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DVD Shrink updates to 3.1

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 09 Jan 2004 20:53 User comments (20)

While being freeware, DVD Shrink is possibly the best of DVD compressed domain transcoders available. When it was discovered that the developer of Shrink worked for Ahead Software's Nero Recode, there was a lot of uncertainty about the future of freeware DVD Shrink.
But fear no more, since the fresh v3.1 is here. It now includes a installer/uninstaller, the pre-analysis have been tuned and the GUI somewhat improved. DirectShow is now utilized for previews and layer brake removal has been implemented. It also contains a few fixes.

Read the full changelog and download HERE

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20 user comments

110.1.2004 2:40

Why cant i download it? Says its not found.

210.1.2004 4:56

We had a small glitch in our DNS setup, its been fixed now and downloads should work fine.

310.1.2004 7:00

Hi everyone, I've read the change log and all the fixes are super-welcome!!! I just can wait to try the new version:-) Tried Nero's recode and dropped it almost imediately. Good to hear from you guys at Shrink. All the best! Good work!

410.1.2004 7:46

I must say I truly like this version. The differences from beta 5 are most welcome, and the results seem to be what one would come to expect from DVD Shrink software; Outstanding!

510.1.2004 10:06

Shrink is all i have used for a while and that will stay the same! Real nice work on the update!

610.1.2004 14:21

The AutoShrinkIso ver 1.6 utility doesn't seem to work with the new version of DVD Shrink. Any ideas on how to make it work? Otherwise, the new update to DVD Shrink is excellent.

710.1.2004 14:26

Well, I just answered my own question. At there is a new version that supports DVD Shrink 3.1

810.1.2004 17:51

I have been using dvdshrink 3.0 beta 5 and updates sound great but im a new to using it. I want to know if im using it right I back up my dvd with dvdshrink and use nerorecode to burn it is this right? It has been working fine sometimes I get great results and sometimes the picture looks a little blurry and another question will i get better quality from a widescreen or fullcreen. thanks in advance

910.1.2004 18:34

With the update when its done it ejects the disk and tells you to insert blank media and burns it for you just as fast as nero

1011.1.2004 6:02

I just put three separate movies from 3 separate dvds onto a _single_ blank, using 3.10 (!)

1112.1.2004 10:03

DVDShrink 3.1.1 was released two days ago.

1212.1.2004 13:30

Being able to specify the compression ratio separately for each title works great. I was able to backup a feature film using no compression on the main title and still include the "making of" feature (compressed to about 50% of original size using the automatic setting) on one DVD-R. All this and its FREEWARE that's actually pretty easy and logical to use. This is cool. DVD Decrypter + DVD Shrink + Plain ol' Nero 5.5 = DVD backups that actually work! Also, DVD Shrink works great for re-authoring back ups of episodic DVD9 discs like collections of 1/2 hour TV shows (splitting without the heartache). Again, compression ratios can be set per title or you can specify no compression at all. No fancy menus and stuff when you're done but the discs work in the stand-alone players that I've tried.

1312.1.2004 15:28

Uhhh.... Guess I'm still pretty much a newbie to the DVD back-up thing. Just learned that DVD Shrink does it's own decrypting. Who knew? Thanks to those who kindly cleared this up for me.

1413.1.2004 2:47

DVDShrink 3.1.1 was released two days ago.
And DVDShrink 3.1.2 will probably be released two days from now. <g>
DVD Shrink does it's own decrypting.
God Bless Jon Johanson, (whether he cracked CSS or not). I bow at his feet. The world bows at his feet. The Hollywood movie industry was a monolithic runaway beast before certain intelligent individuals put the kybosh on Hollywood's greed. CSS was the cancer. Jon was the cure. :-)

1513.1.2004 4:24

Zeer tevreden over deze versie. Aanrader!!!!

1613.1.2004 18:18

Precisely. My thoughts exactly.

1713.1.2004 18:54

Me 2 i think!?

1813.1.2004 19:26

I totally concur.

1915.1.2004 20:36

i was wondering if anyone can tell me of a site that i can get AUTOSHRINKISO from. prefferably version 3.1. i have tried multiple sites and they all redirect me to MR. Brass' page, which wont let me download it.

2015.1.2004 21:34

downloaded today and had no problems

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