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AVI to DVDR guide added

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 20 Nov 2003 14:37 User comments (7)

We've added two new guides today as well. First guide is just a very simple guide on how to extract an AC3 audio file from an AVI movie.
That guide relates directly to our today's bigger guide, which tries to achieve AVI (including DivX and XviD) to DVDR conversion using mostly freeware tools. Guide describes how to convert the video and audio to correct format and also teaches how to use IFOEdit's authoring features in order to create a very simple DVD-Video disc with one movie in it. Guide also describe the subtitle conversion process from "AVI subtitles", such as SRT subtitles, to selectable DVD subtitles.

The "Extract AC3 audio from AVI" guide is here:

..and the "Convert AVI to DVDR" guide is here:

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7 user comments

120.11.2003 14:49

Nice job dRD, its good to have an on site resource on AVI to DVD. One suggestion: Maybe make a condensed version that doesn't include the subtitle stuff (ie, just the TMPGEnc encoding and IFOEdit authoring sections) and place it as a permanent thread at the top of the Newbies section. Despite the ease of finding good guides AVI to DVD guides on the net, this question seems to be asked at least every other day on that board (I am certain it is the most commonly asked question). Maybe by putting the guide as the first thing you see at the top of the board we could preempt the repetition.

220.11.2003 17:58

Nice guide dRD :-) I'll be pretty much bored over the weekend so do you think a guide AVI to DVDR with CCE SP would be appropraite? cause the quality is amazingly nice :-) unlike the price tag :S eeek EDIT: Hi again dRD, i just flicked quickly through the guide and you were mentioning the extracted ac3 audio. My question is, if ur source avi was 23.97fps and you encoded to 25fps MPEG-2, wouldnt using the source audio give you slightly out of sync playback near the end of the movie? Now you probably covered that all in the guide but you know me man, too lazy to read the whole thing :-) Again, nice guide man :-)

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321.11.2003 9:10

hi all Yes to the conversion from ntsc 29,000 to pal 25,000 as i wish to have ago at this and see this as a problem? like dela mentioned! also what is the importance of "splitting" the AVI ? cant you just convert to mpeg useing source file AVI for audio and video? or deos splitting them make it better? but why? or would splitting them be ok as TMPGenc would convert the audio aswell as video from ntsc to pal or does it just convert to pal on video only? which will cause a problem! if so how would you make the audio the same as pal region from ntsc? HELP PEOPLE! thx.....

Nothing here to see, move along folks.

421.11.2003 9:15

Rotary: By "splitting" you must refer to extracting the audio into separate file? DVD authoring tools normally only accept separate audio and video streams, not muxed streams. That's why. And I fail to understand the reason for converting NTSC to PAL as virtually all the European DVD players support NTSC playback on PAL TV and do it much, much better than re-encoding with different framerate would ever do.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

521.11.2003 10:02

hi all yes i see, but i was just wandering as TMPGEnc can use just the AVI on its own to make an mpeg but i think i heard that the lip sync goes out at the end? so would this be why you need to make 2 files audio and video? also i got abit confused if the AVI is 29,000 and i use the dvd PAL template as shown in the guide and split the AVI into 2 files for sound and video would just the video be 25,000 and the audio would stay 29,000? sorry abit lost here? Thx...

621.11.2003 10:42

Rotary: I recommend you to actually _read_ the guide before asking these ;-) For AC3, there's no point for TMPGEnc to encode it as we can keep such audio as it is to deliver us 5.1 surround audio on the DVD, but for Mp3, we need to encode it to MP2 as DVD doesn't accept MP3, but does accept Mp2 -- and TMPGEnc will do this, as described in our guide.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

721.11.2003 11:06

hello, ok, thank you.

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