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DVD Shrink v3.1.2 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 12 Jan 2004 15:28 User comments (2)

Despite announcing that v3.1 will be the last major version of DVD Shrink, the minor updates seem to pour in. The new version, DVD Shrink v3.1.2 fixes several bugs found in v3.1 and couple of minor glitches in v3.1.1.
The full changelog since v3.1 is here:
  • Disabled overlapped IO in UDF disc reader: this solves problems with "DVD Region Free" software.
  • Ensure all overlapped IO in generic file system code is aligned to sector boundaries.
  • Added option to enable/disable Nero in preferences.
  • Fixed bug where "deep analysis before backup" was forced on, even though no compression required.
  • Some modification to Nero initialization parameters, which solves problems when virtual cd-drive software is installed.
  • Set "system default renderer" to the default DirectX video renderer instead of VMR-9.
  • Added support for YUVY, YUY2 and YVYU directshow formats.
  • Don't eject burned DVD if "shutdown when complete" was selected.
  • Fixed crash when opening IC8 generated DVDs. They still cannot be opened however.
  • Modified text of "set toolbar buttons" dialog, so people don't think it is wallpaper.
  • Fixed possible corruption of output video when low compression applied at a scene change. This may have caused pixelation or intermittent freezing.
  • Some changes to support unicode build for Japanese language.

And as usual, you can download the latest version from here:

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2 user comments

113.1.2004 4:28

Deze versie is een aanrader voor iedereen.

213.1.2004 19:35

(This is so funny).... After 3.1.0 came out and two days later was followed by 3.1.1, I predicted that in two days time version 3.1.2 woul come out. Here it is two days later, and lo and behold..... Any predictions for ver. 3.1.3 ?? My poor ol' CD-RW backup disc is wearing out just updating all these versions. <g> Uninstall, install, uninstall, install... (But yeah, shrink is a nifty product), and is pretty much within everyone's budget. :-)

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