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DVD Shrink updates to v3.1.4

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 26 Jan 2004 5:55 User comments (2)

The author of DVD Shrink does a good job polishing the version 3.1. The recent update fixes a couple of bugs and improves performance:
  • Booktype DVD-ROM is checked by default, disabled if unsupported.
  • Fixed bug where deep analysis could still be forced on.
  • Added preferences option for "built-in software renderer" which solves video preview problems on some systems.
  • Preview window now tries to play only audio streams which are available in a title.
  • Changes to file reading code, can enable overlapped I/O and specify read block size by options in preferences.
  • Automatically stop video preview when using Start/End control in re-author mode.
  • Fixed problem of incorrectly reported burning speeds.
  • Prefix drive letter to list of available burning devices.
  • Fixed bug where analysis results file could be saved to the wrong filename after "deep analysis before backup", so the results were not cached when opening the same DVD a second time.
  • Some performance improvements, analysis and encoding approx. 6% faster on test systems.
  • Download the latest version from our server.

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    2 user comments

    12.2.2004 04:00

    Hi, Just installed it and tried it. Worked one time, but on the second time, got the error message "failed to initialize ASPI driver". Tried to close apps, reboot etc no change Reverse to the previous version -> worked fine Might be a bug ?

    23.2.2004 00:55

    Update your ASPI driver go here: I had the same problem.

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