimes."

13820.4.2006 13:34

I have been using AnyDVD for several years. I consider it a superb program and worth every peny. So far, for me it has been aptly named AnyDVD, since I have not yet encountered a DVD it has not been able to handle. Oh, there have been times when I have had difficulties... the Studio Ghibli "Princess Mononoke" was particularly difficult, with a portion at the biginning coming out blank when first backed-up, but an AnyDVD update fixed that... there was another, can't recall which title, that required another update, but so far, it has always come through. I am no expert by any extent, but have been backing up DVDs for a couple of years. When the DVDs are small enough, as is the case with many titles from outside the U.S. (they don't seem to feel the need to load up the DVD with extras) I burn directly using CloneDVD with AnyDVD running in the background. When it is a U.S. release (huge, usually), I use ShrinkDVD with AnyDVD in the background to rip and then burn with CloneDVD. This has never failed me and I get the most quality. Thanks Elby and Slysoft for their super, SUPERB software. BTW, IMHO idiots like thePrez are attention seekers who get their kicks by being disruptive. They cannot get attention, do not know how to garner attention, in a positive manner. They are the class clowns who could not learn how to spell because they spent too much time being jerks. They are best dealt with by ignoring them and not giving them the attention they so much desire... although banning seems to be an effective alternative...


13929.5.2006 23:06

I tried a trial version of AnyDVD about a year ago and its great, for 30 days. I personally prefer to use, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, Nero and finally DVD Fab for Disney, or any other problem disks, "Very Simple.Ē. I just love the functions on DVD Decrypter. Itís Great for reading and writing iso's, and xiso's if you backup X BoX games. There's no doubt that it has problems with Disney disks, and thatís were I use DVD Fab Decrypter. I don't like how DVD Fab places your raw files, because you have to go back and rename the folder the files are in. Sometimes I have two DVD Decrypters running, and at the same time up to five DVD shrinks running all at once. I had to upgrade my RAM, though. I make sure to; with Shrink to enable deep analysis, and high quality error compensation "sharp" and back up to iso image file. I do this to avoid conflicts with ensuring of locking volume for exclusive access to my burner when it comes to burning with DVD Decrypter. Another benefit is if you want another Back Up and you have 15 minutes your set. I save the iso image files for a while sometimes, and erase the raw file immediately after encoding. So when I wake up in the morning I have several iso's on my hdd ready to burn, boom boom boom. Dvd Decrypter is always available while using BEARSHARE. I do recommend that when you install DVD Decrypter, "It asks you if you want it to check for updates every time you load it check the box NO!" I've read that Sony bought the rights; Trouble. As far ass the mysterious, secret software installed by Sony DVDís; I tried the software mentioned above and found no trace, after 300 + DVDís, it doesnít seem like much of a problem to me, though Iíve heard about it before. If someone would elaborate a little on this CDS-300, I must not have any cdís new enough to have encountered it perhaps. Cough, Cough, BearShare, Cough Hope this is helpful, I'm gonna try the latest Slysoft, and get back. If I remember correctly it was faster, but quality is what matters. Gone!

14022.1.2007 14:56

I had no Idea that it removed the rootkit that is totally worth the price tag.

14125.3.2010 6:45
Unverified new user

Originally posted by telerad:
Well I've been using AnyDVD for over 20 years and it has yet to fail in stripping ANY type of encryption from any DVD movie.
If ya got a problem with this program it ain't the program - it's your PC.

14225.3.2010 6:53
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